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Chapter: 2138


Judging from Yun Feng's face, he is not a good person, but Du Yu never imagined that he would be so sinister.

It turned out that Yunfeng actually knew Zi Xuan in the auction, and he already knew that Linger had disguised herself as a man and entered the store many times.

This matter, once stabbed out, I am afraid that Ling'er will be hunted down by major families. Because, there is a toxin at the door of the store inn, which can erode the nerves of men, so that people who enter the store can forget who got the egg body of which fire spirit beast in the end.

And that toxin is useless to women. That is to say, Linger knows the identities of all buyers. Just like Mingcheng, no one knows how many fire spirit beasts there are in his hands. He will only talk about those fire spirit beasts using their own enchantments to hide in caves.

"But, I didn't feel anything that day."

Du Yu suddenly remembered that when he came out of the inn that day, all the scenes were vivid in his mind, including the child who reached out to him for beans.

Ling'er shook her head. It turned out that it was the first time she knew that the tea stall at the entrance of the inn was for the toxin-laden mist to float out naturally.

"This is what Yunfeng used to threaten me. If I don't agree with his marriage, then he will stab this matter out, and if I listen to his tone, Zi Yan also knows that I am a daughter. However, I have been there many times, why didn't she expose me in public, or set up a card at the entrance of the inn to prohibit me from entering?"

Linger said all the doubts in her heart, but Du Yu couldn't answer it, so she could only listen to her complaints.

It seems that there are too many unknown secrets between the fire spirit beast egg body and the market inn. Du Yu also suddenly understood why a woman would control the overall situation.

"Okay, these things are trivial matters. You should focus on your fire spirit beast. Tomorrow's noon will be another opportunity. Let me put my business aside for the time being. You won't do anything outrageous to me for a while."

The strength of their family, Yun Feng is somewhat clear, if it really reaches the step of tearing the skin, it will only hurt both sides.

Du Yu glanced at Linger, she was so convinced of herself. Then, do you want to tell Linger what the fire spirit beast said to him?

After all, Mingcheng is her eldest brother, and Linger has told herself all her doubts about Mingcheng.

"No, don't talk about it for now, let her focus on solving the things over there. Instead of letting her suffer the unhappiness, you might as well hide it first. Moreover, we still haven't figured out the identity of Mingcheng. "

Suddenly, the egg body on Du Yu's chest communicated with him mentally.

From the tone of the fire spirit beast, Du Yu felt that his strength had recovered a lot, and he was not as weak as before.

It seems that tonight should be conceivable.

"Hey, what are you thinking?"

When Du Yu was stunned, Qi Guaner stepped forward and patted him on the back, and Du Yu woke up from the panic.

He shook his head repeatedly and claimed that he was just tired.

Afterwards, everyone returned to Linger's old house.

Soon, the time came to night. Du Yu stood on the grass in the **, he looked at the starry sky above his head, if he didn't already know that this was a scene imagined by the enchantment set up by Ling'er's family, then he must have enjoyed this leisure time very much. .

However, the quieter it is, the more dangerous it is.

"Can you hear me?"

For some reason, Du Yu was suddenly able to speak in his own spiritual world. He stood up from the ground in surprise.

"Don't be surprised, with your cultivation base, it's easy for us to communicate. It's just that you don't make reasonable use of your own energy. Besides, the inner alchemy in your body doesn't belong to you at all."

The voice of the fire spirit beast sounded again, and Du Yu's hand took advantage of the situation to cover his chest. He did not expect that the fire spirit beast knew that the inner core in his body was not his own.

"Don't worry, since I chose you, I will be with you until death. Don't worry about any other malice I will have towards you. We must trust each other so that we can achieve each other."

The voice of the fire spirit beast floated around in his head, and Du Yu slowly put down his hand. He is not worried about this fire spirit beast. After all, it is an ancient beast. If he can be so honest with himself, he will definitely not do anything bad to himself.

"What should I do? I always feel that everything in this family is unusual. Everyone's way of getting along is also different. I'm worried that staying for a long time will be detrimental to you."

Du Yu asked worriedly, but the Fire Spirit Beast did not reply. Du Yu put his hand into the placket of his chest, and the egg body at the moment was unusually cold.

And as it became cold, Du Yu felt that the temperature of his body was rising. That feeling of rising was not a feeling of heat, but it was like putting a person in a fire.

What's going on? Before, when the surface of the Fire Spirit Beast's egg body was hot, his body was very cold.

Thinking, Du Yu quickly returned to his room.

The fire spirit beast told himself that if it could, it could break out of its shell tonight. Therefore, what the two of them need most now is also a quiet and safe environment.

Du Yu immediately locked the door, and then instinctively set up a barrier at the door. It seems that Du Yu's many skills have been stimulated since he got this fire spirit beast.

Using spiritual power seems to have become a breeze.

Du Yu turned off the lights in the room and pretended to have fallen asleep.

For safety's sake, Du Yu also set up a blindfold around the bed. Even if someone broke his legal barrier and entered the door, he would see himself lying on the bed and sleeping honestly.

After everything was ready, Du Yu got on the bed and sat down.

Before, he entered the spirit world purely with the help of Youming City, but this time it was up to him.

Du Yu emptied his body and abandoned all distracting thoughts.

Soon, he came to the vast white mist.

At this moment, the surface of the egg body of the fire spirit beast is already dark red, Du Yu does not know if it is his own blood or what?

From the point of view of blood volume, it does not seem to be all his own. Moreover, even his clothes were stained a lot.

Du Yu stepped forward in a hurry, and he found that a slight crack had appeared on the surface of the egg.

Bright red blood is seeping out from this gap little by little. It seems that most of the blood stains on the clothes are left by this guy.

"You lend me your spiritual energy for a hundred years, otherwise, even if I come out, I can't survive in my current situation."

Suddenly, a word came out from the egg body. *

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