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Chapter: 2143

The death of the master

Du Yu also didn't understand the intention of his fire spirit beast, so he directly protected Linger tightly.

"Look, you also said that you don't like women. At the critical moment, you care more than anyone else." Suddenly, the small voice of the fire spirit beast remembered leisurely, and she also subconsciously took a few steps back.

It turned out that the series of actions just now were all deliberately teasing the two of them by the Fire Spirit Beast.

"You little guy, how did you develop into the most holy spirit beasts? I see that you are obviously more lustful than me." Du Yu returned repeatedly, but he didn't expect that Ling'er would not hear at all. The fire spirit beast speaks.

Seeing that the fire spirit beast had a safe distance away from herself, Ling'er stood beside Du Yu with confidence. She stared blankly at Du Yu and then at the Fire Spirit Beast, and asked suspiciously, "Du Yu, who are you talking to?"

Only then did Du Yu realize that he looked like a second idiot just now.

"Could it be that you couldn't hear her? I-I was talking to her." Du Yu pointed at the fire spirit beast awkwardly.

Ling'er jumped unexpectedly, raised her finger excitedly and pointed at the fire spirit beast rolling on the ground: "Can you understand her words? What kind of fairy magic is this, can you teach me?"

"Haha, I, I don't know either. However, it seems that only practitioners can hear the words of their fire spirit beasts." Du Yu thought so.

Linger nodded slightly disappointed, and then moved forward cautiously, then slowly squatted down and tentatively reached out to touch the fiery red fur of the Fire Spirit Beast.

This time, the Fire Spirit Beast did not refuse, but instead lay down on the ground very cooperatively, letting Linger caress.

Gradually, Linger also dispelled the fear in her heart.

"The color of this fire spirit beast is really beautiful. You can see that the white hair on her ears is not that much. It seems that you are really a blind cat and a dead mouse, and the fire spirit beast with such a good character can spend money on it. I bought it for more than a dozen coins." Ling'er sighed again and again, and there seemed to be a hint of disappointment in her tone. If, at that time, she was also decisive, not sure, this little thing is her own at this moment.

Du Yu shook his head helplessly, he didn't tell her the truth behind it.

The fire spirit beasts in this world are all gimmicks made by those greedy villains. The character of the fire spirit beast is completely born with the practitioner.

The cultivator's character is high, then the ability to cultivate is better, and the fire spirit beast will naturally become a rare beast of high character in the world. ,

"You haven't finished speaking yet, is Mingcheng related to Zi Yan in the store?" The Fire Spirit Beast's voice sounded again.

However, Ling'er couldn't hear it at all. Du Yu could only respond awkwardly to the lazy look of the fire spirit beast: "Listen to Linger, Mingcheng and Ziyan not only know each other, but also have a relationship between men and women. I feel that there are many things behind this. We don't know."

As Du Yu spoke, he kept trying to figure out what kind of conspiracy still existed in the middle. According to Linger's consistent way of thinking here, the fire spirit beasts in Mingcheng's hands are naturally of good character. Now, almost all of them are in Mingcheng's hands, which must have been revealed to Mingcheng deliberately by Zi Yan.

"By the way, Yun Feng insists on marrying you because he wants to be the owner of the picture. What are the rules for choosing a picture owner here?"

Du Yu suddenly remembered that guy Yunfeng, and quickly turned around and asked Linger.

Ling'er meditated for a moment before slowly talking about the figure owner. It turned out that nearly 100 years have passed since the last image owner was chosen. At that time, Linger had not yet been born.

Also recently, the current owner of the picture disappeared. Therefore, a new choice has to be made. However, what exactly is the condition to become a map owner, Linger is really unclear.

Speaking of the owner of the picture, the fire spirit beast who was lying comfortably on the ground enjoying a massage suddenly turned over, and she jumped directly into Du Yu's arms. Du Yu could feel that she seemed a little worried and afraid because her body was in the Trembling slightly.

"What's the matter?" Ling'er also noticed the strangeness in the middle, and she looked at the fire spirit beast worriedly.

"Du Yu, the previous owner of the picture did not disappear for no reason."

The Fire Spirit Beast raised its head slightly, and Shui Lingling's big eyes blinked a few times, and there seemed to be tears in their eyes.

Du Yu couldn't understand a little. It stands to reason that she was just an egg at the time. How could she know so many things?

"How do you know? What do you know?"

Just when Du Yu wanted to find out, the fire spirit beast actually entered the spirit world by itself.

In the spirit world, practitioners can only enter the spiritual body, and the real body cannot be approached. But the fire spirit beast is different, there is equivalent to a fire spirit beast's home, she can come and go freely.

"What did she tell you?"

Seeing the fire spirit beast disappear, Linger anxiously held Du Yu's hand. She didn't know yet that the Fire Spirit Beast had such abilities.

"She told me just now that the previous picture owner was not missing. Presumably, there are many things in between. I always feel that your elder brother, Yunfeng, and Zi Yan from that auction are inseparable from the disappearance of the picture owner. relationship."

Du Yu bluntly said what he thought, and Linger nodded.

In fact, Ling'er has begun to be defensive about Mingcheng. For the purpose, she feels that the current Mingcheng is no longer the Mingcheng that it used to be.

"Then what are we going to do next? It's impossible to ask directly. By the way, since you can communicate with the fire spirit beast, can Qi Guan'er's fire bird also be? The fire bird seems to be from my father. That generation has it, and it has been raised in our family from generation to generation. I heard that it is also a kind of spiritual beast, but because of its highly poisonous body, it poisoned its head. "

Ling'er mentioned Qi Guan'er's flaming bird, but there was a hint of teasing in her words. With her tone, Du Yu couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

It was the first time he had heard that he had poisoned himself. However, even after thousands of years of practice, he couldn't resist the toxins in that Firebird's body, and he could even easily throw himself into an illusion. That Firebird was definitely not easy.

"Not sure, Qi Guan'er can give us some clues. Let's go, we'll ask now."

After Linger finished speaking, she turned around and ran, but she forgot that Du Yu had set up an air barrier around this place, and her face was heavily placed on the barrier, and then she made a muffled and painful sound.

"That's why you decided my gender? Your taste is really strong. I think I'll just stay here in the near future."

The fire spirit beast in the spirit world was talking restlessly, and Du Yu could only sigh helplessly. *

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