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Chapter: 3790

in the lair

"After calculating the total income, we will give each member who participated in the lair sweep a share, and settle the settlement with the most commonly used Yuanjing in Donghuang. Of course, if you don't want Yuanjing, you want some equivalent value. Items, we will agree."

"Yuanjing..." Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly.

He knows that this is the same thing as the spiritual crystal on the earth and the nuclear power source stone in the demon world!

Yuanjing, it is very likely that it represents one of the seven Yuan forces that exists between the heavens and the earth in the Eastern Wasteland, Yuan Qi!

Yuanjing is the currency in this Eastern Wasteland.

"After you get Yuanjing, what will you do with it?" Fang Yu asked.

"You can do a lot of things." Yue Yan said, "Purchasing secret manuals, magical equipment, going to the secret realm of cultivation, etc. In fact, to do a lot of things, you need Yuanjing."

"What if the cultivation base is higher? For example, Xuanxian, or even Zhouguang Xuanxian, who is as powerful as Xuanxian, is it useless if they want this crystal?" Fang Yu said.

"Uh... I have never come into contact with such a powerful being, but from my understanding... No matter how high the cultivation base is, you should still abide by the rules of Donghuang..." He said uncertainly, "Some skills The secret book of the law, the secret realm of cultivation is set up by the zone itself, even the top powerhouse should have to hand in the crystal to use it... but it's hard to say."

Fang Yu didn't bother with this question, and instead asked: "You said that this giant wood spirit lair is a second-level lair. Is this level judged by the Wishing Spirit Temple?"

"Yes." Yue Yan replied, "May all nest ruins and other places in the Lingquan area be graded by the Wishing Spirit Temple."

"...I'm a little curious, was this giant wood spirit nest first rated or discovered first?" Fang Yu frowned and asked.

"You have to find it first before you can get a rating." Yue Yan said, "But the giant wood spirit itself is a kind of fierce spirit that is relatively common in the third area. They stay in the lair in many places, so many monks are very concerned about the giant wood spirit's lair. It's familiar, it's a second-level nest."

"So that's the case." Fang Yu nodded and asked, "What is the highest level of nests or ruins in the Eastern Wasteland at present?"

"East Wilderness is too big, sorry I can't answer... But I want to say that there is currently the only ancient lair rated as level 7 in the Spiritual Spring area. Because the level is too high, no cultivator can come out of it yet. In recent years, that lair has basically become a forbidden area, and no one dares to enter it."

"What's that place called?" Fang Yu asked.

"Name... I really don't know, I have to ask." Yue Yan replied.

"Where to ask? Go to the Wishing Spiritual Temple?" Fang Yu squinted, "Maybe there is no cultivator or representative in the Wishing Spiritual Temple to talk to..."

"Of course you can't go to the Wishing Spiritual Temple to ask, you have to go to the Council Chamber of the Wishing Spiritual Temple to ask about related matters, and you need to charge a certain amount of Yuanjing for the inquiry." Yue Yan said.

"Okay." Fang Yu nodded.

At this point, the space passage has come to an end, and the exit is just ahead.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

Fang Yu and Yue Yan and deeds rushed out one after another and arrived at the destination, the giant wood spirit lair!

Coming out of the teleportation channel, there is the door of a lair in front of you.

You can see a large forest behind the cave entrance.

And next to the door of the nest, a lot of weeds grow.

It was quiet around, and there were no other monks.

"This is the giant wood spirit lair that our Thousand Meteor Mission just discovered." Yue Yan turned around and introduced the twenty monks, "Generally speaking, the giant wood spirit lair will have its own unique wood spirit grass. Our main The to collect all the wood spirit grass, as for other treasures...if there are any, the more the better, but don't report too much hope."

"There should be monks among you who have been to other giant wood spirit lair, right?"

"I went in."

At this time, an older cultivator opened his mouth and said, "The last time I went in with the Tianyu Group, I just collected some wood spirit grass, nothing else, but... the process was also very easy, and there was no danger. "

"Haha... Don't underestimate the wood spirit grass. A single wood spirit grass is worth two hundred yuan crystals! If you can collect 500 wood spirit grasses, it will be quite a good income!" Yue Yan said with a smile.

Five hundred wood spirit grass can be exchanged for 100,000 crystals!

Each cultivator can be divided into two percent, that is, two thousand yuan crystals!

That's a pretty good profit indeed!

Hearing Yue Yan's words, all the monks became excited.

"Okay, let's go in together." Yue Yan said again.

So, a group of monks walked towards the nest.

Yue Yan walked ahead~~ Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi followed behind.

The other eighteen monks were at the back.

Most of them have never been to the giant wood spirit lair, and at this time they are looking around and observing curiously.

In the giant wood spirit lair, there is actually no scenery.

Surrounded by towering trees.

The only characteristic of these trees is that they are extremely large, like Optimus Prime, not trees.

It was very quiet in the forest, and there was no other sound.

After walking for a while, Yue Yan suddenly stopped and pointed to the root of the big tree on the left.

"Have you seen it? That's the wood spirit grass!"

As he spoke, he stepped forward.

At this time, Fang Yu also saw that three grasses with faint green awns grew out of the root area of ​​the big tree.

The height is about 20 to 30 centimeters, showing a turquoise color. The shape is nothing special, but it is covered with some visible lines.

It can also sense the faint breath released by the grass itself.

Yue Yan walked forward and backward, squatted down, picked the three wood spirit grasses one by one, and held them in his hands.

"Did you see it? This is our mission, it's that simple." Yue Yan smiled, "Pick off all the wood spirit grass you see."

"It's really that simple? Wouldn't there be any danger? For example, guardian spirits and the like..." a cultivator wondered.

"The guardian spirit is the giant wood spirit, but it is extremely rare to encounter a giant wood spirit in the giant wood spirit's lair, because the giant wood spirit is generally in a sleeping state, deep underground, and will not notice our arrival." Yue Yan replied, "However, it's just that the possibility is low, it's not completely impossible. You must be clear about this... If you really encounter a giant wood spirit, then run immediately! Don't fight!"

"Okay, then... let's split up."

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