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Chapter: 2137


Du Yu was really cold and uncomfortable, Qi Guaner hurriedly sent him back to his room, and brought several quilts around him, Du Yu was wrapped around like a big zongzi.

"Okay, I want to rest for a while. Maybe it's because I spent too much spiritual energy today, so I don't feel comfortable. Go out, I think your second sister needs you more." Du Yu exhausted his last strength and finished speaking The words fell on the bed and fell asleep.

Qi Guan'er, the guy with a lack of IQ, didn't really see that he fainted, and thought he was sleepy.

He carefully went out and took the door of Du Yu's room with him.

In his sleep, Du Yu felt in a daze, as if someone entered his room soon after.

Judging from the ethereal voice, there should be two people, a man and a woman. Du Yu wanted to open his eyes to see who it was, but he felt as if someone had set up a barrier, and he couldn't wake up at all.

"Du Yu, tomorrow morning, come to see me in the spirit world as soon as possible."

Suddenly, the voice of the fire spirit beast broke into his mind. Du Yu is a little strange, they can talk to each other now.

"I know you can't move now, this is all the ghost of that guy in Mingcheng. I can sense that he is not a good person. Moreover, from the breath around him, I can tell that there should be no less than three fires around him. The existence of spirit beasts, those who cannot destroy evil, is extremely aggressive. Don't trust him too much."

The fire spirit beast spoke slowly, and its breath was not so steady, and it seemed that it took too much effort.

Du Yu felt a little distressed about it, but he couldn't do anything at the moment.

After that, the sound of the fire spirit beast disappeared, and the two strange people left after chatting beside their bed.

It took about a stick of incense before Du Yu opened his eyes.

He propped himself up from the bed, and the bone-chilling cold on his body disappeared.

"Dong dong dong..." There was a sudden knock on the door.

Before Du Yu could speak, Qi Guan'er rushed through the door. Du Yu has long been taken aback by his reckless energy.

"What's the matter? Why are you so anxious? Did something happen to Ling'er?"

Du Yuteng jumped out of bed at once, Linger was in a hurry to leave just now, and he didn't ask her what she was doing.

"Oh, I'm dying of thirst. How do you know that my second sister is in trouble again? She really doesn't let my parents worry, that guy injured cousin Yunfeng, and I don't know what she thought. I heard, that... that place may have been injured."

Qi Guan'er spoke in a hurry, and when he said a few words in that place, an obscure expression appeared on his face, and Du Yu immediately understood what it meant.

Hasn't she made it clear to her aunt? Why would he catch up and hurt Yunfeng, or he was injured in that kind of place. If he can't pass on the lineage in the future, then Ling'er has really dug a hole for himself.

Thinking about it, Du Yu quickly asked Qi Guan'er to lead the way to see what happened.

When Du Yu felt it, Linger was sitting by the lake at the end of the forest, thinking about something by herself.

"You are so good, why are you chasing Yunfeng? By doing this, you are completely cutting the way for yourself. Now, your parents think that you are an unfilial daughter, and you will be private for the rest of your life, and now you are hurting Yunfeng again. , it's impossible for you to not want to marry at that time."

As soon as they met, Du Yu began to count Linger. Somehow, Du Yu was very angry when he heard that she had done such a confused thing so impulsive.

Perhaps, there is also Bailinger's reason for this, after all, the temperaments and names of the two are too similar.

"Du Yu, look? Is that the bird at noon today?"

Suddenly, Qi Guan'er pointed to the black crow hovering in the sky.

Du Yu and Linger looked at the sky at the same time, and it was the one at noon.

It seems to be following them.

"What is that? I have never seen such a bird since I was a child. Is it possible that the sky is really going to change? For thousands of years, all the plates have been peaceful, and it is difficult for this bird to come to our territory. no..."

Linger said to herself, then raised her hand and waved it, and an icicle burst out from her palm, rushing towards the birds in the sky.

The bird was also alert enough to sense the danger immediately, and then turned around and easily avoided Ling'er's attack.

"Second sister, you can't hide like an icicle. It seems that this thing is really unusual. I think we should go back and discuss with the big brother. I always feel that something is going to happen." Qi Guan'er tugged at Ling'er. sleeves.

Du Yu watched the crow hover for a few weeks, clearly deliberately provocative.

Ling'er's anger level was continuously raised by it, she threw off Qi Guan'er's hand, and was stopped by Du Yu just as she was about to attack the next round.

"I don't know who the other party is, or it's better to preserve their strength. Qi Guan'er is right. Your elder brother has a lot of knowledge, so maybe he really knows where the other party is coming from. Let's go back first and think about everything in the long run."

Du Yu said, watching the thing above his head from time to time.

Linger finally put her hand away and followed Du Yu and the two home.

On the way, several people have been silent, and they may be thinking about their inner doubts.

In the end, it was Du Yuxian who broke the peace.

"Well, how did you hurt Yunfeng? What happened while you were out?" Du Yu asked suspiciously. In fact, he always felt a little curious. Since I got the egg body that everyone despised, it seems that trouble has come one after another.

Ling'er sighed, and then replied: "Actually, I really went after cousin Yunfeng. The power of my aunt's family is indeed greater than ours, and the marriage between the two families may have been decided by the parents of both parties. It's my personal behavior. I don't want to implicate my whole family because of this matter. Today, when I saw Yunfeng's expression when he left, I was always worried that he would be bad for us. So, I chased out. , I want to have a good talk with him. Who knows, he even threatened me. "

As soon as the word threat was mentioned, Du Yu found that Linger's hands were clenched into fists. It seemed that the content of the threat was definitely something that Linger could not tolerate.

"Threatening you? No matter what, the two are considered relatives. He is a man, how could he do such a thing?" Du Yu couldn't imagine how small the man's heart would be.

Linger slowly recalled her conversation with Yunfeng after she chased out.

From Linger's memories, Du Yu knew that Yunfeng knew the woman Ziyan in the market. *

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