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Chapter: 110

I pick up the finished shell.

 It’s still hot, but the flame attribute "magic Runes" has a strong heat resistance. When I picked it up with my fingers, I stared at it seriously.

"How is it, Zelet?"

 Vicky asks a question, sweating on her forehead.

 When I loaded it on a trial basis, it fit snugly within the caliber of the [Cannon Sword].

"It’s wonderful. It’s true."


 Vicky rubs under her nose. A soot-like black line was drawn around her lips.

 Immediately after that, Vicky collapses.

 The pain of the wounds on the dragon chimera may have returned due to the loss of concentration.

 The waves of pain that rushed in at a stretch made her lose her temper for a moment, but it was like a dwarf.

 She clenched her teeth and smiled at me.

"It’s okay, but Zelet. Apparently, I can afford to make only one of them."

 I stare at the bullets in the [Cannon Sword].

 After loading another shell, I told Vicky.

"One shot is enough. Well done."

"Today, I feel uncomfortable with you complimenting me. You’re not fooling me, because the share is 50-50."

"I know"

 Then I took out a short [gun sword] from the coat and set it up.

 At the tip of the muzzle was Vicky with a deep blue face.

"Zelet! You !!"

"Vicky! You’re too sweet."


 Don! !!

 The gunshot sounds.

 At that moment, Vicky, who stood up with energy, finally collapsed from her knees.

 After seeing the dwarven who got stuck, I looked at the dragon chimera again.

 Apparently, the gunshot earlier revealed this position.

 The giant swirls and blows out flames, heading straight toward us.

 Its mouth was burning bright red.

 On the other hand, I hold a [gun sword]. Gaze at the rare dragon chimera through the sight.

 Doo! !!

 A lump of fire is spit out.

 The fire lump attacked me before the dragon chimera giant.

 I’m swallowed by the flames without any worries.

 A fashionable coat, finger gloves, and my abominable black hair were all wrapped in shield.

 And I, Zelet Winter, disappeared into the flames of the Dragon Chimera.

 The moment the fire landed, a large pillar of fire rose in the Faust Forest.

 It is much higher than the surrounding trees, and it’s hot air causes the surrounding trees to catch fire. The tree on the immediate side became a momentary burn, showing the high amount of heat.

 The dragon chimera orbits around the pillar of fire.

 Even though it is a beast, it probably has the feeling of being killed.

 It’s just staring at the red burning flames without pursuing.

 As the flames gradually diminish, the noisy Faust Forest finally becomes quiet.

 However, the appearance of the forest was completely opposite to when Zelet first stepped in.

 The sound of burning flames and the explosion of fire surrounds the entire forest.

 However, there is no sign of living things there.

 Seeing the dragon chimera, the demons have escaped, and seeing the group, the wild beasts have also evacuated.

 Only two human races were against the strongest chimera.

 I finally finished it.

 The dragon chimera that has removed the threat finally comes down from the sky.

 Originally a ground dragon called the Black Armor Dragon. There are no walks or features on the ground. Thicker and harder skin is capable of crossing the sea of ​​fire.

 For the dragon chimera, it is nothing more than lukewarm water, such as the forest that has become a sea of ​​fire.

 Pushing down the trees that are almost like charcoal scraps, the dragon chimera goes to check the prey that has been killed.

 A dwarven had fallen near the hypocenter.

 It doesn’t move at all.

 Forest heat, the air is getting thinner.

 It has already exceeded the environment in which human races can operate normally.

 The dragon chimera sees the dwarven and squints. It opened its large mouth that seemed to break even a rock.

 The monster laughed.

 It slowly opened its mouth and approached the Dwarf.

 I’ll enjoy having this—-.

 It looked like it was saying that.

"The best time to kill a predator is when the predator goes for the prey."

 In the flames, a cold voice like a lump of ice shook the dragon chimera’s earlobe.

"That is, it can be said that it is the moment when the muscles are most relaxed."

 The dragon chimera reacted but was slow.

 A single shell pierced the side of the dragon chimera’s eyes.

 Of course, it is also covered with the hard scales that Dragon Chimera is proud of. However, the shell definitely pierced the scales of the dragon chimera and destroyed its key points.

 When the key part is broken, the function of all parts of the dragon chimera stops.

 Having the characteristics of two types of monsters does not mean that they have independent brains and nerves like the three-necked Wyvern.

 The S-rank monster, which was touted as the strongest, fell due to a deadly bullet.

"Fu …"

 I exhale and emerge from the hollow of the fallen leaves.

 Removing the hood. I prayed for the trees, fallen leaves and burnt residue.

 My coat, which has excellent heat resistance, is just a little soot and it’s safe. That said, it won’t work anymore.

The wax and oils should have all melted down.

"Will this be a new one when it’s over? — Oh, but if I ask Olivia, will they drop it at an expense? I’m equipped with a coat, so it’s a consumable item."

 As I muttered, I heard a noise behind me.

 Looking back, Vicky was standing up.

"Are you alive, Vicky?"

"Zelet, hey …"

 Vicky’s eyes were, of course, burning with anger.

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