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Chapter: 2068

set off

After leaving Du Qing's room, Du Yu went to Bailing'er's room and found that Bei Liang was also in it. The two seemed to be discussing something, but they stopped when they saw Du Yu came in.

"Senior, I have already dealt with when we will leave."

Hearing Du Yu's habitual words, Bei Liang shook his head, while Bai Linger just watched Du Yu silently.

Bei Liang was a little helpless, but he still understood it. After all, the other party was used to it, and it was not easy to change a habit immediately.

"As I said, if you have something to do in the future, you can decide for yourself. You don't need to ask us. Although we do belong to your seniors, we also belong to one of your team members."

Bei Liang's calm voice made Du Yu deal with the first two things, which made Du Yu inevitably a little impetuous.

Now the calm Du Yu also knows what to do.

"I see, let's go tonight and leave Du Qing here."

At this time, Du Yu's expressionless face was very cold and hard, as if he had changed a person, and he also insisted on keeping Du Qing here.

No matter what kind of sadness Du Qing felt when she knew that she was left here.

Seeing Du Yu become like this, Bai Linger and Bei Liang looked at each other with a hint of approval in their eyes.

Du Yu's change made them very happy, but at the same time they didn't want Du Yu to lose his kindness too much.

"Your proposal is fine, but have you thought about what to do next? It's not a trivial matter if Du Qing gets into trouble. What if she is kidnapped by someone?"

Although Du Yu's proposal made Bai Linger very satisfied, Bai Linger is not a person who only cares about satisfaction and ignores the overall situation.

Bei Liang, who was on the side, didn't speak, but his actions were enough to express that he recognized Bai Ling'er's words.

Du Yu looked at the teacup full of water on the table and fell into contemplation.

Indeed, this is a difficult question, and Du Yu did not give a good answer as time passed.

The two saw that Du Yu was in a difficult situation, but they both chose not to speak, and let Du Yu deal with the problem himself.

Bei Liang took a sip of the tea from the cup in his hand and said softly.

"You will encounter many kinds of such problems in the future, some of which are even more complicated and difficult to judge. Now you have to adapt."

If Du Qing is left here, it will inevitably cause a **** storm, but if Du Qing is brought along, Du Qing will stick to Du Yu even more.

And Du Qing can be said to be of little use, taking it with you, it is also a burden to say it is ugly.

Seeing that Du Yu still didn't choose, Bai Linger took a look at Bei Liang and asked a new question.

"Our purpose this time is to see that sect. You might as well bring that Du Qing with you. Of course, you can also bring that Jun Baiyi."

Hearing Bailinger say this, Du Yu suddenly raised his head, which he did not expect.

Although there is no news of fragments here, and their careful purpose is indeed to go to that sect, but I didn't expect Bai Linger to think of the two of them together.

Seeing the surprise in Du Yu's eyes, Bai Linger just chuckled twice, took a sip of tea, and did not speak.

"Senior, if it's Du Qing, I can understand. Didn't you tell me before that Jun Baiyi is not a good person? Why do you want me to bring him now?"

Du Yu has always asked questions, and of course he can't let it go now.

However, Bai Linger gave Du Yu a meaningful look, and then looked at Bei Liang again, asking Bei Liang to explain the problem.

"What she means is that the mission this time is not important, it's just to have a look, it's not a big deal, and the Jun Baiyi you said is the head of that sect."

I don't know when Bailinger and Bei Liang had a tacit understanding.

But in fact, there is a bigger conspiracy. Both of them know about it, but they have been ordered not to tell Du Yu, and they want Du Yu to explore by himself.

Du Yu was even more shocked after hearing this. He didn't expect that the person who had been with him for a few days was actually the head of that sect.

Du Yu didn't doubt it, but he believed it easily. After all, he didn't know that Jun Baiyi at all. Now he believes everything he says. Besides, the person who told him this matter has been with him for a while. seniors.

"Then why do the seniors think he approached me? Logically speaking, he doesn't know us at all, and it is impossible for him to know our purpose. If he approaches me inexplicably, isn't there a problem?"

Du Yu feels more and more that Jun Baiyi is mysterious and unpredictable. I am afraid there is more than this behind it, but Du Yu has always had a very accurate intuition.

Bai Linger played with the teacup in her hand and watched intently, Du Yu couldn't understand the emotion in her eyes.

"Children, you have to believe in yourself and speak with your own intuition. You don't have to listen to us in everything. You will be independent one day."

"Yes, as you told Du Qing, we will be separated one day, we can't be with you all the time."

Bai Linger and Bei Liang sang in harmony, but Du Yu was a little confused. I don't know what style these two people are walking today, but they are so tacit.

However, the styles of the two are also somewhat roundabout, one is enchanting, the other is old-fashioned, but inexplicably compatible.

But this is not a problem, the important thing is to figure out the purpose of that Jun Baiyi first, I am afraid that the only way is to bring the other party.

When Jun Baiyi heard that he would be taken with him the next day, he was a little surprised, but he soon returned to his original appearance.

On the other hand, Du Qing was a little stiff and was reluctant to talk to Du Yu. She followed Jun Baiyi all the time, and of course it was impossible to follow Bai Linger and Bei Liang.

"Since you're all set, let's go."

Du Yu didn't care about Du Qing too much, he just hoped that the other party could understand what he meant.

And the cruelty of reality, Du Qing will always face.

A new journey is about to begin, and that sect has a long way to go.

Du Yu was a little curious at first, why is that sect still so harassing even though it is a long way from here?

However, Du Yu believes that one day he will figure out these things, and these things will eventually emerge like mists being spread.

Looking at the scorching sun above his head, Du Yu felt that the new day was so beautiful, and they would embark on a new journey and start a new journey.

I don't know what will be encountered there again, but he believes that they can all be resolved, and he always feels that there is something attracting him in that direction! *

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