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Chapter: 2075

small town

"By the way, I forgot to introduce you, my name is Du Yu, this is Bai Linger, this is Bei Liang, this is Du Qing, this is Jun Baiyi, and I usually call these two seniors."

Du Yu introduced them one by one, but there is basically no deeper introduction.

The man also knew that he had better not ask more, so he did not express the doubts in his heart.

"Thank you to a few adults for taking me in. I don't have a name because I was born an orphan."

The meaning of the man's words was already obvious. Du Yu and the others looked at each other and finally decided that Du Yu should choose the name.

"I'm not very good at naming names. Since my surname is Du, you can follow my surname. Your name is Du Huan."

Du Yu said it nicely. He didn't know how to name it, but he was just humble. The man liked it very much when he heard it.

Now he also has a name, and his name is Du Huan.

"I don't know what the name of your lord means."

Hearing this sentence, Du Yu smiled shyly, "Actually, it doesn't mean much. I just think your life is very hard. I hope you can have more joy in your next life."

With this simple sentence, Du Huan was successfully captured. I am afraid that even if there is no master-servant contract, he will be loyal to Du Yu, after all, the other party treats him so well.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help crying, he had never met someone who treated him so well.

"Thank you, my lord, I will definitely follow your lord well in the future. Your lord told me to go east, but I will never go west!"

Saying that, Du Huan still wanted to kneel down to show his loyalty, but Du Yu didn't want to, and hurriedly helped Du Huan to get up before he knelt down.

"You don't have to do this, I will naturally see your center."

Looking at Du Huan's appearance, it really gave Du Yu a headache. Although he really wanted someone who would follow him faithfully, it was a bit helpless to go too far.

But that's fine too.

Du Yu lowered his head slightly, and an unknown light flashed in his eyes.

Du Huan had never been out of that small village, so he seemed a little ignorant of the outside world.

"Sir, what do you want to know? If you want to know something, I can tell you, and I will tell you. Usually, people are rich and noble. People who have passed by our village will tell us some novel things."

Du Huan has always been a very honest image, so many people see Du Huan like this, and they are willing to tell Du Huan. Sometimes there are many things given to each other, but in the end, they are all snatched away by others.

Du Yu looked at it quietly, and Du Huan finally decided to tell the other party.

"I heard that there is a school going this way, we just want to go there."

Hearing Du Yu say this, Du Huan's eyes suddenly lit up, and he was very excited to express that he knew.

"I know this, my lord, I heard that going this way, there is a sect. Many rich and noble families want to put their children in. I heard that everyone who comes out has a bright future, but there is a small town around their sect. , the people in that town are also very rich."

"So many people say that that sect is a very auspicious sect. As long as you are linked to that sect, you will have good luck."

Speaking of this, Du Huan pouted, but he didn't believe it, how could there be such a miraculous thing, if it was true, why did they live such a miserable life here.

As far as Du Huan's thought is concerned, everyone present could see it.

After Du Yu listened to it, he didn't believe it, how could there be such a wicked thing, if there is, it means that there must be some hidden secrets.

"In that case, we might as well investigate it."

Bai Ling'er glanced at Du Yu with a hint of interest in her eyes, and said teasingly.

Du Yu knew what the other party meant when he saw Bailinger.

"Since the seniors have said so, then we can go to that town to rest for a few days. I believe that everyone is tired from traveling these days."

After Jun Baiyi heard these conversations, a dark light flashed in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

In fact, there is a thing in that town. He has never been able to guess what that thing is, so he will lure them here. He believes that the demon king of Yaoshan and the nine-tailed fox will definitely be able to crack it, and they must know it. of.

Only Bailinger and Beiliang noticed Jun Baiyi's appearance, both of them were silent and did not tell Du Yu that something was wrong with this person.

This person approached Du Yu with impure purposes from the very beginning, the two of them needed Du Yu to go by himself, and found that they could remind, but not fully expose.

However, Bai Linger evoked a mocking smile. This person is really simple and thinks he can control them.

Now that they know their true identities, they are still so arrogant.

Is it because of the proud confidence, or because of what? Who knows?

Anyway, this is not something they should handle, Du Yu will handle it himself.

In fact, that small town is not far from where they are now, it only takes a long time to stop and go.

When I walked to the intersection of the town, I saw many people passing by with horses. Although the clothes on each person were not very good, they were not cheap either.

It seems that this town is really like what Du Huan said. The people here are very rich. After all, these people are just some farmers who are older and still dress so much better than other farmers.

And when Du Yu approached this town, he felt a strong spiritual energy blowing towards him.

"It seems that there is really some mystery here, maybe it's a feng shui treasure."

Although Du Yu said this jokingly, the expression on his surface was not at all joking.

Du Qing also felt that there was something here, and she felt very comfortable both physically and mentally here.

It seemed that something was nourishing her body and mind.

Looking at Du Qing's happy expression, Du Yu also had an idea in his heart.

This scene fell into Bai Linger's eyes, and it also made Bai Linger think.

It seems that Du Qing doesn't just need magic energy at all, but also aura. It can be said that one demon and one immortal are in one thought.

"Look at how you look like outsiders. I tell you that we have been very rich these days. As long as you come here to live and work in peace, I believe you will be like us in the future."

An old man with a horse, after seeing Du Yu, felt that Du Yu looked like a rich man, and began to say.

It is estimated that as long as people passing by here, they will be persuaded by the people here to live here, although there must be a purpose. *

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