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Chapter: 3016

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This kind of speculation is currently the best result for Su Ye.

The number of monsters in Dayu City is limited. If the prince can kill more, it will be easier for him.

"I will give 100 million gold coins here, and then distribute them to those players who provide information. I need to obtain more intelligence information in Dayu City."

Su Ye then said to Longxingtianxia.

Due to the black mist pervading Dayu City, Su Ye lost his understanding of all the internal conditions of Dayu City. Now that some players can enter Dayu City and get more intelligence information from it.

Su Ye naturally would not miss this opportunity.

"One hundred million gold coins?" Long Xingtian was stunned, and then said, "Will this be too much?"

Even if the average wealth value of players in the Huaxia District has reached the highest value in the entire Tianlin District, the 100 million reward distribution is indeed too much.

"Not much!" Su Ye said indifferently, "If the information they provide can help me win this Great Yu City War, even if it is 1 billion or 10 billion, it will be no problem."

Now, for Su Ye, gold coins are just a bunch of numbers, and it is no longer something he needs to pursue.

What's more, he has already prepared a lot and prepared a lot for the Great Yu City War this time.

As long as the victory can be won, no amount of price is possible.

After all, he didn't want to retreat to the Lost Kingdom if it wasn't necessary.

"Okay! I understand!" Long Xingtian nodded, understood Su Ye's determination, and then went to deal with this matter.

The departure of Long Xingtian caused Su Ye to refocus on the Great Yu City below.

In Dayu City shrouded in black mist, a large number of monsters began to appear, and they began to surge towards the city gate of Dayu City.

The red monsters that appeared at the beginning have disappeared, and it seems that their appearance is just a wave of collective actions.

The players who besieged Dayu City did not have the slightest fear of those monsters because they were instantly killed collectively. On the contrary, they were already scrambling to climb the towers of Dayu City and fight against monsters.

The war continues.

Dayu City is like a grinding disc of flesh and blood, crushing players and monsters, and the blood of the corpses has already dyed the four gates of Dayu City directly red.

At the same time, under the bombardment of the siege equipment, the four gates of Dayu City were also dilapidated at this time.

The dilapidation of the towers actually allowed players to better participate in the Great Yu City War.

three hours later.

The system's message prompt suddenly rang in the minds of all players.

"Please note that in this Dayu City war, the cumulative number of players killed has reached 200 million, and the death of monsters in Dayu City has exceeded 1.5 million."

"The Dayu City War Player Contribution Points List has been updated. Players can view the ranking details of the list at any time."

This is the first announcement of the system after the official start of the Dayu City War.

However, for most players, its function is only to report the casualties of both sides, and it has no impact on the overall situation.

In the face of the powerful and ferocious monsters, players have been red-eyed, and only a small number of people will take the initiative to open the list to check their points and rankings after the system announcement is over.

The figure has been suspended in mid-air, and Su Ye, who is in charge of supervising the entire battlefield, just smiled indifferently when he heard the sound of the system.

In his eyes, the main brain behind the system is nothing but a **** stick, making trouble.

Fortunately, the prestige in the minds of players in the Huaxia area is high enough, which can be deterred and let them devote themselves to the battle of Dayu City instead of fighting to complete the task.

Between the two, players can have a completely different mentality.

The most obvious ones are the scattered players at the south gate of Dayu City.

In the beginning, the fiercest scattered player had now become the force with the most casualties, the least amount of monsters killed, and the least profit in the entire Great Yu City war.

At the south gate of Dayu City, less than 200,000 monsters have been killed so far.

But the loose player who was killed. It has exceeded 100 million.

Especially those players who have not yet completed their career transfer will become cannon fodder almost instantly when they enter the battlefield, and will not play any role at all.

And despite this, the scattered players still frantically used their lives against stacked monsters without obeying any orders and commanding strategies.

Go down at this speed.

Another ten hours.

The loose players at the south gate of Dayu City will almost all die.

"Fortunately, the scattered players were taken out alone at the beginning, or else there will be a big accident!"

Su Ye was a little fortunate that his acquiescence to Longxingtian at the beginning made him a lot easier.

at the same time.

In the Tianlin live broadcast room in each region.