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Chapter: 3791

Weird Mark

After Yue Yue finished speaking, the group of cultivators looked for their own directions and quickly dispersed.

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi walked straight ahead.

Yue Yan looked at Fang Yu's back, his brows wrinkled, his eyes flickered, and he seemed to be hesitating.

It stands to reason that as a team member, he does not need to do it himself now.

Just stay where you are, or even retreat outside the lair, and wait for the twenty monks to come back.

In this way, there is no risk and it is very easy.

He has always done this before.

But this time is different.

The aura Fang Yu showed just now shows that his cultivation is at least above the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

Such a strong person enters the second-level nest, that is, crushing!

No matter what danger you encounter, you can handle it.

Even if the giant wood spirit appeared, it would definitely be able to take it down!

So, he hesitated.

In fact, he just told a lie.

Regarding the giant wood spirit, it is not completely random to meet.

In fact, their Thousand Meteor Regiment, including other cultivators who specialize in this line of work, have come up with a specific method to awaken the sleeping giant wood spirit after having rich experience.

Just make some kind of sound.

On Yue Yan's body, there is a small magic weapon that can make that sound.

If you think the team is strong enough, you can draw out the giant wood spirit, kill it, and get its elixir, body and bones.

The most precious of them is the elixir.

Compared with collecting wood spirit grass, there is no doubt... the benefits of killing giant wood spirits will be much higher.

Before today, Yue Yan had never done such a thing.

Because he is very afraid of death, he has never recruited monks far stronger than this level to participate in the sweep.

In fact, the really powerful monks... will not participate in the sweeping mission of the second-level nest, because not only does the price drop, but the income is also low.

But this time, the Fang Changsheng in front of him is likely to be above the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

It stands to reason that with such strength, one should not participate in the sweeping of second-level nests, and one must have fourth-level or even fifth-level nests to be worthy of this strength.

However, it can be seen that this Fang Changsheng may not be a local monk in the wishing spring area, so he is not familiar with the things here.

Because of this, Yue Yan will feel that this is an excellent opportunity!

With Xuanxian present, there would be no danger if he led out the giant wood spirit!

And the profit after the fact will be greater than any time before!

You must know that, after completing a sweeping mission, Yue Yan can also get a reward from the Thousand Meteor Regiment that is divided according to the total revenue.

Of course he wished the pay was higher!

"The powerhouses of the Mysterious Immortal Realm should be very easy to deal with the giant wood spirit..."

When Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi were almost invisible, Yue Yan finally made up his mind.

He wants to follow Fang Yu, and then find an opportunity to lead the giant wood spirit out!


"Master, it's so quiet here." Han Miaoyi enjoyed walking beside Fang Yu on the quiet forest road, and felt a lot of joy.

Fang Yu was silently observing the situation around him.

He has spread his consciousness out.

In fact, the inside of the lair is very large, and it will take a certain amount of time to search for the wood spirit grass through divine sense.

However, after spreading the consciousness over a long distance, no other creatures were found.

"Is this the second-level nest? There is no danger." Fang Yu thought.


At this moment, Fang Yu heard footsteps coming from behind.

Turning around, he saw Yue Yan chasing after him.

"Why did you follow me?" Fang Yu asked.

"Oh, I want to accompany Venerable Fang to search for the wood spirit grass, it will be easier." Yue Yan said.

Fang Yu didn't say anything about Yue Yan's hospitality, just nodded.

On the other side, Han Miaoyi frowned.

How did this guy keep up! ?

Ruining the quiet atmosphere just now is really annoying!

However, Han Miaoyi's dissatisfaction was also hidden in her heart.

Before she left Nanhuang, she read several books in the Ling Family's Book Collection Pavilion.

Some of the content is unsightly, and some of the content is strange, but inexplicably attracts her to watch it.

These books are not history books, they are all about emotions, like some real stories, and some are accompanied by pictures.

It was in these books that Han Miaoyi understood a lot of truth.

One of them is to control his emotions and prevent Fang Yu from getting bored with her.

this point is very important.

For her, it was the hardest thing to control.

But Han Miaoyi knew that she had to restrain herself.

Otherwise, sooner or later, Fang Yu will be bored.

At that time, she will be abandoned... lonely and miserable.

There are many ways to please Fang Yu.

It's just that ~~ Some methods Han Miaoyi thinks... are not quite right, and she can't learn them.

But it seems that only those methods can quickly please like.

Therefore, Han Miaoyi was always confused about what to do.

At the same time, they are also silently waiting for the opportunity to come.

If you have a chance, you can always try it.

Before that, she had to control her emotions as much as possible to avoid annoying Fang Yu.

"Brother Yue, if this giant wood spirit doesn't come out, it's really meaningless." Fang Yu didn't know what Han Miaoyi was thinking, and said, "Is there no other creatures in this lair except the giant wood spirit? ?"

"Actually, there will be some beasts, but they are not too strong, and there is no danger." Yue Yan's eyes flashed and he said, "The giant wood spirit is the strongest being in the lair, and it is generally not encountered."

"If there must be a giant wood spirit in every nest, then you say...Is there a way I can get it out?" Fang Yu asked, narrowing his eyes.

As soon as these words came out, Yue Yan was shocked.

Had his thoughts been seen?

Or is this Fang Changsheng... Really want to meet the giant wood spirit?

"Uh...actually..." Yue Yan was about to speak.


But at this moment, Fang Yu suddenly made a silent gesture and stopped.

Yue Yan's face changed, he immediately shut up and stopped.

Fang Yu frowned and looked forward.

In fact, nothing could be seen ahead.

What really caught the unusual movement was his divine consciousness that spread out for several miles!

Just now, his divine sense caught that, in the depths of the lair, a gray figure flashed by!

Is a monk!

The cultivator was originally standing, maybe he felt Fang Yu's consciousness, and immediately fled away!

And where he was originally, a strange mark was left on the ground!

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