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Chapter: 1755

in full swing

After returning to their respective camps, Xing Tian and Chi You found Ye Chen to ask for countermeasures.

Ye Chen's huge consciousness had already enveloped the entire camp, so he knew exactly what happened on the battlefield in front of him.

Ye Chen's heart was also a little funny. When such a big thing happened, the general of the Wu clan was still a hindsight. It was really stupid.

Even Ye Chen estimated that if the disparity between the two sides was not too big, let the generals of the Wu clan and the demon clan, Jia Xu or Guo Jia of the Samsara Dynasty each lead an army to fight.

Ye Chen believed that Guo Jia and Jia Xu would be able to kill the generals of the demon clan and the witch clan!

However, this is not bad. Only the generals of the Wu and Yao clans are stupid enough for him, Ye Chen, to get enough benefits here.

After listening to their words, Ye Chen pondered for a while, and smiled slightly: "Don't ask anything, send the order immediately, and the brothers in our camp will sleep and rest together."

Xing Tian asked in a stunned manner: "Great Emperor, don't we remind the General? I guess the demon clan will definitely attack us tonight. If we don't make preparations earlier, our witch clan will probably suffer heavy losses. ?"

Ye Chen sneered, looked at Xing Tian and said, "No need, do you think you are smarter than your general? When such a big thing happened, almost all of the demon clan have decided to come to take revenge. If the general still doesn't understand, then he doesn't need to be the general."

Chi You also said with deep conviction: "The emperor is right, if the general can't even see such a trick, then we Wu clan are too stupid!"

Xing Tian rubbed his head honestly and said, "Then it's because I think too much about myself, so I don't care, let's rest by ourselves."

After finishing speaking, Xing Tian and Chi You ordered them to go down, and all the soldiers in their battalion should sleep and rest to recharge their batteries.

It was true that they had traveled thousands of miles last night, and these soldiers were also exhausted.

Now they are all rested before they can deal with the upcoming battle at night.

There was a slight sneer at the corner of Ye Chen's mouth. He knew very well that even if the general of the Wu clan could predict that the demon clan might attack, it would not have much effect.

First of all, he himself is not good at sneak attack. If he doesn't understand sneak attack, how can he defend well?

But Ye Chen didn't mean to remind them.

He doesn't have this obligation. He only needs to help a bunch of people under Houtu's hands. What does the life and death of others have to do with him?

Besides, whether it is a witch clan or a demon clan, as long as there are casualties on both sides, they can provide negative energy to the 12th-grade World Exterminating Black Lotus!

World Extinguishing Black Lotus is not picky eaters, the negative energies of both the witch clan and the demon clan are fine.

And because of his joining, the balance of the strength of the two sides has gradually tilted towards the Wu clan's side.

This is not good, Ye Chen doesn't want to see the Wu family dominating.

The witch clan and the demon clan are evenly matched to maximize his interests.

So Ye Chen then decided to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, watching the Wu clan and the demon clan lose both, and then he just sat and reaps the profit.

Then, by the way, lead Xing Tian and Chi You's team to pick up some small bargains, which is simply perfect.

Just as Ye Chen expected, when the Wu clan general learned everything, he launched a close investigation.

Not long after, one of the Wu clan generals came to the side of the Wu clan general: "General, I have already asked, it seems that our Wu clan brothers did not do it."

The general said with some puzzlement: "This is a little bit confusing. Who else has the ability and courage to attack the army of the demon clan, and can cause them such serious losses, this is really too much. Strange!"

Another general said anxiously: "The general is not saying that this time, the loss of the demon clan is so great, I am afraid they are going crazy, I can guarantee that they will definitely come to us tonight to attack, big General, you should make a decision sooner, lest our witch clan suffer heavy losses."

The general smiled confidently and said, "That's not easy. If you don't know, it's fine. Now that you know the plot of the demon clan, how can you let them succeed, and immediately pass my order."

Under the command of the general, all the warriors of all the witch camps began to act in full swing.

They continue to reinforce their camp to make the defense here more solid and airtight.

Almost all the fighters would take turns on patrol, and it was still a long time before dark.

But they have all been mobilized, their eyes staring like copper bells, staring at the surroundings, not letting go of any clues that are okay.

The Wu clan general patrolled the sky and nodded in satisfaction.

He laughed and said, "If you idiots don't explain in advance, if they secretly attack, they will most likely succeed."

"But now, I have an insight into their plan, how could they be successful in a sneak attack!"

Some of the generals following him flattered and said: "The general is as good as God, and the arrangement is even more seamless. Today, the demon clan will definitely not be able to please him. We must let him die as much as he comes!"

The general of the Wu clan laughed: "Of course, don't look at my son of the Wu clan, how could he be attacked so easily."

Speaking of this, the general of the Wu clan warned: "But we can't be negligent, the reserve camp will immediately prepare enough high-quality immortal spirit stones for me, in case I get angry by the demon clan, I will use the Zhou Tianxingdou formation. , once they are going to sink their boats, we will immediately activate the Twelve Capitals!"

Others quickly replied: "Don't worry, General, we must be fully prepared, and we will never let the other party succeed!"

The general of the Wu clan was also a little distressed. Every time he activated the Twelve Heavenly Gods Formation, he would consume a huge amount of top-quality fairy spirit stones.

These top-quality fairy spirit stones they have stored can be activated at most twice in the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods Formation.

Anyway, in terms of numbers, the Wu clan still has the advantage.

The entire witch clan camp is divided into twelve camps, that is to say, the twelve great ancestral witches have their subordinates in different camps.

A huge circle is formed between each other, alerting each other and relying on each other.

When they patrolled to the camp of Xingtian and Chiyou under Houtu Zuwu's men, they immediately frowned.

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