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Chapter: 2144

she ate my firebird

Du Yu and Linger immediately went to find Qi Guaner.

When he saw Qi Guan'er, he was still holding his own egg and was crying and scolding the thief. Du Yu estimated that the guy who stole the eggs should be sneezing constantly.

"Qi Guan'er, I remember your flaming bird has been around since I was born. And I heard that it was there when Grandpa was there." Ling'er asked impatiently as soon as they met.

When Qi Guan'er heard the history of this flaming bird, he was even more out of breath, and shouted: "Yeah, I finally got such an egg, I thought I could hatch it. Shui Zeng thought, that blind I'm so greedy, I even want to eat my eggs. I can't wait to kill him now!"

As he spoke, Qi Guan'er dug a hole in the mud beside the Firebird's Nest, and carefully buried the empty eggshell.

Ling'er squatted down and patted Qi Guan'er on the back, comforting: "Everything has a causal cycle, it is destined not to be yours, and you can't keep it forcibly. It doesn't matter, I think it won't be long before your fire. The spirit beasts will also come."

"Really? How long will it take? Second sister, your Fire Spirit Beast hasn't come yet. How long will I have to wait. Besides, look who has it at home?"

Originally, he wanted to comfort Qi Guan'er, but the matter of the fire spirit beast caused Ling'er to feel sad again.

But it's strange to say that other than the few in Mingcheng, no one in this family seems to have them.

"By the way, second sister, if you don't deal with your affairs, what are you doing here to find me? Have you dealt with Cousin Yunfeng's affairs?"

"No, I have something to do with you. Du Yu's fire spirit beast has broken its shell, and he can actually talk to the fire spirit beast. I was thinking, this fire bird is also a spirit beast after all, and it is so I like to be close to you, why don't you try and see if you can communicate with him?" Ling'er bluntly stated her intention.

Qi Guan'er waved his hand and smiled incredulously: "How could it be possible, if it could talk to me, it would have been said so many years ago. Besides, he is a flaming bird, what can he understand? Also, second sister , what do you want to ask, is there something you don't know about this family?"

"The two of you don't make trouble. It's more important now. Qi Guan'er, try to open your spiritual world to see if the firebird can enter. I think it's impossible for it to get close to you without any reason. You try to use Yuanling. Communicate with him."

Du Yu frowned tightly. During this period, he also looked down and looked for firebirds to eat.

In addition to being more noble, what is the difference between this move and a chicken? Du Yu is really unimaginable, he is also a kind of spirit beast.

"But, the Spiritual Fortune World is reserved for the Fire Spirit Beast. Besides, I don't know how to open the Spiritual Fortune World. I have to go to my elder brother for help."

Qi Guan'er rubbed Zi's hair, and Du Yu turned to look at Ling'er, who nodded.

"No, we can't let Mingcheng know about this for the time being. Mingcheng has already exhausted his brain cells for your second sister's affairs. I think we should find a way ourselves."

Du Yu bit his lip, except for Mingcheng, he really didn't know what to do.

"What do you want me to communicate with him for?" Qi Guan'er asked curiously.

Ling'er hurriedly told him: "I just want to know something about the owner of the picture. The Firebird is so old, I think it must know something."

"Giggle cluck..."

The flaming bird also became a little excited when he heard the word "Master", the soles of his feet were constantly touching the ground, and the color of his coat began to glow.

Du Yu and Ling'er were stunned, and even Qi Guan'er looked at him blankly. For so long, he had never seen Firebird look so excited.

Furthermore, why does the flamingo's coat still glow?

"It seems that this firebird should know something. It's just that we can't communicate with him now. The language is different, so what if we can feel that he knows?"

Du Yu didn't know what to do for a while.

At this moment, the fire spirit beast hiding in its own spirit world jumped out again.

As soon as the firebird saw the fire spirit beast, the feathers all over his body immediately exploded, as if he had been electrocuted. Before Du Yu could respond, the Fire Spirit Beast had already jumped towards the Fire Bird.

Although the flamingo was agile, he couldn't bear the food Qi Guan'er tried so hard to feed him over the years. The chubby flamingo didn't jump twice before being thrown to the ground by a hungry tiger.

"Hey! Did you steal my eggs! Now you're stealing my bird again, don't you think I won't kill you!" Qi Guan'er said, grabbed the broom beside him and ran towards the fire spirit beast.

In between, the bodies of the Fire Spirit Beast and the Fire Bird were twisted and disappeared in an instant.

Qi Guan'er raised the broom and stared blankly at the empty space in front of him. He immediately turned his head and turned his anger towards Du Yu.

"Your **** fire spirit beast ate my firebird! Du Yu, I'm not finished with you! Give me back the firebird, give me back the firebird egg!" After speaking, Qi Guan'er ran towards Du Yu with a grin. .

"Qi Guan'er! Don't make trouble for now, he has practiced for thousands of years, can you beat him? Besides, if you make such trouble now, can the firebird come back? Where did the fire spirit beast take your fire bird!" Ling'er pulled Qi Guan'er to her side.

"Du Yu, hurry up and think of a solution. Where did that little thing take Huoniao? I saw Huoniao's reaction just now. He must know a lot of things." Ling'er turned her head and started urging Du Yu.

Du Yu's head was messy, and the two of them had only been in contact for a day. The guy would make fun of himself occasionally. How could he know where he would take him?

"I've had blood and mold for eight lifetimes. I just lost my eggs, and now I've lost my chickens. I guess it's your guy who stole my eggs. Du Yu, find her as soon as possible, otherwise, I really can't finish with you."

After speaking, that Qi Guan'er began to cry again. She was crying like a woman.

"Okay, didn't you see that Du Yu was thinking of a way. Besides, the firebird is gone, we are all anxious. We all know that you are worried, but being anxious is not the way, let's be quiet for a while, I think soon He can get along."

Ling'er slapped Qi Guan'er fiercely again. That Qi Guan'er was also very afraid of Ling'er, and immediately closed his mouth tightly, staring straight at Du Yu, not even daring to take a breath.

Du Yu suddenly remembered that the guy would just disappear, maybe he brought the firebird into his spirit. *

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