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Chapter: 3014

The power of self destruction

This is the conspiracy of King Rogge.

on the bright side.

Even if you enter, you have to enter, if you don’t enter, you have to enter.

There is no choice at all.

However, since it can be seen, Su Ye is still slightly relieved. In the war, he is not afraid of the opponent's tricks, but he is afraid that he will be tricked.

Now as long as you see King Rogge's intentions, you can make some countermeasures on your own side, at least to reduce some of the losses.

"Using those red monsters to kill the players?" Long Xingtian frowned, looked at the red monsters that appeared on the tower, and asked, "Do these monsters have any special abilities?"

"Let's wait and see!" Su Ye said calmly.

Su Ye has not seen many types of monsters and demons.

In his memory, there is no relevant information about these red monsters in front of him, but since the other party has appeared, let's see what they are going to do next.

The audience in the live broadcast room also noticed the figure of the red monster, and the audience was also very interested in these guys who looked very ferocious and brightly colored.

"Is this a new type of monster?"

"The guy with the whole red body, hahaha, I like this look, it's not easy to mess with at first glance."

"King Rogge should be watching those black monsters defending the city, but he couldn't beat the players, so he sent these red monsters to support them. It should be very powerful!"

"Unfortunately, I was not at the scene, otherwise I can check the information of these red monsters through the system."

"Even if you're on the scene, it's useless. The level gap between the two sides is too big, and it's impossible to check any information with the help of the system."

"Hahaha, these red monsters have excited the scattered brothers!"

in the live broadcast room.

When the scattered players saw these red monsters that suddenly appeared, their expressions were a little stunned at first, obviously not expecting their appearance, but then, most people's faces showed ecstatic expressions.

Black monsters give way to red monsters, no matter how you think about it, red should have a higher level than black.

This doesn't mean that by killing red monsters, you can get more experience points, or even explode some rare equipment items.

How good is this!

Immediately, before the red monsters could attack, the scattered players next to them had spontaneously formed a team, formed a fan shape, and surrounded the red monsters.

Players with long-range attack capabilities will throw their skills or weapons from behind in the first place.


When these remote attacks poured out like a torrential rain, they seemed to move very slowly, and even the red monsters that could be described as old suddenly moved.

At that moment, the figure turned into a red phantom, dragging a long red tail light, swept towards the players, and the speed was so fast that no matter who was present, no one could react.

When a red phantom has a clear figure, it has already stood among the players, and the warts around it are bulging, and the players have not yet figured out what happened.


In the deafening roar, the red monster blew itself up on the spot, and the explosion wave formed by the blood-red light was like a circular blade that was infinitely enlarged. In an instant, the whole person's body was directly torn into pieces by a terrifying force.


"Boom boom boom!"

After five seconds.

Above the city tower in the south of Dayu City, there is no longer the figure of the red monster, and the figure of the player is also gone.

The red monster killed 20 to 30 million casual players on the tower of Dayu City by self-destruction.

The terrifying number of deaths directly caused the entire South Gate of Dayu City and the players who were watching the current situation to be shocked and silent.

Many people could not accept such a result for a while.

The 20 to 30 million scattered players who were still alive just now were full of momentum, and they were all over the place, but in just five seconds, they were all killed and sent back to the city!

The fighting method of the red monster's self-destruction is the first time that people clearly recognize the horror of monsters.

Su Ye was also stunned for a second or two before he regained his senses, "The power generated by the self-destruction of more than 10,000 red monsters can actually kill 20 to 30 million of our scattered players, and it's an instant kill!"

"It was really shocking."

Now being able to climb to the top of Dayu City Tower, whether it is a team or a straggler, is enough to show that the opponent's strength is still quite powerful.

But despite this, tens of millions of players were instantly killed by the self-destruction of the red monster, giving players no chance to react at all.

Long Xingtian nodded and added: "Moreover, the speed of the red monster is also very fast!"

"At their speed, they can easily avoid almost all long-range attacks, and at the same time, they can also directly rush into the player group, without giving anyone time to react, and directly self-destruct."

"The red monster is clearly arranged by King Rogge to fight the fierce attack of the players in a way of perishing together."