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Chapter: 2077

strange cave

The shopkeeper and the others are ready to hollow out the bottom of this group of people tonight.

After finally being able to slaughter the big fat sheep once, who would want to let go? Thinking of the shopkeeper who is playing the abacus here, he couldn't help showing a gratified smile on his face.

It is estimated that after this time, I can rest for a long time.

Put Du Yu and the others in place and return to the shopkeeper.

"Boss, this group of people doesn't look simple. Let's not talk about their clothes. I think they are also a group of trainers. Let's not go in and go east."

Although there is a sect around them, but they have not been in contact with them, so it is impossible for this kind of thing to appear around them.

Even if you see Du Yu and the others like this, you won't see their true abilities, but only see their extraordinary skills.

"What is there to do with our brothers than them? You go and call those brothers early tonight. After this is a big deal, we can rest for a long time."

The shopkeeper is also a ruthless person. If he had lingering fears in his heart at the beginning, but when he thought that after finishing this vote, they could rest for a long time, and maybe even live a life of worry-free clothing and food, he had already let go of the previous one. those concerns.

They are also for the sake of life. No one here will help out-of-towners.

"That's fine."

Xiao Er glanced at the boss, lowered his head again, pursed his lips, and left.

I don't know why he always felt that the boss looked like he was possessed, and generally felt that no matter how he tried to persuade him, he couldn't persuade him.

In the dead of night, a group of rough-looking strong men gathered at the door of the store.

They planned to kill people quietly, so they didn't make too much noise, and even spoke very quietly.

Although the voice of the speech is very low, but a group of people talking there will eventually make some noise.

Du Yu and the others woke up after hearing the footsteps long ago, and they all became more alert.

Du Yu leaned against the window, leaned slightly, and saw the crowd of people below him through the window.

"It seems that this town is really open. With so many people crowding around here, I don't believe that there is no sound, but one by one, the gates are closed."

Although Du Yu said so, the sarcasm on his face already showed that Du Yu already knew some of the twists and turns.

At this time, Bai Linger and others had already gathered in Du Yu's room. Bai Linger was sitting on the bench beside him, with Erlang's legs crossed, his face full of mockery and disdain.

"Only this group of people have no spiritual power at all, yet they dare to deal with them. Do we think it's enough to have more people?"

"Why don't I go down and deal with them."

Seeing Bai Linger's appearance, Bei Liang knew that Bai Linger was dissatisfied, so he thought of going down and dealing with those people.

Hearing Bei Liang's words, Bai Ling'er glanced at Bei Liang jokingly, then stood up and leaned on Bei Liang.

"How can you make me feel embarrassed like this? Forget it, let him go down and solve the problem himself. I believe you can solve all these people by yourself."

While talking, Bai Linger looked at Du Yu with a smile.

Du Yu was a little creepy when Bai Linger looked at it like this, and couldn't help but fight a cold war.

He quickly waved his hand, and even shook his head, "Senior, don't look at me like this, it makes my heart tremble."

After Du Yu finished speaking, he flew directly from the window.

Seeing Du Yu falling from the sky, a group of big men stepped back in shock.

In addition, Du Yu jumped from such a high place and was still intact, which surprised everyone, and all of them were stunned, completely forgetting what they were here for.

What Du Yu wanted was this effect. Taking advantage of the tenderness of the big men, he waved his hand and a handful of green powder flew directly to the big men.

The big men who were caught off guard all inhaled the green powder and fell to the ground when they reacted.

Du Yu didn't want to send out something too big, I'm afraid that even if they fight hard, the other villagers will not help them, but will help these big guys.

They don't have to wait too long for this little thing.

After the matter here was settled, Du Yu and the others knew that they couldn't stay here any longer. Bai Linger picked up Du Qing and jumped down, and Bei Liang also jumped down.

This made the rest of Jun Baiyi a little surprised. It seems that this group of people already knew that they had martial arts.

But it's not a big deal. Thinking of this, Jun Baiyi also jumped down.

Du Yu looked at the people behind him and nodded, and then they left.

As soon as she left this town, Bai Linger's whole person suddenly changed, and she kept mumbling to herself.

"I thought that thing was in that town, but I thought it was my fault, and it was near here."

Bai Linger said and walked in a direction by herself, Du Yu and Bei Liang glanced at each other and followed.

Instead, Du Qing, who had been held in Bai Linger's arms, was a little stunned.

Things seemed to be out of her mind now.

But that's fine too.

The group didn't walk for a long time, and suddenly came to a place with strong trees.

From here, you can just see a cave, but there are many strong men around the cave.

These brawny men also look very rich, and I am afraid they are people in that small town.

And this cave exudes a faint golden light. It seems that this cave is not simple, otherwise there will be no one guarding here.

Apparently it was getting dark now, the guards were already a little sleepy, and the whole person was a little tired.

"Why do you think the mayor has to let us guard here? We are not allowed to approach."

"Who knows, if you want to get close, you have to beheaded. Let's not think too much. Think about how much money you can make this month."

"Even if you have money, you can make good money. Why do you think so much, and this job is quite easy."

I was bored, and the guards only had a chat to pass the time. After all, no one had been near here since they took office.

That's why they say it's easy.

"Du Yu, let me tell you, there is something good in that hole, and it's definitely what you want after you see it."

Bai Linger said with a strange expression.

This gave Du Yu an ominous premonition.

Seeing Du Yu's hesitant look, Bai Linger had no choice but to add fuel to it.

"Why are you standing there? There's something good in there."

As soon as these words came out, Du Yu still didn't understand, he just sighed and stopped talking.

Looks like he has to take the lead. *

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