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Chapter: 112

Former S-class hunter, suspects

Translated by kingaventEdited by kingavent

"It was a disaster, Zelet-kun."

 The guild master of the culinary guild, who stood next to me, thought while taking an unpleasant pose that shook his body.

 In front of him, Prim is working on putting a part of the dragon chimera on a custom-made trolley.

 Even if it is a part, its size is like a huge rock.

  Prim that lifts it lightly is also out of norm, but I think that the human work of eating such a thing is more than that.

"Oh … I didn’t think I’d come across a monster equivalent to S rank in a forest where a hiking trail is set up."

"And with a rival bonus …"

 The Guild Master shrugs his shoulders.

 In the end, The guild decided to halve the dragon chimera to the cooking guild to which I belong and the cooking guild to which Vicky belongs.

 I heard that the dismantling was done here, and it was done by hand because it was 6: 4, but I was dissatisfied a little with the planned amount of meat and internal organs.

 The guild master of that cooking guild may also be a good negotiator.

 Immediately after the negotiations were over, I couldn’t forget the guild master who bit the handkerchief and was disappointed.

"But it’s because Vicky was there that Zelet was saved … I’d rather thank her."

 Olivia, who puts a safety iron helmet on her head, pinches her mouth.

 Maybe it’s because she has a small body, or because she has a small head.

"Yeah. Let’s forgive our excellent food provider even if we didn’t hurt him."

 The Guild Master is convinced, but unusually sighs.

"Olivia! Olivia !!"

"Wow! Wow! !!"

 It was our naughty gluttons who called out to Olivia.

"Can we eat this already !?"

"Wow! !! "

 Prim turned to me, pointing at the cross section of the meat.

 Both Prim and Rir are drooling.

 The cross section of the flesh shined like a jewel, even though it had been exposed to the air for a while.

 Certainly, if you see those gluttons, they can’t help but jump.

"No, it’s not good. Don’t eat yet."

 Olivia rushes to stop them.

"Yeah. It’s okay. Just wait for now."


"Rir is also stingy."

"Eh, eh ~~?"

 Olivia looks embarrassed and persuades them to control themselves.

 While watching the figure, the guild master suddenly dropped the tone of his voice.

"That’s why Zelet-kun! I have something to ask."

 He sends a gaze toward me with a deep meaning.

 It’s glossy, or I don’t know what he’s thinking.

 As usual, I frankly said to the Guild Master, who had a filter to hide his thoughts.

"I’m wondering if that dragon chimera was probably artificially made."

"Artificially … That’s a bold reasoning again."

"Oh … at least the Wyvern chimera that appeared before that is definitely."

"I saw it in the field, but it’s the first time that such a large number of chimera species have been confirmed at one time …. But it’s a bit too absurd for humans to artificially mate and breed chimeras. but"

"Maybe …"

 yes. It is impossible for humans to raise chimeras.

 Monsters are different from cows and pigs.

 Since it uses magical power as a nutrient, its ecology itself is different from that of humans and other animals.

 How do they take in magical power and convert it into nutrients in their body?

 Regarding mating, even if some monsters are known, the mating method for some such as dragon species is unknown. The Leviathan egg that was previously secured was praised as a historic achievement.

 Even if I do a survey, there are too few samples.

 As for how humans can recover their magical powers in the first place, there are various theories about the magical powers that are nutrients.

 And monsters are simply dangerous.

 Cows and pigs can certainly do harm, but that’s not the ratio.

 Probably no one thinks about raising monsters because they like it.

 Except for one tribe …

"No way — Hey ~"

 Suddenly, the Guild Master came up with his arms crossed.

"What? Is there something?"

"Hmm … This is something that only some of the guild staff know, so I’d like you to keep it in Zelet-kun’s chest."

"Keep it a secret. That’s fine."

"See. The monster food area is crowded, and many people and things are rushing in, right?"

"What about it?"

"As the number of people increases, the demand naturally increases. However, the supply cannot keep up. There are times when the food supply providers are not enough …"

"Overwhelmingly there are not enough individuals ──? …"

"Yes. There are monsters. At that time, what happens when you get it."

"Is it a camouflaged ingredient?"

"That’s right. The vendors who sell monsters that look like beef or pork haven’t been able to compete lately. Some of the cleverly disguised ones are the [Appraisal] type "Maneuver skill" There are even things that slip through. Mixed with some some monster meat. "

"[Appraisal] … It would be great if it could be done."

"It’s been exploding in the last year or two. The tricks are getting more and more sophisticated, and it’s getting harder to detect."

"That’s the job of the cooking guild."

 The guild master rubbed his eyebrows.

 It’s been hidden by makeup, but a dark circle is slightly floating under his eyes.

 There is only a master of the cooking guild, so it seems that the hardships will never cease.

"That’s right. Work a little more, Guild Master … So what? Today overnight …"

 The guild master looks at me and squints.

 Pushing that cheek, I refused.

"I refuse …. I have a wife and a child."

"Oh. I won’t take you …. I’m inviting you to go drinking."


"Ah, what did Zelet-kun imagine? Mufufufu"

"Uh, noisy … I can’t even drink today. Because of the sudden battle, I’m more than a day late to go home."

 For the time being, I stopped by at home when I picked up Prim and Rir and explained the situation, but I haven’t eaten with Ciel anymore.

 I want to go home early and be healed by Ciel.

"You’re completely in dad mode, Zelet-kun."

"That’s why I’m going home with the glutton there."

 I point to Prim and Rir arguing with Olivia across the huge flesh.

 If I don’t care about it, I may put the tooth profile of Prim and Rir in the dragon chimera that I have caught.

"Wait a minute, Zelet-kun. The story isn’t over yet."


"I’m talking about fake monster meat. There’s more to this."

 Unusually, the guild master’s eyes become strict.

"The fake ingredients have come to an end."

"Where are you going?"

"That is, they are fake monsters but real ingredients"

"What does it mean?"

 It’s fake, but it’s real?

 Is it a mystery?

"First of all, I’ll check the previous case here as well. I’ll send the ingredients of Dragon Chimera to you later, so please look forward to it."

 The guild master, after all, begins a meeting with the staff who came to get the signature of the documents.

 I tried to hear the meaning of the word, but he seems to be quite busy.

 Should I do it later?

 Good grief……. I feel like I’m trying to poke my neck in something bad …

 But this is not the case.

 If a dragon chimera was made, it can’t be left alone.

 Naturally, I was holding my hand on the two swords that were hidden in the coat.

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