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Chapter: 3957

I am very happy

"Are you really going to take a detour? Master." Han Miaoyi frowned and said, "We just flew over from above, if we don't go down... It shouldn't be a problem, right?"

"Actually, I'm not afraid of anything, mainly because I don't want to waste time now, I have to go to the Candle Dragon Hall as soon as possible." Fang Yu replied.

"If you don't want to waste time, then you shouldn't take a detour." Han Miaoyi blinked and said, "Let's try to fly over this abyss. If something happens, with the master's strength, it can be easily solved. Right? Then we will be able to reach the Candle Dragon Temple soon."

Hearing this, Fang Yu felt a bit reasonable.

However, looking forward, only a dark abyss can be seen, and the opposite cliff cannot be seen at all.

"In that case, let's try it." Fang Yu made a decision.

Detours take a lot of time.

In that case, it is better to try to fly directly over.

As Han Miaoyi said, even if you encounter any problems during the flight... you can find a quick solution.

The time it takes to detour is fixed, it is indeed better to give it a try.

What if they really flew by without any fuss?

"Let's go." Fang Yu said to Han Miaoyi.

"it is good!"

Han Miaoyi also came to the spirit.


The two flew directly in front of the endless abyss one after the other!


Fang Yu released his True Qi, like a sharp arrow, rushing forward at an extremely fast speed, leaving an afterglow in the air.

Han Miaoyi followed closely behind her, and her speed was also extremely fast.

Above the abyss of Ronan, where no living creature dared to approach, two gorgeous landscapes suddenly appeared.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi quickly passed a long distance.

So much so that when you look back, you can no longer see the cliff where you started.

Now they have officially entered the abyss of Ronan.

Looking down, all you can see is pitch black.

Fang Yu was not flying with his head closed, he also released his consciousness to observe the situation around him.

However, apart from the majestic and icy aura that existed in the abyss, there was no other abnormal aura.

"Master, we should be there soon, right?"

After flying for a while, Han Miaoyi asked.

"I hope so." Fang Yu said.

In fact, it was pitch darkness around them now.

Even the dome of the sky cannot provide accurate directions.


Suddenly, a hurricane hit from the west side!

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi were flying at an extremely fast speed... After encountering this hurricane, they were actually swept away!

It stands to reason that with the breaths released by the two of them, this will never happen!

In this hurricane... there is a strong magic energy!

Fang Yu stretched out a hand, grabbed Han Miaoyi's arm, and released his true energy at the same time, trying to stabilize his body.

But this hurricane had already wrapped him and Han Miaoyi, and began to dive down into the abyss!

"Sure enough, I can't fly over easily..." Fang Yu frowned.


Han Miaoyi didn't panic, but made a cheerful sound, like whistling.

Fang Yu knew what Han Miaoyi was thinking.

After the incident in his ancestral home, he promised not to restrict Han Miaoyi from taking action.

Therefore, in this case, Han Miaoyi was expecting something to happen, and several powerful opponents would appear.

"Don't be too happy too soon."

Fang Yu said, grabbing Han Miaoyi's arm, and suddenly a very strong infuriating qi burst out from his body!


This zhenqi blasted directly downward, and Fang Yu took advantage of this push to drag Han Miaoyi up.


At the same time, he is also using this infuriating energy to try to defeat the hurricane that swept him and Han Miaoyi!


With the explosion, Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi flew up some distance.

This trick seems to work.

However, in the next second, under the dark abyss, a dark giant suddenly rushed up!

"Master, we can only go down, haha..." Han Miaoyi shouted excitedly when she saw the giant shadow.

Fang Yu looked down, his eyes slightly cold.

This giant shadow... is actually a huge dark palm!

At this moment, this palm is grabbing towards him and Han Miaoyi at a very fast speed!


The central location of the Ronan Abyss~~ a bang!

Looking from a distance, you can see a dark palm, clenched suddenly in the air.

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi were not as good as ants in front of this giant palm, and the light released from their bodies was directly obscured and disappeared.


Then, the giant palm shrank down sharply and returned to the bottom of the abyss!


Another hurricane blows.

Ronan Abyss seems to have returned to the dead silence of the past.


Beihuang, Hongtian Dawutai.

Zhao Chengfeng stood above the center of the competition platform.

You Zhou and Tu Jiutian, the two original protagonists of today... At this time, one had passed out, and the other was covered in blood and was struggling to breathe.

As for the more than 100,000 spectators around, they did not dare to let out the air, and looked at Zhao Chengfeng with fear.

This situation continued for quite a long time.


Suddenly, a crimson thunder, like a giant sword slashed from outside the sky, slashed directly towards the Hongtian Great Martial Tower shrouded by a light curtain!


The light curtain shone brightly.

At the same time, Zhao Chengfeng flipped his right palm.


There was an obvious rune glowing in his palm.

That's the word 'death'!


Above the light curtain, the same characters appeared, and at the same time, a terrifying immortal power erupted, directly slamming into the thunder that suddenly struck!


The deafening roar resounded in all directions, causing the world to shake!

"Zhao Chengfeng, you can take the initiative to show up... I'm very happy."

A cold voice entered Zhao Chengfeng's ears.

Zhao Chengfeng's eyes were stern.

He knows... this is the voice of the master of the Tianhuan Temple, the voice of the world!

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