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Chapter: 2071


All this change came so quickly that many people didn't react.

At the beginning, they all flinched a little after following the man's fierce shouting.

One of the thin men raised his arm tremblingly and pointed his finger at the captured man.

"What's going on? Didn't you just tell us to resist? Why are you being captured now?"

After saying this, the man looked at Du Yu, "Also, why do you say he is different from us?"

The man stuttered a little when he spoke, and it could be seen that he was very flustered at this time.

Du Yu didn't care what the man on the other side said, instead he grabbed the man's hand even tighter.

"You can't do this to me, if you do something to me here, they'll be **** and angry by then."

The captured man was still struggling to incite the anger of the group, but he knew very well that if his identity was revealed, it would be impossible for him in Shandong to be affected.

Seeing that this man has been captured and still so stubborn, Du Yu frowned, and then looked at the group of people.

"Didn't you ask me why he's different from you? Because his physical condition is so different from yours. Under normal circumstances, he couldn't dodge my knife at all, but he did so easily."

After Du Yu said this, what else did other people understand.

Their bodies are already weak, and it takes a lot of strength to even stand up, let alone dodge the knife from Du Yu just now.

At this time, the powerful Du Yu has become a kind of **** in their hearts.

"Please save us, we really can't take it anymore!"

"God, just save us, we've been suffering for too long, we can't bear it anymore!"

"Yeah, just show mercy and save us. We originally wanted to leave here, but everyone who leaves here will die!"

Looking at the collapsed villagers, Du Yu also learned the general situation of the whole thing from their mouths.

It seems that someone has deliberately formed an enchantment here, and everyone here is tortured by grinding devil energy, but they can't escape from here.

And now the only breakthrough is the man who was caught by him, but Du Yu believes that the situation here is absolutely inseparable from that sect.

Du Yu's subordinates tried so hard that the man couldn't help crying out in pain.

"Say who sent you here, if you don't say that you don't want your hands!"

"It really has nothing to do with me! I was also brought here by a stranger, and he told me what to do!"

The man's face suddenly turned pale, and there was even a slight cold sweat on his head.

How could he tell his master, in fact, even if he didn't tell it, he would die, even before he could tell it, he was already dead, and now he can only fool like this.

How can Du Yu not see that this man is fooling him, but Du Yu thinks there are two possibilities, one is that the other party does not dare to say it, and the other is that his master is here!

"Let me go, even if you catch me, it's useless."

When the man said this, he seemed to suddenly remember something, and said in shock.

"I remembered, my master said that the reason for this is entirely because there is a tacit source nearby, as long as you destroy that source, it can be lifted!"

The man spoke very fast, for fear that Du Yu and the others would lose their hands if he spoke too slowly.

Although the man told them everything he should tell, Du Yu understood that he was luring them to that place.

But now there is no other way, he can neither ask who the host behind the scenes is, nor can he directly kill the man.

"You'd better say the truth, or I'll ruin you then!"

"Don't worry, I can't even beat any of you, how could I tell a lie."

The man spoke very eagerly. The master told him before that he must tell this group of people. Although he didn't know what the master's purpose was, he just had to do it.

After Du Yu and the man looked at each other, they found that there was no false emotion in the other's eyes, so they believed the other.

"Then do you know where this place is? If you do, take us there!"

Now they can only leave here if they quickly solve the problem here, otherwise this group of villagers might stick to them forever.

During the whole process, Bei Liang and Bai Ling'er didn't speak behind them, they just watched everything silently.

"I don't know either. My master only told me that it is nearby, but I don't know where it is."

The tone of the man's speech was two points lower, but it was a fact, he really didn't know where the specific position was.

Du Yu stared at the man again for a while, then gave up and turned his head to look at Bailinger and Bei Liang.

So far, I can only ask for the help of my seniors.

Bai Linger only needed a look from Du Yu to understand what the other party was thinking.

"Don't worry, leave this matter to us, what are our identities, and can't we find the location of this devilish energy?"

After Bai Linger finished speaking, she walked in one direction on her own, and Bei Liang followed behind her.

The next Bailinger also whispered a word, but only Bei Liang heard this sentence.

"Really, if there is that thing, why would you still use it to find the source of that devilish energy, just absorb it all directly."

I am afraid that only Bei Liang now knows what Bai Linger is talking about, but it is true.

If there was that thing, they wouldn't do it in person right now, just let that thing absorb all the demonic energy here.

Du Yu glanced at the man under him, took out a golden rope from the space, and tied the man directly in one place.

"You don't have to think about escaping. No one can untie the rope. This is specially given to me by my master."

Du Yu will trust the things given by his master in the future, clapped his hands and left.

Of course, Du Qing followed Du Yu closely. When Jun Baiyi passed by the man, he quietly glanced at the man, and then continued to leave.

Seeing that Du Yu and others had all set off, the group of villagers began to cheer, and it seemed that they were all saved.

"Thanks to the gods, thanks to the gods, we are finally saved!"

"Thank you fairy!"

A group of people knelt and bowed excitedly, but Du Yu had already walked a certain distance and could not see it at all. *

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