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Chapter: 2141

someone invaded

Du Yu didn't explain it to Linger directly, but just said that everything went smoothly.

After that, he returned to his room to rest. As a result, he couldn't sleep, and his head was full of messes.

Soon, the morning sun shines through the window into the house. Du Yu stared at the wooden board on the top of the bed with his big eyes all night.

During this period, the surface of the Fire Spirit Beast's egg body became hot and cold several times, and he could count them clearly.

"Dong dong dong—" There was a knock on the door of the room.

Before Du Yu could respond, Qi Guan'er talked and entered the door. There were still tears on his face.

"What's wrong?" Du Yu rolled over and got out of bed.

Don't think that Qi Guan'er is not a few years younger than Ling'er, but his mind is completely a child. Du Yu was busy comforting and pulling him to sit down at the table.

But just when Du Yu was about to sit down, he found a fiery red and furry thing on the chair.

Du Yu took a step back with a bounce.

"Fire spirit beast! Your fire spirit beast came out? What's the situation? Didn't Big Brother say that at noon today, you will go to the open space in the backyard and use the sunlight to hatch it. Why did you come out by yourself? "

At this time, Qi Guan'er could no longer care about his own sadness, he stretched out his arms excitedly and wanted to hug the fire spirit beast on the chair.

However, how could a spirit beast like the fire spirit beast that recognizes its master allow other people to touch it at will. She jumped out of the chair as soon as she got up, her movements were light and her posture was just like that of a kitten.

Du Yu looked at her ears carefully, the whole ears were white. In order not to highlight his own uniqueness, this little fire spirit beast really put a lot of effort into it.

"I-I don't know what's going on either. Come on, come to me." Du Yu spread his arms, the fire spirit beast immediately jumped on him, and found a comfortable position on his shoulders and curled up again.

It seems that there is a reason why the temperature of the egg body surface was changing last night. She has already eliminated the most vicious and violent part of the spirit body in her body.

"It seems that your fire spirit beast is not as useless as my second sister and the others said. You can see that the hair color on the tips of her ears is not much different from my elder brother's two. From now on , you will be able to communicate with each other in practice." Qi Guan'er circled around Du Yu excitedly, but his eyes kept fixed on the Fire Spirit Beast.

It stands to reason that at the age of Qi Guan'er and Ling'er, their fire spirit beasts should have come to their side long ago. Now, there is no news at all. Therefore, it is understandable that Qi Guan'er is so excited.

"By the way, Qi Guan'er, you haven't told me what happened yet?" Du Yu asked immediately, looking at the tears that hadn't dried on his cheeks.

When Qi Guan'er heard this, he was about to bring up his sadness again. He took out an egg only the size of the palm of his hand from his pocket, full of grief.

"This is my firebird's egg. I don't know what destroyed it last night." As Qi Guan'er spoke, the pea-sized tears rolled down his cheeks one by one.

A dignified man, but he was made like this by this little thing.

Du Yu shook his head helplessly, and then took the Firebird's egg into his hand. The liquid in the egg has long since disappeared, leaving only an empty shell. On the surface of the egg body, Du Yu found a small mouth, and the mouth was split with threads of cracks, which seemed to be attacked by something.

"Where did you keep your egg? Do you keep it on your body?" From the shape and size of the crack, Du Yu immediately judged that it must be the bird's beak.

This egg is originally from Firebird, and it also breeds its next generation, so he will not start with his own descendants. Besides, it was the crow I saw in the daytime yesterday.

But, the crow can't enter the spirit formation of Ling'er's house at all, how can it hurt this egg body?

"I kept this egg in the firebird's nest. Firebird eggs can only be hatched by themselves. We cannot interfere. Birds can hatch, so I don't dare to disturb them at night. This little thing is afraid of being frightened, and I am afraid that I will be scared to death when it is born." Qi Guan'er spoke word by word, his tone full of tears.

That's right, what he's been looking forward to for so long has now come to nothing. Even if it were Du Yu, he would be very unwilling. What's more, that Qi Guan'er was really interested in that Firebird's egg.

Yesterday, he also saw Qi Guan'er dumping a lot of vines into Huo Niao's shack, which was prepared for the little Huo Niao.

"Looks like your home isn't very safe now. What I'm sure of right now is that something broke in here last night and hurt your eggs. But why didn't he take the firebird with him? ?" Du Yu was full of doubts.

"I don't know. When I went to the second sister just now, she wasn't there either. Besides, the eldest brother hasn't come back since he went out yesterday. So, I can only come to you. It took me a long time to get it. Such a person is gone now. If I catch this utterly conscientious thief, I will have to rip him off."

Qi Guan'er's teeth itch with hatred.

Du Yu raised his hand and touched the fire spirit beast lying on his shoulder, but she didn't react at all.

When she was in the spirit world, she was very willing to talk, but in the real world, she didn't say a word, and her clingy appearance was really similar to a cat.

"Okay, I'll go with you around the house. There's a barrier around your house, it's impossible for people with ordinary cultivation to come in, and it's impossible for all of us to take yours without us knowing. Firebird Egg." After speaking, Du Yu took the Fire Spirit Beast off his shoulders, and sent the Fire Spirit Beast into the Yunling World again without a teacher.

Carrying her around and walking around is too dazzling.

Du Yu followed Qi Guan'er around the house and found nothing in common. Only in the place where Mingcheng opened yesterday, there was a trace of black cracks in the air barrier. Du Yu raised his hand and waved a burst of air, which immediately collapsed after hitting the crack in the barrier.

It seems that the problem is not in the enchantment at all.

Du Yu thought that maybe it was yesterday, when he and Linger came back, something came back with them, but they didn't find it.

The cultivation base of that thing should be more than a hundred years old, otherwise it would not be so good to hide itself. *

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