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Chapter: 3013

see through


King Rogge moved his lower lip lightly, and then the corner of his mouth raised, "These princes seem to be quite clever, and they were able to discover the **** trap I set up in Dayu City so quickly."

**Trap is a formation that needs to rely on the power of the devil and use monsters as a medium to arrange it.

The coverage is related to the range of activities of the monsters and the strength of the demons. In addition to shielding all external perception, communication, etc., it can also be used to confuse the target in the trap and let them in the fog formed by the demonic energy. , loses its direction.

That's how today's princes are.

Even if they were given another day, it would be impossible to reach the north gate of Dayu City.

King Rogge did this, except to prevent Ye Feng from being too powerful to besiege Dayu City, to quickly break through the monster guards besieging the city wall, and enter Dayu City to do something wrong, but to confuse the prince.

Before the end of the Dayu City War, as long as there is no very necessary reason, King Rogge will not kill the princes in Dayu City.

He wanted to keep them, after the war was over, to make life better for them.


"Boom boom boom!"

King Rogge looked at the scene in the crystal ball where the princes used their trump cards to slaughter monsters everywhere, and couldn't help frowning, "It's just, I can't let you kill the monsters that I finally created!"

"One more thing, all of you princes have already fallen to this stage, and you are not afraid at all, and even become more arrogant and unscrupulous, using your own cards to kill my monsters everywhere."

"This kind of thing is really unbearable!"

Having said that, King Rogge subconsciously turned his head to look at the four demon gods beside him, then shook his head and continued to look at the crystal ball.

"There's still a little time now, I'll let you be honest first."

The voice just fell.

The figure of King Rogge disappeared in place.

when it reappears.

He was already standing in a desolate street. The street was shrouded in black mist. The bluestone slabs on the ground seemed to have been corroded in some way, and mottled holes had appeared to varying degrees. The doors of the shops on both sides of the street were closed. Many of the plaques have been crooked.

Not far away, there were a few bones that were randomly discarded on the ground with some red bloodshots on them. It could be seen that something terrible had happened here before that.

In the distance of the street, the wandering monsters, because of the arrival of King Rogge, all took the initiative to gather here, as if King Rogge's body had an inexplicable attraction to them at this time.

However, King Rogge didn't care about these things. After taking his eyes back, he quietly looked at the street in front of him and looked at the camera of the street.

It was still quiet there.

But after ten seconds.

"Boom boom boom!"

The deafening sound suddenly came from the corner at the end of the street, followed by a group of people, chased by the tide-like monsters, slowly retreating, and at the same time, every time something was thrown in their hands, they would be chasing them. In the crowd of monsters, a huge explosion was triggered.

The damage is terrifying.

Almost instantly, a piece of unmanned belt can be created. Wherever he went, all that was left behind were the corpses of monsters.

Seeing those people, King Rogge showed a hideous smile in his hideous expression, "It's finally time for you!"

Those people are the people that King Rogge took the initiative to deal with this time - the prince!

Don't look at the princes in Dayu City, none of them have become gods, but behind them are a large group of gods. With the support of the prince's massive resources, the gods are terrifying, not to mention the prince and a large number of Rogue kings. Don't know the trump card.

Go on like this.

I am afraid that even if he loses 500,000 monsters, he will not be able to kill the prince who cannot catch Dayu City.

There are not many monsters in Dayu City, and he is currently using those monsters for waste and transforming them into monsters with terrifying self-destruction capabilities.

Even if King Rogge only regards monsters as consumables for this Dayu City War, he does not want to see his consumables consumed so quickly.

This is intolerable.

end of the street.

The princes who were fighting and retreating suddenly stopped, and Prince Tana didn't know when there was an extra blue sword in his hand, and she looked at King Rogge so quietly.

The Prince also noticed King Rogge's presence for the first time, but his instinct was not to fight but to declare.


"It's King Rogge!"

Just these two sentences made one or two princes present couldn't help trembling.

The strength of King Rogge, Ye Feng had already conveyed it through Prince Tucker.

Devour the power of the Demon God Jack and become a Demon God.

How could King Rogge not be powerful.