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Chapter: 3936

ancestor descendants

Banyanzhai is located in a landscape.

Surrounded by mountains, it is obscured by clouds formed by aura.

This area has an excellent environment. When flying through the air, you can vaguely see all kinds of creatures moving around in the mountains.

As for the half-day fasting itself, it is a courtyard-style building on the top of a semi-circular mountain in the center.

From the appearance of the building, it is difficult to connect with its name.

"Could it be because this mountain is a semicircle... that's why this place is called Bantianzhai?" Fang Yu thought to himself.

The vanity brought in front lands in front of the gates of Half Day Fast.

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi also landed behind.

"Before you go in, give a salute." The arrogant in front said coldly without turning his head.

After he finished speaking, he put his hands in front of his chest and bowed deeply towards the front door of Banyanzhai.

From the point of view of the salute, it is still very serious.

After the salute, Vanity walked forward.

Fang Yu took Han Miaoyi behind him, saluted and walked into the door.

"Is this half-day fasting still a force?" Fang Yu followed behind Xu Ao, walked towards it, and asked casually.

"Power?" Xianao turned his head and glanced at Fang Yu, and said, "You think too much, this is a historic site, a place of retreat for a great man in ancient times in the Northern Wilderness."

"So it was just a salute to that great master?" Fang Yu asked.

"Salute his successor," said arrogantly, "He is also the current master of the half-day fast. You may be able to see him later."

Fang Yu did not speak.

Xu Ao was obviously very familiar with the structure of the Half Day Zhai. He took Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi around several turns, passed through many small courtyards, and finally came to a square platform.

"My Healing Game"

There are three figures standing on the square platform.

Surrounded by clear but flickering faint blue spring water, transparent but full of mysterious colors.

Looking ahead, you can see a large mountain view.

Through the mountains, the gaps exposed at the end just happened to be able to see the celestial ring above the sky.

This is of course no coincidence.

The location of this square platform was obviously carefully designed.

"Brother Ao, you are here."

A black-clothed cultivator on the stage immediately smiled when he saw the arrogance, and said happily.

The other two cultivators were holding what looked like a light golden wine glass in their hands, and when they heard the sound, they also turned to look at Vanity.

"Sorry, I'm late." He smiled arrogantly.

"The two behind you are..." The black-clothed cultivator looked puzzled when he saw Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi who were following behind.

The four groups of them will basically not bring unfamiliar cultivators here.

"His name is Han Daoyu, and the other one is his entourage." Xuao turned to look at Fang Yu and introduced, "This is brother Zu Yuan, the other two are brother Zu Zhen, and brother Zu Liang. "

Fang Yu followed the arrogant gesture and looked.

The one named Zu Yuan was the monk in black, while Zu Zhen was the monk in blue behind, and Zu Liang was dressed in gray.

Their faces are all handsome, and the similarities can be vaguely seen.

"The three of them are the fourth-generation direct line members of the ancestral family." Xuao said to Fang Yu, "But whether you can get into their eyes and become their friend depends on your own performance."

Fang Yu walked forward and greeted the three members of the ancestral family in front of him with fists.

"Hello everyone, I'm Han Daoyu." Fang Yu said.

"Fellow Daoist Han's name is a little unfamiliar. I don't know which force you are from?" Zu Yuan asked.

"I was born in the Western Wilderness Demon Clan, bloodthirsty demons." Fang Yu replied with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, even the arrogant eyes changed slightly.

This is information he doesn't even know yet!

"Western Wilderness Demon Race?"

Hearing Fang Yu's words, Zu Zhen and Zu Liang in the back also cast their gazes over~~ Obviously, they are all very curious about the identity of the Demon Race.

"The demon clan in the Western Wilderness... but a big clan." Zu Yuan glanced at the arrogant and said, "It's just... we don't know much about the demon clan, and we don't know much about the bloodthirsty demons. "

"Our line is mainly passed down from the lineage of the Beginning Demon, and there was also a prosperous period in the middle, that is, the Great Shadow Demon Line, which later branched out and formed the Bloodthirsty Demon Line. So going back to the source, I am actually the descendant of the Beginning Demon of Ten Thousand Paths."

Fang Yu casually said nonsense, mixing together some information he knew about the Demon Race.

Anyway, the monks in front of them didn't know much about the Demon Race, so he could probably get away with it.

Sure enough, this series of self-introductions made Zu Yuan, Zu Zhen, and Zu Liang change their faces, and their eyes were shocked.

Even the arrogant eyes are full of surprise.

As for Fang Yu's words, they have only heard of the name Wan Dao Shi Mo!

This is the legendary ancestor of the Demon Race!

As long as it is the existence of the ancestor of the great clan, it is a very terrifying existence!

You must know that everything they have now, and even the laws that exist between the planes, were created by that group of ancestors!

If the Fang Yu in front of him is really the descendant of the Beginning Demon of Ten Thousand Paths, and he has his bloodline on his body... that is also a very rare and noble existence!

"You don't have to be too surprised. Although there is a certain blood connection between me and the Myriad Dao Primordial Demon, but after many generations, it is not as strong as you think." Fang Yu smiled and touched his chin.

This time, he deliberately raised the back of his left hand to reveal the five-pointed star mark on it.


This mark flickered slightly, revealing the aura of the Demon Race.

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