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Chapter: 3015


Dayu City.

in the palace.

King Rogge saw the situation at the south gate of Dayu City through the crystal ball. At first, he was very satisfied. After all, he only spent more than 10,000 red monsters, and instantly killed tens of millions of enemies.

But later, King Rogge frowned slightly.

Judging from the picture displayed in the crystal ball, the players who besieged the south gate of Dayu City this time not only did not decrease because of the destruction of the red monster just now, but actually increased a lot.

Everyone's expression, even more crazy than the group of people who were killed by the red monster before, was more fearless of life and death.

"What happened to these people? Are they really not afraid of death at all?"

King Rogge was a little incomprehensible.

Logically speaking, the scene where the red monster blew itself up and killed tens of millions of people just now should be able to leave a deep sense of fear in the hearts of other people.

Let alone an attack, even if they stand up, it should take a lot of courage.

But based on what we've seen so far, it's quite the opposite.

Not only did these people not take a step back, they even acted even more frantically.

The tide of the sea of ​​people quickly submerged the south gate of Dayu City.

Tens of millions of players fought together with black monsters.

The corpses piled up on the ground, more and more.

And looking at the other gates of Dayu City through the crystal ball is also quite bad.

Not only did the number of attackers increase, but there were even people who took the initiative to leave the battlefield and jumped off Dayu City and sneaked into the inside of Dayu City, which was shrouded in mist.

King Rogge immediately passed the crystal ball to check the situation of those who entered Dayu City.

Like mice, they moved quickly inside Dayu City, and they didn't take the initiative to fight with monsters. Even if they realized that there were monsters around, they would take the initiative to avoid them as soon as possible.

Wait for the monster to leave before moving on.

This conscious and active behavior made King Rogge very dissatisfied.

These fogs were created on the initiative of King Rogge. On the one hand, they wanted to deceive those who tried to attack Dayu City, and on the other hand, they wanted to protect Dayu City, at least so that outsiders could not rely on their own vision or It is perception, to detect any situation in Dayu City.

From a certain level, this is also a strategy of King Rogge.

But now, those who attacked Dayu City, in order to obtain the intelligence information of Dayu City, did not hesitate to take the initiative to take risks.

"Don't they know that the inside of the current Dayu City is the Longtan Tiger's Den, and there are monsters everywhere. If they just want to be careless, they will be killed and not even a little bit of scum will be left?"

King Rogge could not understand their actions.

"Do these people who entered the sky from another world have the awareness to put life and death aside?"

King Rogge knew that a large number of people who suddenly appeared in the sky came from other worlds, and these were told to him by that mysterious existence.

But in what way and in what identities these personnel appeared in the sky, King Rogge is still unclear.

However, in his subconscious mind, no matter what these people say, they should have the emotions that normal human beings have, and are full of fear of unknown or powerful things.

The idea is quite good.

It's just that now, King Rogge feels that he thinks a little too much.

These guys are completely fighting machines, without the slightest emotion, and will not have the slightest fear of monsters from the bottom of their hearts.

Even the existence of monsters is full of indescribable excitement.

They look forward to fighting monsters.

Desire to kill monsters with my own hands!

It is precisely because of this that King Rogge began to think about whether he can still withstand the siege from Yefeng when he is only the millions of monsters in Dayu City.

King Rogge gradually became silent and gradually frowned.

"King Rogge, what are you worried about?"

At this moment, the troll **** suddenly asked curiously, "Are you worried that Dayu City will be breached?"

"Yeah!" King Rogge nodded directly without shyness, there is no need to hide some things in front of these four demon gods.

"You should also have noticed that the humans that Ye Feng brought to besiege Dayu City seem to be unaware of any life and death, and they only focus on killing."

"What's more terrifying is that they seem to be targeting my monsters to hunt, and in the battlefield, they are also hunting monsters quickly through teamwork!"

While speaking, King Rogge changed the scene through the crystal ball.

as he said.

On the towers of the four city gates in the southeast, northwest and northwest of Dayu City, the players seemed to have gone crazy. Hundreds of thousands of people united to besiege the monsters.