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Chapter: 3794

It s just evil

Before Fang Yu could finish speaking, suddenly there was a cold voice coming from all directions!

This sentence, introduced into the ear, constantly reverberated, shocking the soul!

Yue Yan's legs softened, he knelt directly on the ground, his body trembled violently, and he cried out, "Forgive your life! Your Majesty, spare your life! I'm just a little bastard, I don't intend to offend Wuxiangfu, please let me go..."

Fang Yu frowned and looked to the left.

Although the sound came from his divine sense just now, he was still able to track the direction of the source of the sound.

"Since you want to talk, let's talk." Fang Yu said.


There was a buzzing in the ear.

Then, a gray shadow flickered and appeared in the sky.

This is a monk.

He was dressed in gray, covering his face, with only one pair of eyes showing, and no obvious features.

Even the cultivation base aura is not special.

"You don't even know about Wuxiangfu, you don't deserve to live in the world." The cultivator stared at Fang Yu with no emotion in his voice, "You will die, and at the same time...everything related to you will be implicated. to die."

This sentence made Fang Yu couldn't help laughing out loud.

This is too pretentious.

Even the Holy King An Ran of the Holy Court never said such a thing in front of him.

However, the fact that an evil cultivator in the Donghuangyuan Lingquan area could be so arrogant, really made him laugh.

But it can also be seen from the side... This Wuxiang Mansion has never encountered any setbacks in the Yuanlingquan area, and it is rampant.

"I don't know that many of you have gone to the Prime Minister's Mansion, and you have left the wishing spring area. Who knows that you have no Prime Minister Mansion?" Fang Yu said after laughing.

small book booth

Whether it is Fang Yu's smile or these words, they are full of contempt for Wuxiangfu.

Yue Yan put his head on the ground, so frightened that he was about to faint.

In his opinion, Fang Yu's current provocation is undoubtedly making his death worse!

The monks in Wuxiang Mansion are very likely to surpass Xuan Xianjing in strength!

Although Fang Yu has the Mysterious Immortal Realm, he may not be able to defeat this cultivator of the Wuxiang Mansion!

"Since you are determined to seek death, then... I will give you a ride." The monk sneered.

Between the words, he raised his right palm.

"call out!"

At this time, Fang Yu also moved.

His figure turned into a flash of light and instantly disappeared in place.

In the next second, he appeared in front of the gray-clothed cultivator.

The cultivator felt a gust of wind blowing from the front, his eyes changed slightly, and he was about to release his immortal power to retreat.

However, he did not expect... Fang Yu's punching speed was much faster than his reaction speed.


This punch slammed directly into the chest of the gray-clothed cultivator.

A blood hole was pierced directly through his sternum!

The gray-clothed cultivator's eyes bulged, and there was only shock in his eyes when he looked at Fang Yu.

The pain struck him, causing him to vomit blood.

"With this little strength, you speak so arrogantly, I don't know how to think that you are the power of the Four Signs Realm..." Fang Yu said lightly, and at the same time stretched out his hand and pulled the black cloth on the cultivator's face. down.

The monk's face was displayed in front of Fang Yu.

It's a very ordinary face.

At this time, blood continued to spew out of his mouth, and his chin and shirt were stained.

His face was full of horror and horror.

In fact, he discovered Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi's abnormal breath very early, and did not rush to take action.

However, after Fang Yu stopped to talk to Yue Yan, he couldn't help but take action.

This is also Wuxiangfu's usual style of doing things.

No other monks are allowed to enter as long as they are marked by them.

Even if the other party does not know about it in advance, they must be held accountable!

As long as other forces and ethnic groups need to fear their No Prime Minister's Mansion, they have no Prime Minister Mansion... No need to fear any power or ethnic group!

But he could not have imagined... the cultivator in front of him actually possessed such terrifying strength.

The power of that punch just now almost wiped him out!

Fang Yu retracted his fist, then grabbed the cultivator's head with one hand and slowly lowered to the ground.

Yue Yan still kept her head on the ground, not only trembling, but also crying.

After hearing the explosion just now, he thought that Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi were dead, and it was his turn next.

Fang Yu glanced at Yue Yan, shook his head, looked at the gray-clothed cultivator who was like a dead dog in his hands, and said, "Do you have anything else to say?"

Hearing Fang Yu's voice close at hand, Yue Yan slowly raised his head.

Then, I saw this scene.

It was the exact opposite of what he imagined!

What, how could this be...

"This place has left a mark. It belongs to the Wuxiang Mansion. If you kill me, the Wuxiang Mansion will not let you go..." The gray-clothed cultivator gasped and gritted his teeth.


Fang Yu threw out another punch, smashing through the abdomen of the gray-clothed cultivator.


The gray-clothed cultivator spat out blood again, his head hanging down.

These two punches almost cost him his life.

Although there is still a breath, but all the meridians in the body are smashed, and the ability to resist is completely lost, and the cultivation base is basically abolished~~ I was going to withdraw, you have to come forward. "Fang Yu said with an expressionless face.

"Wuxiangfu will not let you go, it will not let you go! The will of the Holy Master will notice you, and you will die miserably, ten thousand times more miserable than me!" The gray-clothed cultivator roared tragically.

As he spoke, his breath was almost cut off.

"Ten thousand times more tragic than you? It seems that you still don't know how you will die." Fang Yu narrowed his eyes.

After saying this, he threw the gray-clothed cultivator to the ground and stepped on it with his right foot.


A bang.

Yue Yan next to him was blown away by the sudden burst of power, the ground in a radius of several hundred meters collapsed instantly, and several towering giant trees were broken and collapsed.

This is the result of Fang Yu's strength.

As for the gray-clothed cultivator, he had turned into ashes and disappeared without a trace.

"Master, why did you kill him? You used to ask some questions before killing him." Han Miaoyi wondered.

"No matter what you ask, this guy won't say anything. This is the characteristic of evil cultivators. They are not so afraid of death." Fang Yu said, "Keeping his life will only give him the opportunity to contact his companions. more trouble."

"But you can also lead the Wuxiang Mansion out and slaughter it all." Han Miaoyi said.

"There's no need to find something to do." Fang Yu said, "It's just an evil cultivator, just get rid of it."

Yue Yan got up from the ground in the distance.

He saw the figures of Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi, his eyes were wide open, and his mind was blank.

The cultivator of the Phaseless Mansion... was killed in seconds! ?

"Boom boom boom..."

Just then, the ground suddenly shook again.

A low growl followed.

Yue Yan's face changed slightly, then he looked at the ground under his feet, and said loudly: "Fang, Venerable Fang... The giant wood spirit is coming out!"

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