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Chapter: 2135

blind date

Du Yu knew that Mingcheng also said that the character of fire spirit beasts is distinguished by color. Generally, the higher the character of the fire spirit beast, the more translucent the red, and the white hair on the ear will also turn red from the root to the upper layer.

The higher the red position, the higher the character of the fire spirit beasts, and the larger their egg body will be, and the higher the transparency of the eggshell will be. See the red light.

"Is it possible that the snow-white fire spirit beast is not an auspicious thing?" Du Yu sensed from Ling'er's mouth that his own was not an auspicious thing.

Linger sighed, was silent for a moment, and then talked about what happened a long time ago, which was learned from some very old practitioners.

The white fire spirit beast has also appeared in history, and its appearance is indeed as Du Yu guessed. The white fire spirit beast is not an auspicious thing, but brought a huge massacre.

"It's just a very ordinary fire spirit beast, and even the egg body is much smaller than the average one. Why, he is white?" Ling'er really couldn't understand, she took care of herself While talking, he paced back and forth in the room.

Du Yu was also a little curious. If it was really a rare fire spirit beast, with so many people present, how could anyone not see it?

"Second sister, my mother said that cousin Yunfeng is here, do you want to go take a look?" Just as the two were at a loss, Qi Guan'er jumped out again at a critical moment.

Ling'er shook her head again and again, that Yun Feng not only looks plain, but also has a bad mind. Every time he looks at himself, his eyes are squinting, and there is always a feeling that he wants to eat himself.

"I'm not going. That Yunfeng is not a good thing at first glance. Du Yu has spent a lot of spiritual energy in the spiritual world today, and I'm worried that his body will not be able to bear it. Go and play in the front hall by yourself."

Seeing that Linger was very resistant, Du Yu also cooperated and coughed a few times.

But the stupid guy Qi Guan'er didn't see clearly at all. He stepped forward and grabbed Ling'er's wrist, looking like you can't fly today.

"Qi Guan'er, I think your skin is itchy. I've already told you, don't go, don't go!" Linger angrily knocked off Qi Guan'er's hand.

Qi Guan'er said with some embarrassment: "Second sister, I can't help you. Today, my aunt is also here."

"What did she come to do?"

Mentioning the word aunt, Du Yu saw boredom on Linger's face. It seemed that she was a particularly unpleasant woman.

"When I was passing by the front hall just now, I overheard their conversation. I feel that eldest brother doesn't need to worry about you no longer wanted. Mother seems to want to marry you to cousin Yunfeng."

Qi Guan'er frowned, and there was some reluctance in his eyes.

Du Yu thought, that Yun Feng really doesn't seem to be a good thing, and even a simple person like Qi Guan'er hates him, so what is his point?

"No, I definitely won't marry that kind of man. What did my mother think, how could I choose such a man? Dad, is Dad back?"

"Not yet, Dad hasn't come back yet. I think you should hurry up and talk to your mother. Don't be too late, otherwise the two of them will decide your marriage in private."

Qi Guan'er spoke worriedly.

When Linger heard this, she immediately threw her sleeves and walked towards the front hall angrily.

Qi Guan'er stood on the spot and looked at Du Yu blankly, hesitating to say anything.

"What's the matter?" Du Yu asked suspiciously, but it was only a few simple words that would waste more than half of Du Yu's strength.

It seems that Yun Lingjie is really a place that consumes spiritual energy. I don't know how his fire spirit beast is doing now.

"Would you like to follow me. If my second sister gets angry, no one will take it seriously." Qi Guan'er stepped forward and grabbed Du Yu again.

He didn't want his family to fight again for a man like Yunfeng. Last time, it seemed that it was also because of Yunfeng, but what was the matter, Qi Guan'er had already forgotten, the only thing he remembered was that the second sister and mother quarreled so fiercely that his spirit beasts were frightened.


"No, I firmly disagree. Mother, didn't you agree that my marriage is up to me? Besides, cousin Yunfeng and I are not suitable at all, and this is not compatible in terms of temperament, and my aunt is not Have you always wanted a virtuous and sensible daughter-in-law, I can't..."

As soon as he came to the front hall, Du Yu heard Ling'er's voice pop out of his mouth like a cannonball, and he didn't give the other party a chance to interrupt at all.

"No way! I've already decided this matter with my aunt. Look at how old you are now, and you're still hot every day. How can you look like a girl. Also, who said that you and Yunfeng are not suitable, you Yunfeng Cousin has always liked you."

Linger's mother stood up and quickly replied all Linger's words.

"No, mother, I haven't met Cousin Yunfeng a few times. Also, aunt, as far as my man's character is concerned, can you really bear it?" Linger turned her head to sit beside Linger's mother. woman.

Du Yu glanced at the woman, she looked very young, and she looked just like forty. When Du Yu looked at his cousin Linger again, he immediately understood why Linger resisted so much.

Ling'er's aunt is also a nobody, with fair skin and beautiful skin, but Ling'er's cousin has a very dark complexion. In addition, he is relatively thin, and he is also a little shorter than Ling'er. The whole is short and poor. Where is the child born from a woman like that.

"Linger, I respect Yunfeng's opinion. Since he likes you so much, I naturally have no objection. After all, it is you who will spend his life with him in the future. Aunt likes you very much." Linger's aunt said, From his pocket he took out a silver bracelet with a faint glow.

"I go!"

Qi Guan'er, who was hiding at the door, couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you know what my aunt got it? It's a treasure that money can't buy. With that thing, it's safe from poison."

Qi Guan'er said, his eyes flashing with longing light.

That thing, I can't find a second one in this barren map.

Du Yu hummed, it seemed that Linger couldn't run today. It's just that Yun Feng is really not worthy of Linger's quirky girl.

He looked up at Ling'er, who kept pushing back, as if every cell was resisting what her aunt handed over.

"Mother, Aunt, I have someone I like!"

In desperation, Linger suddenly cried out.


Everyone present was stunned. *

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