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Chapter: 3958

bully the small

However, this sound has no source.

At the same time, Zhao Chengfeng also knew that the thunder that fell from the sky... did not come from Jing Shi.

Because five hundred years ago, he had a head-to-head confrontation with Jing Shi.

He knew very well what the aura of the immortal power that Jing Shi mastered was like.

In this case, Jing Shi did not end in person, which means that he still wants to stand behind the scenes.

For Zhao Chengfeng, this is not good news.

"Jing Shi, the Star Emperor Seal is in my hands. If you want to get it, come to me in person." Zhao Chengfeng replied calmly.

"Wen Star Emperor Seal is an immortal weapon from the ancient human race. As a human race, if you want to master it, it must be less difficult than our foreign races." Jing Shi's tone was equally calm, and said, "Five hundred years of time. , even if you can't fully grasp it, I'm afraid you will have a small success."

"That's why you dare to show up today."

Zhao Chengfeng did not speak.

"You are right, the Ten Sages of the Eastern Desolation are indeed under my control, and I control them with the Heavenly Ring." Jing Shi said slowly, "In addition to the Ten Sages of the Eastern Desolation, there are also the controllers of the various regions of the Eastern Desolation. And the many messengers, deacons, and guardians inside the Tianhuan Temple..."

"Besides them, I have four elders by my side."

"Zhao Chengfeng, what do you have by your side? I have so much power and so many people willing to work for me, why should I take the risk myself?"

There is a strong sense of sarcasm in Jing Shi's words.

"Zhao Chengfeng, you have courage and strength, but it's a pity... the human race has declined, and there is no luck. The wealth left by a decaying group should be divided up by the stronger."

"That's right, the Star Emperor Seal originally belonged to the human race, but now... even if I give it to you, can you hold it? You can't hold it."

"The Star Emperor Seal, even if it is not in my hands, will only fall into the hands of other big clans and other powerhouses, and will never return to your human clan's hands."

Zhao Chengfeng remained silent.

"Zhao Chengfeng, I'm really happy that you can take the initiative to show up. Next... you will be facing the most powerful group of monks in the entire Eastern Wasteland." Jing Shi continued, with a tone in his voice. With a smile, "If you want to see me, then defeat them first."

"I hope you can hold out until then, too."

After saying this, Jing Shi stopped talking.


The thunder that fell from the sky is still roaring.

It's just that the breath released by Zhao Chengfeng is stronger, firmly maintaining the light curtain shrouded on the Hongtian Grand Martial Stage.

The ground shook violently.

Many monks in the audience all exclaimed and screamed at this time.

"We are innocent, why not let us go!?"

"I don't know anything! I just came to see the fun, why do you keep me here!?"

"Who can save me... I don't want to die..."

The various noises of more than 100,000 monks were mixed with the roar, making the scene even more chaotic.

However, in the air of Hongtian Dawutai, Zhao Chengfeng's expression was still very calm, and there were no waves.

It seems that for him, the current scene has long been expected.

He raised his head slightly and looked up into the sky.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

At this moment, above the sky dome outside the mask, one after another portal appeared.

Inside the portal, silhouettes flashed.

These monks are all wearing robes, some of which are white gold, some are pure gold, and some are black gold.

As soon as they appeared, the noise in the audience was much quieter.

Many monks raised their heads and shouted in surprise: "Yes, it's a monk from the Tianhuan Temple! The Tianhuan Temple has taken action!"

"Zhao Chengfeng, a daring madman, was wanted by the Tianhuan Temple five hundred years ago~~ and now he dares to show up in a high-profile manner... It is inevitable that the sanctions of the Tianhuan Temple will be drawn!"

"Tianhuan Temple appears... we are safe!"

A large group of monks cheered.

On weekdays, they rarely see the monks of the Tianhuan Temple.

Any member of the Tianhuan Temple, even the lowest-ranked messenger, is an unattainable existence to them.

But now, hundreds of monks from the Heavenly Ring Temple appeared in the sky!

This means that the Temple of Heavenly Rings has to take a real look at Zhao Chengfeng!

And these monks who were present were also fortunate to see the strength of the Tianhuan Temple!

How terrifying is this mysterious force that has been standing on the top of the Eastern Wilderness for many years!


Suddenly, a beam of light fell from the sky and slammed on the light curtain of Hongtian Dawutai.

This time, Zhao Chengfeng seemed to intentionally remove the light curtain.


Therefore, this beam of light fell directly on the Hongtian Dawutai, and a loud noise erupted.

When the light curtain was removed, the monks in the audience suddenly felt their bodies loose.

The breath in their bodies can work and regain their freedom!

"As expected of the Tianhuan Temple! As soon as he makes a move... this Zhao Chengfeng can't resist it!"

Some monks attributed this situation to a group of monks in the Temple of Heaven who had just appeared, and gave a burst of cheers.

And the beam of light that fell on the Hongtian Great Martial Stage, after flashing for a moment, revealed a cultivator in the middle.

The cultivator was surrounded by halos one after another, and the halos were intertwined, and there were also fist-sized gems running on it.

Each gem shines in a different color and emits a different breath!

"Zhao Chengfeng, you dare to bully the small and hurt my own disciple... I won't let you go!" the cultivator said in a cold voice.

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