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Chapter: 2074

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"It's not fair, my lord, why should we just take him and not us?"

"That's right, there are so many of you, even if you don't carry them all the time, you can take them to a suitable place to live!"

"Do you have the heart to leave us here? As the saying goes, send Buddha to the West!"

Using these things one by one to kidnap Du Yu made Du Yu very annoyed.

Thinking of the various Du Yujiao before, it was really superfluous for him to sympathize with them. This group of people did not need to sympathize with them.

"You are really ridiculous. I helped you before, and now you are still so advanced, be careful when the bamboo basket is empty!"

Du Yu waved his sleeves angrily and directly smashed a hole on the ground, which also shows how angry Du Yu is.

Bai Linger was standing next to the man watching this scene. She had long expected that Du Yu would be so angry, even if it was her, she would be so angry.

Maybe even more ruthless than Du Yu.

Bai Linger had a wicked smile on her face, Bei Liang was silent, Du Qing watched quietly, and Jun Baiyi stood at the end.

These attitudes of others also clearly let this group of people know that they are people they can't afford to offend, and if they have to fight against them, it is always themselves who will fail.

At this time, they also remembered how terrifying Du Yu was before.

"I hope it's better for you to be a little self-aware. Although my temper is better, it doesn't mean that I like someone to threaten me."

Du Yu said these words with a slightly threatening tone.

Although this is not the first time for Du Yu, this time it can be said that Du Yu is the most amazing. What kind of morals did these people use to kidnap him and make him feel sick.

"Okay, ignore them, let's go, let them be here by themselves, and leave here by yourself if you want to live."

After Bai Linger finished speaking, she took the man and left, Beiliang followed, Du Yujiao gave him a cold look, and the group also left.

Not to mention Du Qing, she didn't even look at it, but Er Yi, who was walking at the back, gave her a cold look and left.

Du Qing thinks this group of people is really ridiculous, obviously they haven't done anything, but they are always bothering brother Du Yu, but they still take it for granted. Now, how is it possible to want brother Du Yu to bring a woman?

After a group of people left, Bai Linger also stopped not far away.

"Okay, I'm almost here, I still have things to do."

Bai Linger said, then looked at Du Yu, "You must be curious why I brought him, I will tell you why."

While talking, Bai Linger walked around the man and looked at the man's body with her eyes.

"Just when I first saw this man, I knew that his meridians are definitely very suitable for cultivation, and it may be easy to advance by leaps and bounds."

"You just don't have a mentor that suits you, let you find a path that suits you. Now that you are with us, we will naturally help you, but I have conditions."

Although the man lives in such a small village, he has heard about cultivation and so on. Now that he knows that he can cultivate, and that he can cultivate very easily, how can he not be happy.

The excited man even stuttered a little, but the joy in his eyes and the tension in his muscles showed how happy he was.

"I am very grateful for the fact that your lord took me out of here. If you want to help me, I will definitely be willing to be a cow or a horse!"

Having said that, they are strangers after all, and it is impossible for Bai Linger to believe this person at will.

Bai Linger took out a piece of kraft paper from his pocket, and some ancient words were used on the kraft paper.

A series of words were written that no one could understand.

"If you really want to, then sign this, whoever needs to put your blood on it."

The man was now dazed by the excitement, he bit his teeth and broke his fingers, dripping a drop of blood on the kraft paper.

After a drop of blood on the kraft paper, the words on the entire piece of paper suddenly radiated golden light, and then slowly dissipated.

Bai Linger collected the kraft paper and gave it to Du Yu.

"Now that he has signed the contract, he will use it for you. You keep it. Of course, after a while, I will naturally teach you how to keep it forever."

After Bai Linger finished speaking, she walked over to the man and looked at the man all over.

"You take off your clothes first."

Hearing Bai Linger's first request, the man blushed embarrassedly, "This is not good."

Although it doesn't matter to Bai Linger, there is still a little girl here. The man looked at Du Qing with embarrassment when he thought of it.

Du Qing was dumbfounded, but after quickly reacting, she turned her head blushing.

After the man took off his clothes, Bai Linger put his hand on the man's back.

Seeing this scene, Bei Liang's muscles tightened, but no one noticed.

The slender fingers slid on the back, and the slender nails made the man feel numb.

When Bai Linger pressed the man's upper left shoulder, he suddenly pressed his thumb hard, and then pressed it everywhere on the man's back. Although it seemed to be out of order, it pressed on the acupuncture points everywhere.

Until it finally stopped on the man's back.

This sudden movement made the man feel severe pain. He only felt that all the bones in his body were torn apart, and then slowly rebuilt.

"This is to open up your meridians first, and then when you get to a suitable place, you will be given a medicated bath."

Bai Ling'er said while delivering spiritual power, the man who couldn't bear the pain fell to the ground.

Bai Linger followed the man and squatted on the ground.

Du Yu stood with his arms crossed and watched the scene in front of him.

At this time, Jun Baiyi was completely gone, and the state of being able to speak well before was always behind.

Du Yu also quietly glanced at Jun Baiyi from time to time, and found that the other party kept his head down and did not speak.

After a while, Bai Linger finally withdrew her hand.

"Okay, this process is actually very simple, but the next process is the real difficulty. After you have completely opened up your meridians, I will naturally teach you how to use spiritual power and cultivate."

The man who put on the clothes was very grateful. Although Bai Linger was very painful, he was still willing to exchange such pain for a better life in the future. After all, he had never suffered anything.

Thinking of this, the man knelt on the ground and began to be grateful.

"Thank you a few adults for your help."

Du Yu saw this scene and stepped forward to help the man up.

"It's okay, we'll be all the way from now on."*

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