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Chapter: 2073


When Du Yu and the others returned to that deserted village, everyone stood together, looking around, looking at Du Yu and the others.

Seeing Du Yu's return, they all stood on tiptoe with anticipation in their eyes.

"Don't worry, I've got rid of that thing, and you will naturally get better in the future."

When Du Yu said this, everyone looked surprised and looked at each other, but they were always speechless.

After everyone reacted slowly, they all began to thank Du Yu.

"Thank you! You are a living Bodhisattva. This problem has been plaguing us for so many years. I didn't expect you to solve it so quickly today."

"That's right, thank you sir for solving this problem for us. Just tell us what you need, sir, and we will definitely do it."

"Thank you, sir, we are willing to follow you as cattle and horses."

A group of people were very excited, and it could be seen how much they thanked Du Yu, but Du Yu could not see some gratitude in their eyes, but at most joy.

Bai Linger stood aside with disdain, she was too lazy to see the faces of these people.

This group of people thinks this is what Du Yu should do. After all, for people like them who have suffered, those who live well should help them.

These thank you words are only superficial things.

"Okay, don't delay any longer, we still have things to do, there's no need to delay here for too long."

There is still a long way to belong to Du Yu, Bailinger can't waste this time here, on these irrelevant people.

Just when Du Yu wanted to leave, suddenly an old woman came out with her daughter.

The woman in the old woman's hand was very beautiful, but she was a little disgraced and covered up the woman's original beauty.

A tattered dress makes the woman lose its color even more.

"Sir, it's impossible for me to say that I can do something as an old woman. I want to put my daughter by your side, and at least I can do something for you at ordinary times."

Seeing the eager look on the old woman's face, Du Yu couldn't help frowning, but he quickly calmed down.

How could he not see this old woman's thoughts, this old woman's Yintang was black, and her face was not good. At first glance, she was a dying person.

I am afraid that this person also knows that his death is coming, and there is no way to protect such a beautiful daughter, so he has to entrust it to himself.

"Sorry, we went through life and death all the way, and the process was very difficult. I am afraid that your daughter will not benefit from following us, but will only suffer. It is possible that we can't protect it at that time."

Du Yu felt that it was enough to have Du Qing, there was no need for another woman, and it was useless to have more women around, especially useless.

Du Yu's heart is actually a very cold-blooded person.

Bai Linger was a little shocked. Although she could not retreat in seclusion over the years, she had never seen such a shameless person.

Beiliang is also because he has never been out of Yaoshan, he has never understood the world, and he does not know that there are such shameless people.

"My lord, I beg you, just accept my daughter for my sake. She can't bear hardships with me at her age, and she can feel better by your side."

The woman beside the old woman looked shy and didn't dare to speak at all, but just pulled her tattered clothes tightly with her hand hanging on one side.

I'm afraid the woman also feels that she is not worthy of being with Du Yu and the others, that's why it is like this.

Now everyone knows the old woman's thoughts. Some people think that the old woman is very cunning, so they think of stuffing their children with Du Yu and the others.

It is impossible for them to follow Du Yu and the others, so for this reason they had to put their children to Du Yuqi for fear that they would be able to live a good life in the future.

Maybe they can still think of their parents in this place at that time.

"Sir, please bring my Jun Baiyi, he is thin and frail, but he can endure hardship!"

"Sir, take my child with you. My child is still so young, I can't bear him to suffer with me."

A person holds his own child, holds his own child, walks to Du Yu's side, pushes the child to Du Yu's side, and wants Du Yu to leave with their child.

This kind of riot made Du Yu's face unhappy, and he couldn't help but step back a little, but how could that group of people give up easily.

The messy voice gave Du Yu a headache, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and wanted to leave directly.

Suddenly Bailinger walked to Du Yu's side as if she saw something.

"You must know that it is impossible to follow us along the way, and you can only endure hardships, so even if we want to take people away, we must bring good qualifications."

While talking, Bai Linger walked to a man's side.

Although the man was thin and thin, Bai Linger looked at the man as if he saw a treasure.

"Hey, would you like to follow us?"

Although Du Yu was puzzled, he did not ask questions. He believed that Bai Linger would tell him the answer later.

There was some difference when the man heard Lark say this.

He had no parents and no mother. He didn't know where his parents were when he was born. He was an orphan. It's not easy to live until now, but at the same time, he was accompanied by low self-esteem, especially when he saw Du Yu and the others. When dressed brightly.

But what he didn't expect was that now this brightly dressed woman came up and asked herself if she wanted to follow them.

"Didn't you say you don't want to take people? Why do you still ask me? If you can really take me, of course I would."

In fact, it is not as good as it looks on the surface. Although everyone lives very hard, they are very selfish and hypocritical in private.

Whenever a wealthy family passed by, they would go to beg. Sometimes the man got something delicious, but other people would be jealous and steal the man's food. The reason for all this is that the man is alone.

These people are old and weak, women and children, and it is impossible for a man to bully them. After all, he has always been firm in an idea in his heart.

"Didn't I say, we can carry people away, but the premise is that the qualifications are good. If the qualifications are not good, they will be sent to us, and we will not want them."

As Bai Linger spoke, she glanced at those old and weak women and children with disgust.

Those people were also a little embarrassed after hearing this, but more angry.

"If the adults are willing, of course I am willing to follow."

It was easy to talk things over. Although it achieved what Bailinger and the others thought, other people didn't think so, and they would naturally make trouble.

This mess is not easy. *

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