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Chapter: 3769

track exposure

Fang Yu had already flipped through the last two pages.

Hearing this, his eyes moved slightly, but he did not stop and continued to write down the content of the magic formula.

Downstairs, the two old men walked into the door of the Treasure Pavilion while talking.

"We can't stay here any longer! We have to leave quickly, otherwise we will be found." Leng Xunshuang reminded anxiously.

Fang Yu accelerated his reading speed to the point where he could read ten lines at a glance.

Compared with other ordinary exercises, the Golden Cauldron Body Protection Technique is indeed a bit more complicated.

Especially for ordinary monks, it is more obscure and difficult to understand.

But Fang Yu has always been, not to mention that it is a pure physical cultivation, at least the direction of cultivation is biased towards physical cultivation.

Therefore, in his eyes, the formula of the Golden Tripod Body Protection Art is not difficult to understand.

However, it is indeed a bit long.

After the two old men entered the Treasure Pavilion, they approached the second floor directly.


The footsteps were clear, getting closer.

And Fang Yu still didn't put down the cheat book.

Leng Xunshuang was at the entrance of the stairs, jumping in a hurry!

If the two old men had the cultivation base of the middle stage of the Spirit Transformation Stage or above, they would be able to see through the invisibility ring easily!

At that time, she and Fang Yu would not be able to run away even if they wanted to!

"Can't you put it down first? Come back later..." Leng Xunshuang asked anxiously.

"Soon, go downstairs first and jump out from the windowsill." Fang Yu replied without turning his head.

Leng Xunshuang looked at where Fang Yu was, and then glanced at the windowsill in front of him.

No one could be seen within a radius of 200 meters from the Treasure Pavilion.

If she jumped out from the window sill, as long as she didn't make any noise, she would basically not be found, and she could leave this place smoothly.

But after glancing at Fang Yu's position, Leng Xunshuang bit his lip and didn't jump out of the windowsill.


The footsteps were getting closer, and the conversation between the two old men could be clearly heard.

"Recently, at Tianyuemen..."

At this time, Fang Yu also finished reading the contents of the Golden Cauldron Body Protection Technique.

He closed the cheat book and put it back on the bookshelf.

At the same time, he walked quickly towards the entrance of the stairs.

When walking, he smashed into pieces at a speed, but did not make any sound.

At this time, the two old men had already reached the second floor.


Fang Yu said to Leng Xunshuang and jumped out of the window first.

Leng Xunshuang quickly followed.

The two of them landed on the ground on the first floor of the Treasure Pavilion one after the other.

Due to the deliberate effort, the two landed without making any sound.

After landing, he walked away quickly and didn't linger for a second.

On the second floor of the Treasure Pavilion, after the two old men reached the second floor, they went straight to where Fang Yu was!

They came to the bookshelf where the secret book of the Golden Cauldron Body Protection Technique was placed, and reached out and took out the secret book.


The old man who reached out his hand frowned when he came into contact with the secret book.

Because, he felt a little warmth on the cover and behind the cheat book!

It was as if someone had just held it in his hand and just put it down!

The old man looked around.

Now this time is the busiest time for Jin Ding Sect. All the disciples either go out to perform tasks or practice collectively in the sect.

No disciple will appear in the Treasure Pavilion at this time.

And the Golden Cauldron Body Protection Technique, in most cases, no disciples will read it!

Because the cultivation base is not at the stage of forming a pill, it is impossible to practice the Golden Cauldron Body Protection Technique, and it is in vain to read it!

There is no disciple at this time, and there is no reason for the disciple to watch secretly, so there is only one possibility left...

The old man's eyes froze, and he immediately released his consciousness, and quickly spread out!

"Fourth Elder, what's wrong?" the old man next to him asked.

"There is a temperature on the secret book, someone has just read the secret book! I think it is unlikely that the disciples in the sect did it!" The fourth elder said solemnly.

As soon as these words came out, the old man next to him naturally understood what was going on, and immediately became vigilant.

Jin Dingzong's protective power is not too strong.

Because their location is already remote, the sect master himself does not pay attention to protection, and does not think that there will be uninvited guests breaking in.

But now the facts are in front of us, so the two elders have to be wary of this possibility!

Together, they released their consciousness, which quickly spread around.

At this moment, Fang Yu and Leng Xunshuang had returned to the edge of the island at the fastest speed.

"You..." Leng Xunshuang looked at the ocean ahead, stopped, and was about to ask.

"It's not advisable to stay here for a long time. I'll tell you when I return to Blue Bay." Fang Yu said, and has already jumped out.


He released his infuriating energy and quickly flew in the direction of Lanwan.

Leng Xunshuang froze for a moment, then quickly followed.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

When Fang Yu and Leng Xun left with their front and back feet, the consciousness of the two elders in the back also spread to the edge of the island.

Less than two seconds before and after!

In other words, if Fang Yu and Leng Xunshuang left two seconds late, they might be detected by the consciousness of the two elders, which would cause great trouble!

After the consciousness of the two elders reached the edge of the island, they did not spread out.

Because the range of divine consciousness is limited, and furthermore... it doesn't make much sense to spread to the sea.

Even if there are uninvited guests who sneak into the treasure pavilion of Jindingzong, if they have fled to the sea, it will be difficult to find them again. UU reading www.

"We must investigate the Treasure Pavilion immediately to see if anything is missing!"

On the second floor of the Treasure Pavilion, the fourth elder said with a gloomy expression.

Fang Yu and Leng Xunshuang were one after the other and soon returned to Lanwan.

The two took off the invisibility ring to reveal their figure.

Lin Batian was sitting cross-legged at first, but when he saw the two appear, he immediately stood up.

"Why is it taking so long? Did something happen?" Lin Batian asked anxiously, "If you have any questions, just run away."

"It's okay." Fang Yu smiled, "It's done."

"That's good." Lin Batian breathed a sigh of relief.

Leng Xunshuang looked in the direction of Jin Dingzong, and said with lingering fear: "It is not suitable to stay here for a long time, let's move the position first and then talk about it."

"There's no need to be so nervous. If the other party really noticed it, they would have chased him out long ago. It's impossible not to move." Fang Yu said, "But it's okay to change your position first, let's go."

In this way, Fang Yu and his party left Lanwan and returned to the villa not far from Tiandaomen.

After sitting down, Lin Batian handed Fang Yu a stack of white paper and a pen.

Fang Yu said nothing, lowered his head and started writing.

Leng Xunshuang stood aside and was puzzled at first, and then he realized that Fang Yu was writing down the golden cauldron body protection formula on paper!

"Is it really that fast and completely memorized?"

Leng Xun's beautiful eyes twinkled with brilliance, staring blankly at Fang Yu who was writing a book.

Fang Yu wrote quickly.

The tricks he had just written down were still warm in his mind, and it was a simple matter to write them down.

A blank sheet of paper fills up quickly, then a second, and then a third.

Leng Xunshuang has been standing behind Fang Yu, his beautiful face full of shock.

But before Fang Yu finished writing, she did not dare to interrupt.

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