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Chapter: 2136

the person I like

When they heard that Linger had a so-called lover, everyone present was stunned, especially Yun Feng's expression, which showed more anger than others.

"You child, when did you have someone you like? Why don't I know, don't talk nonsense, you are an unmarried child." Ling'er's mother explained quickly, and looked back awkwardly after speaking. Look at the two behind you.

"My sister has someone she likes? She has a womanly personality. I don't know whose man is going to suffer." Qi Guan'er on the side sighed repeatedly, clearly making fun of Ling'er.

Du Yu couldn't help shaking his head, this guy's head was really focused on his chicken, and he could hear it from outsiders. Linger's words were clearly excuses, she didn't want to talk to that guy named Yun Feng at all. A little bit of a relationship.

"Really, mother. It's just the past few days, and the two of us have privately agreed for life. Aunt, I thank you for your kindness. Cousin Yunfeng is really good, but after all, this is lifelong. If it's a big deal, I still have to do what I want. Do you think so?"

Linger walked in front of her aunt, her respectful and well-behaved appearance was really not like her.

"You, what are you all doing? The neighbors all know that Yunfeng is going to marry Linger, how do you tell me to go back?" Linger's aunt sat on the chair angrily, and her brows were about to close. squeezed together.

When Linger's mother heard her words, she was even more angry.

"It's miserable, it's miserable, if the neighbors find out that my sister will have a private life with other men, how can our family live here!" Qi Guan'er was also shocked.

It turns out that in their eyes, having someone they like is not a particularly serious matter. What is really serious is that a woman bypasses the family and has a private life with other men.

"Cough cough—" At this moment, Du Yu who was behind the door couldn't help coughing out a voice.

Everyone's eyes turned towards the door.

That Qi Guan'er was bad enough. After feeling exposed, he was the first to be sold by Du Yu. Before Du Yu could react, he was pushed out from behind the door by Qi Guan'er.

Du Yu turned his head and stared blankly at Qi Guan'er, his eyes questioning what happened to him.

Qi Guan'er raised his head and walked out slowly, pretending to have just arrived.

"Hey, I said that I couldn't find you anywhere, so I came here." Qi Guan'er spoke in a eloquent voice, it sounded like that was the case.

Du Yu had a mouthful of old blood in his chest. This guy really turned his face and didn't recognize anyone. It was good for him to play stupid tricks.

"Du Yu, you're here. I was about to find you, and you're here." Ling'er ran in the direction of Du Yu with great interest.

Du Yu looked at Linger, she was winking at him, did she want him to help her?

When his head was running fast, Ling'er had already come to Du Yu's side, and his hand directly grabbed Du Yu's arm. The speed and strength clearly did not give Du Yu the slightest chance to resist.

"Mother, this is the person I like. In fact, I lied at first. We have known him for a long time. I brought him home this time to let you slowly accept him."

"No-I-" Du Yu just wanted to refute, but Linger's hand pinched **** Du Yu's lower back.

Du Yu felt a pain, and the next words were swallowed all back in his stomach.

Picking up a daughter-in-law for no reason, Du Yu really didn't know if he should be happy or what.

"You bastard! How can you do this? How do you make the people around you view our family like this? Besides, you and Yunfeng are childhood sweethearts, who are you doing right? Do you understand this person!" Ling The son's mother was a little incoherent with anger.

"But, mother, daughter—" Linger hesitated, and Du Yu opened his mouth wide in shock.

That tone, coupled with the embarrassed look, clearly made life misunderstood.

"Look at what your family has done! Even if we, Yunfeng, will never marry, we will definitely not let such a shameless woman enter my house!" Linger's aunt was completely furious and could not care about it. Some relatives said that, after scolding for a while, he dragged Yun Feng and walked towards the door.

Ling'er's mother still wanted to stop her, but she didn't know how to speak. Her face was completely lost on this day.

Yun Feng stared at Du Yu relentlessly, and Du Yu felt murderous aura in his eyes. This man is definitely not easy.

After everyone left, Linger let go of Du Yu's arm.

At this time, he, Linger and Qi Guaner were the only three people in the huge hall.

"Second sister, when did you guys work? You've done a good job of keeping secrets, right? Big brother, do you know? When Dad comes back in the evening, you'll look good." Qi Guan'er added fuel to it.

"I think you're begging for a beating!" Ling'er raised her hand, and Qi Guan'er jumped to a far place.

Qi Guan'er also made a face, Du Yu looked at the two of them and felt his head buzzing.

This is obviously wonderful, being used as a gun.

"Didn't you hurt the old man's heart by doing this? No matter what, you can't use me to deceive her. What you're doing is really wrong."

Du Yuyu spoke earnestly, but Linger didn't listen at all. As long as they can break their aunt's mind, even if it is an outrageous thing, I can do it myself.

"It's not your turn to teach me a lesson. You take good care of yourself first, there are more important things to do tomorrow. I'll go out first, Qi Guan'er, the elder brother will be back in a while, if you ask, you can talk to him directly. Tell me, I'm using Du Yu as an excuse." After speaking, Ling'er ran out.

Watching her leave, Du Yu's chest began to feel a burning sensation.

It didn't emanate from his heart, but from outside.

Du Yu quickly covered the position of his chest, and immediately felt the burning sensation of the fire spirit beast's egg in the palm of his hand.

what 's wrong?

Du Yu took it out and looked at it, and there was nothing unusual on the surface of the egg.

When in the spirit world, the fire spirit beast once told himself that it wants to use the time tonight to eliminate the most evil part of its body. Could it be that it is fighting alone at this time?

"Du Yu, are you all right? I see your face is very bad."

Qi Guan'er stepped forward to support Du Yu.

Originally, it was just the scorching heat outside, but as the temperature rose, a cold gas began to pour from top to bottom in his body.

It seems that at this moment, all the temperature in his body is being pulled away. *

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