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Chapter: 3771

leave the Southern Wilderness

When Leng Xunshuang spoke, his expression was very sincere, and he would not give people the feeling that she was comforting.

In those days, such words would definitely give Fang Yu some encouragement.

It's not to say that there is no such effect now, but the mood is very different from that of the year after all.

But in any case, after these three dreams, and the dream just now, Leng Xunshuang, a mysterious woman, gradually became clear in his heart.

Fang Yu could be sure that Leng Xunshuang had experienced a lot with him and Lin Batian.

Later, because of a certain force, all the memories of Leng Xunshuang were lost.

And now, through the dream, Fang Yu seems to have the opportunity to recall everything.

Inside the pavilion, Fang Yu and Leng Xunshuang had been chatting for a long time.

During this period, Lin Batian never came back, so he left the two of them alone.

Leng Xunshuang is very talkative, has a lot of knowledge, and is also very interesting.

During the chat, time passed slowly.

"Fang Yu, which sect is the target for the next action?" At the end, Leng Xunshuang asked.

"I haven't decided yet, you can choose one." Fang Yu thought for a while and replied.

"I choose one?" Leng Xun's beautiful eyes widened and asked in surprise.

"Yes, try not to choose a sect of the first rank." Fang Yu said.

"Of course, go to the first-grade sect to learn the secret method... If it is discovered, we may not see the sun tomorrow." Leng Xunshuang said.

"Not necessarily."

At this time, Lin Batian came back 'just right'.

With a mysterious smile on his face, he said: "First-rank sect, we have to touch it sooner or later, otherwise, we will stay in stealth and learn the secrets of second-rank sect. After all, there is a limit."

"The protective power of the first-rank sect, as well as the comprehensive strength of the disciples... is far stronger than that of the second-rank sect." Leng Xun frowned and said, "It is very difficult to really touch the first-rank sect."

"That's for sure, but the greater the risk, the greater the reward." Lin Batian said, "Secret methods in the second-rank sects are very rare to be rated as half-immortals, while the first-rank sects do not have any secret methods. Two or three half-immortal-level spells?"

"Of course, I didn't say that we should start now, but just said... a direction for the future."

"To sneak into the first-rank sect, we must at least master a few reliable movement techniques."

Leng Xunshuang looked at Fang Yu.

Fang Yu said nothing.

"Xiao Leng, let me show you first, I'm not very interested in taijutsu." Lin Batian handed the stack of paper written by Fang Yu to Leng Xunshuang and smiled, "If you have any If you understand, just ask Fang Yu, his understanding of taijutsu is much higher than ours."

Leng Xunshuang picked up the stack of papers and nodded.


At this moment, the scene in front of him began to become blurred again.

In the blur, a strong light flickered, covering all of Fang Yu's vision.

The light disappeared, and the scene in the field of vision changed back to the ceiling in the room.

Fang Yu sat up.

In this dream, his understanding of Leng Xunshuang was further deepened.

And the content presented in the dream is still in the process.

After that, it is very likely that the dreaming will continue.

It's just that Fang Yu can't lie in bed all the time and dream without limit.

Simply put, he cannot live in a dream.

For him, a dream is a memory, a memory of a real experience.

But reality is more important.

"It's time... to leave the Southern Wilderness." Fang Yu thought.

After waking up, Fang Yu brought Han Miaoyi and Li Dingfeng back to Wuzhou, the Wuji Sect in Jianfeng Mountain.

Seeing Xiao Wuji, Fang Yu recommended Li Dingfeng to go out.

"Senior, this kid is also a person. If you want, let him practice with you." Fang Yu said.

Seeing Fang Yu again, Xiao Wuji's face was full of astonishment.

He knew Fang Yu's pseudonym, and had also heard of several major events that had happened in Dayuan Prefecture during this period.

Everything is earth-shattering, and Fang Yu is the protagonist!

Xiao Wuji originally thought that Fang Yu was strong, but he didn't would be so strong.

Now, hearing Fang Yu recommending a human cultivator to himself, he naturally couldn't refuse!

"No problem." Xiao Wuji looked at Li Dingfeng and replied, "As long as you are a human race, you can join the Wuji Sect."

When Li Dingfeng heard Fang Yu call Xiao Wuji "senior", he didn't know what to call him for a while, and his face changed.

Immediately, he knelt on the ground with a 'poof' and said, "Senior Xiao... Forgive me for not being able to join the Promise Sect."

"I'm far from being powerful, please get up. Also, about the fact that you can't join the Promise Sect..."

Xiao Wuji looked at Fang Yu. UU reading www.

The person was brought by Fang Yu, so he naturally wanted to ask what was going on.

"Oh, he has already joined one faction, so he doesn't want to join another faction." Fang Yu said, "So, you don't have to include him in the Promise Sect..."

"I know it's rude to act like this, but... I really can't betray my previous division, and I invite my seniors..." Li Dingfeng kowtowed.

"Get up, I have no opinion on this." Xiao Wuji stretched out his hand, forcibly lifted Li Dingfeng with a ray of immortal power, and smiled, "On the contrary, your character is good, I appreciate it very much."

Li Dingfeng said gratefully: "Thank you Senior Xiao!"

Afterwards, Han Miaoyi went outside for a walk, while Li Dingfeng was taken away by one of Xiao Wuji's disciples.

In the lobby, only Fang Yu and Xiao Wuji were left.

"You want to go to the East Wasteland?" Xiao Wuji heard Fang Yu's words, his face changed slightly, and said, "I heard that in the wild world, it is extremely difficult to cross the wasteland, just like flying on the earth..."

"It's really difficult, I've already inquired about it." Fang Yu smiled, "However, I found a very simple solution."

"How?" Xiao Wuji asked in confusion.

"Through a specific shuttle channel." Fang Yu replied.

"This..." Xiao Wuji's expression changed, and he said, "This method does exist, but... It is said that only those top forces in other wastelands have such channels..."

"Didn't I tell you, I know a eldest lady from the Northern Wilderness Immortal King's family." Fang Yu said, "It was the help she provided."

"So..." Xiao Wuji finally understood and nodded slowly, "Then... I wish you a smooth journey."

"I went to Donghuang on purpose to search for news about Zhao Chengfeng." Fang Yu said again.

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