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Chapter: 2076

black shop

"Old man, we don't live and work here anymore, we are here for a purpose."

I thought that the other party would leave after saying this, but I didn't expect the other party's face to collapse all of a sudden.

The dark complexion made the other party's wrinkled face even more terrifying, and the dark light reflected in the eyes also made people feel creepy.

Du Yu was a little stunned to see the other party like this. He didn't expect the other party's reaction to be so big. Why didn't he settle down here and establish a business here?

"Old man, you..."

Before Du Yu finished speaking, the old man snorted and left.

This made Du Yu confused, but at the same time, he didn't have a good impression of this town in his heart. He just wanted to leave here after the investigation, and he didn't want to stay any longer.

Bai Ling'er watched all this with cold eyes. She saw a golden light on the forehead of the old man. It didn't seem simple.

I'm afraid there is not only one piece here, there are many more.

It is estimated that the woman is afraid of tiring her apprentice.

"It's alright, don't worry about them, and leave as soon as we finish the investigation. It's not right to see the situation of the people here. Don't believe anything else."

Bai Linger walked up to Du Yu's side with a serious face and ordered, and usually did not see Bai Linger as serious, and Du Yu rarely faced this matter.

Du Yu inadvertently straightened his back, "Since you have said so, senior, let's leave as soon as we finish this thing. I don't think there is anything wrong with the people here."

After a few people enter the town, they will definitely not leave the same day, so they have to find a place to live.

Of course, Du Yu couldn't choose the one with a lot of people. After all, it would be bad to attract attention at that time, so he chose a small shop with no people.

Although there is no business in this store, the decoration looks good, and I don't know why there is no business, but this is not Du Yu's concern.

"Are some of the guest officers playing sharp or staying at the hotel?" Xiao Er saw Du Yu and his party walking towards him at the door, and hurriedly greeted him with a smile on his face.

This flattering smile made Du Yu feel a little disgusted in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face, he just didn't look at the other party.

That's why Du Yu missed a trace of ridicule that flashed in the eyes of the little Er.

"Stay in the hotel, I want some of your best rooms."

Hearing Du Yu's words, Xiao Er's face burst into a smile, but deeper in this smile is the joy of having a distinguished guest or something.

Du Yu squinted and knew that this matter was not easy, but he still pretended to be the same as before.

"Guest officer, please come here, don't worry, our room here is the best room."

Xiao Er didn't seem to notice that the business of their shop was very poor.

If he didn't say this, it would be fine. As soon as he said this, Bai Linger sneered.

"As far as your situation is concerned, you also said that your room is the best. If your room is as good as you say, why is no one coming?"

This sentence made Xiao Er speechless. After all, there are often businessmen coming in and out of the situation here. Naturally, many people will pay attention to it, but his business situation here can form a contrast with other places. .

However, Xiao Er has never seen any scenes. People have asked these questions before, and he has already formed a habit.

"Look at what you said, who said that the room here is good and there must be a lot of people, maybe it's because other places are cheaper than us, you must know that there are many delicious things here, naturally Sometimes it costs a bit more."

There seems to be no problem with what Xiao Er said at first, but if you think about it later, there are many problems.

But Du Yu and the others didn't take Xiao Er's words to heart at all, how could it be possible to think about the loopholes in it?

"Okay, don't say more, just prepare the room quickly."

I don't know why Du Yu always felt that the people around them looked at them strangely, some with ridicule, and some with a hint of sympathy.

This made Du Yu think that all the reasons were because of this store, but he didn't know what happened.

At this time, a little girl named Young walked out and grabbed Du Yu's clothes.

This little girl looks very cute, and her skin is very fair. It looks like she was raised, and the innocence in her eyes also makes people feel a little budding.

"This is a black shop, why do you want to live in it, don't you know?"

The girl's innocent words made Du Yu and the others narrow their eyes, and their faces were a little off.

Soon the little girl's parents came out and hurriedly dragged the little girl back.

And also pointed at the little girl to cut off the family's fortune.

The little girl was still very naive, because she didn't even know that this group of people came from other places.

Xiao Er didn't know such a situation would happen, so he panicked instantly, "Guest officer, he's still a child, don't listen to his nonsense, how could our place be a black shop, how could a child know that a black shop is a black shop? What's the meaning."

Du Yu just glanced at this little Er and didn't speak, and then entered the store, Bai Linger and the others didn't even look at it.

This made Xiao Er heave a sigh of relief. It seems that people from other places look better, but he still has to tell those people to take care of his children. After all, they are grasshoppers on a rope.

Yes, the people here are all grasshoppers on a rope. Their interests are reciprocal, so they can't cut off anyone's financial path and do their own business. They are a black shop that specializes in trapping outsiders. Others won't say it even if they know it, and even if there's something going on here, it's as if they didn't hear it.

The people here seem to be unexpectedly harmonious, but the strangeness of this harmony makes them all ignore it.

Du Yu and the others looked around after entering the store. They all looked pretty good here, and there was nothing serious.

"It's really good here, it's here, how much is it?"

Du Yu nodded with satisfaction, then turned to look at Xiao Er, who brought Du Yu to the counter with a smile on his face.

The shopkeeper is a middle-aged man, but the fake smile on his face made Du Yu feel a little uncomfortable.

"You have one or two silver a day per room."

The wrinkles on the shopkeeper's face also piled up because of the smile.

Du Yu didn't count, and took out a few golden leaves from his space bag directly. The shopkeeper who looked directly at him was a little radiant.

The few people this time are big fat sheep! They deserve a good slaughter! *

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