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Chapter: 2145

become an adult

As soon as Du Yu thought that the fire bird might have been brought into his spiritual world by the fire spirit beast, he quickly created a barrier and asked Linger and Qi Guaner to help guard his own body.

"I'll go to the spirit world to see. I'm safe in this barrier for the time being, but I don't know how long I'll be there. So, you two should protect my body. Otherwise, I'm afraid that in the event of an accident, I, Huo Ling, Beasts and firebirds are likely to be trapped in my spiritual world."

The spiritual world is born with the main body of the practitioner. If the body dies, then the spiritual world will naturally cease to exist.

Ling'er and Qi Guan'er nodded their heads in succession, and took a defensive posture.

Soon, Du Yu's Yuanling entered the spirit world. At this moment, the spirit world is different from the scene when I entered it a few times. The original white and boundless place is now surrounded by mountains and flowers, and there is a unique small courtyard in the middle of the lake surrounded by the mountains.

Du Yu didn't expect that in less than a night of tossing, the fire spirit beast guy had arranged for him clearly, and the living environment was very good.

"Fire Spirit Beast! Fire Spirit Beast!" Du Yu shouted, but only his solitary echo responded to him.

Du Yu came to the middle of the lake, the door of the yard was wide open, he talked his head and looked inside.

It's okay not to look at it, but Du Yu was taken aback when he saw it.

The scene in front of him is that the Fire Spirit Beast guy is stepping on a mass of pitch-black thing with his two hind paws, and his two front paws are grabbing the sides of the thing, and his mouth is constantly gnawing on this thing. Black fluff fluttered all over the sky.

"What are you doing!" Du Yu shouted and rushed into the yard, grabbing the Fire Spirit Beast's neck and pulling her up.

There are several pieces of black hair standing on the mouth of the fire spirit beast.

Du Yu looked down, only to find that it turned out to be a crow. At this moment, a large hole had been bald on the back of the crow, and the flesh color of the skin contrasted sharply with the black feathers.

Looking at its dying appearance, it must have been tortured enough by the fire spirit beast.

"That's not right, didn't you capture Qi Guan'er's Firebird? Why did it turn into a crow?" Du Yu looked at the Fire Spirit Beast, who had been lifted into the air by himself, in confusion.

The fire spirit beast stared at his claws and rolled his eyes: "You are too embarrassed to ask. This is clearly a crow. The appearance of the chicken is clearly to better hide from your body, and it is deliberately transformed. Thank you for having a superior. Thousands of Taoism, I can't see it at all."

"Hey, you guy, don't forget, I gave you a hundred years of practice. I brought you back from the **** of death, and now it's your turn to scold me. You ungrateful. "

Du Yu stopped her incoherently for a while. If it weren't for the fact that her voice was a woman, Du Yu's slap might have gone up now.

"Hehehe..." The fire spirit beast let out a long series of laughter, the meaning of making fun of it became more obvious.

"You're so picky, I'll call you Meiling in the future, it's beautiful and hurtful." Du Yu suddenly gave Huoling Beast a name.

However, the Fire Spirit Beast happily accepted this rustic name.

"If you two are okay, I'll go first."

The crow on the ground fluttered a few times, and after a burst of blue smoke, the one lying on the ground turned into a handsome little brother, but the clothes on his body were broken.

"Hey, he turned into a human being."

Du Yu turned his head in surprise, who knew that Meiling had also transformed into a human shape, and her graceful appearance was not inferior to Zi Yan, and even more sweet than Zi Yan.

"This, this, you can also transform into a human figure? I'm going, why didn't you communicate with me in this way earlier? It's really tiring to bend over to look at you every day."

Du Yu laughed loudly, who would have thought that the Fire Spirit Beast would be so beautiful after transforming into a human form. It's not Du Yu's lust, but the fact is here.

Meiling was too lazy to pay attention to Du Yu, she stepped forward and kicked the poor little brother again.

"Say, what's the purpose of hiding your true identity?"

Du Yu, who was standing behind Meiling, was dumbfounded. It seemed that although he looked beautiful, his temper was really too big. After this, Du Yu is still careful about the path of cultivation.

"Just ask if you ask, can you not do it? You fire spirit beasts really can't see the appearance, they are all vulgar thugs!" The little brother got up from the ground and patted the soil on his body, his pitiful eyes were serious It hurts.

Judging from his appearance and behavior, he is still a modest gentleman.

"Did you eat Qi Guan'er's egg?"

I don't know if Du Yu is brain twitching or what, but he actually asked such a question, but before the little brother laughed at him, Mei Ling slapped Du Yu on the head first.

"Are you stupid! That egg is originally its own, eat your own, you are not disgusting!"

Du Yu was suddenly blushed by Meiling, and her neck was thick. In front of outsiders, she really didn't give herself any face.

"That egg was sent by the Wu people. I didn't expect that after I hid for so many years, they still wouldn't let me go."

The little brother suddenly fell into a memory.

Listening to the little brother's words, Du Yu realized that the little brother used to be a member of the Wu people, and he came here by accident. The Wu people and the fire spirit beasts were originally two kinds of spirit beasts, which could not exist in the same territory, so in order to save his life, he transformed into another form.

"You came to this territory a long time ago. Then you should know the secret of the death of the map owner here."

Du Yu suddenly remembered his reaction just now. He was clearly very excited when he and Linger mentioned the two of them.

There must be something elusive in the middle.

"I, this, I can't tell for a while. All I know is that the owner of the picture did not die normally. No matter which territory it is in, the owner of the picture will have a prediction before death, and he will kill himself in advance when the time of death is approaching. The scepter is handed over to the next chosen one."

The little brother spoke slowly, but when he was about to talk about the most crucial moment, a whirlwind broke out in the spiritual world.

"What's wrong?" Du Yu felt that the whole world was shaking, and he quickly grabbed the stake beside him.

Meiling glanced above, and suddenly frowned and said to Du Yu: "No, someone must be accumulating your body. Hurry, we have to go out and see what's going on."

With that said, Mei Ling grabbed the little brother's collar and bounced, and the two disappeared.

"Hey, I'm the one you should take care of!"

Du Yu yelled at the air, but he could only stomp and chase after him. *

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