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Chapter: 1736

Feng Tianlan Imperiously Kidnaps the Groom 1

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

He did not know what this feeling was. But if he liked it, then he would do it. There was no need to think too much about the rest.

After flying high in the sky for four hours, they finally landed in the Ethereal Tower. The sight of the endless sea of peonies stimulated Feng Tianlan’s nerves. These were the peonies that she had seen in her dreams. At this moment, they bloomed brightly and beautifully.

Under the cloudless blue sky, peonies could be seen everywhere. These noble peonies stood amidst the sea of flowers, out of people’s touch.

Feng Tianlan stood at the edge of the floating island. If she took another step, she would fall. Before her eyes, the white clouds that stretched for thousands of miles beneath her feet were like cotton candy. "This is…"

This was the place where Yun Yi and Wu Ya met. She remembered this place, she remembered…

Yun Yi beamed as she said, "That bead is mine."

‘Wu Ya handed over the bead and smiled gently and replied, "It’s yours."

"Then…" Yun Yi’s smile widened as she asked, "If I said that you are mine too… Are you?"

He was slightly stunned. His fair face flushed red and he nodded slightly. "I’m yours."

State Preceptor glanced at Feng Tianlan who was immersed in her memories. He pursed his lips slightly. She had memories of this place.

Feng Tianlan opened her eyes and looked at the State Preceptor. She asked uncertainly, "Am I really Yun Yi?"

"You will know very soon." State Preceptor did not give a direct answer, but the answer was obvious.

Feng Tianlan still had doubts about the State Preceptor because he was really too fickle. His mind was constantly changing. It was hard for people to understand and figure out what was on his mind. Therefore, she did not know how sincere he was in helping her, and what his purpose was.

The State Preceptor looked at Feng Tianlan and chuckled, "I do things based on my mood. I have no purpose, no reason."

He just did not like to see her like this, and could not help but want to help her.

"Then how are you going to help me?"

At this moment, Feng Tianlan had no other thoughts except for one. No matter what it is, she would give it a try, because she did not want to lose Mo Bai.

Mo Bai had initiated the start of this relationship, but it was not up to him to decide whether it was over or not. She had to figure out why Mo Bai was like this, and give him another chance.

Ifhe really insisted on ending their relationship, then from there on, they would really be passers-by. Even though they had been in love, it will have to end like this.

Truthfully, she did not want to give up on Mo Bai so easily. It was that simple. She loved him.

"Let’s go." State Preceptor retracted his gaze and brought Feng Tianlan to the tall building,

At first, there was no one in sight. But soon after, beautiful women appeared. They all knelt down and bowed. "We welcome the return of the Tower Lord."

The voices of welcome chimed continuously, making people’s hearts tremble in excitement. It was the indication of supreme authority.

"Did they address me as Tower Lord just because I have some resemblance to Yun Yi?" Feng Tianlan asked in confusion. Up until now, she still didn’t quite believe that she was Yun Yi.

State Preceptor raised his eyebrows. "That’s not it. Otherwise, with Bi Ling’s Immortal Realm Spiritual Force, why was she unable to come to the Ethereal Tower? It’s because she doesn’t have the qualifications."

Hearing the State Preceptor’s words, Feng Tianlan tried to suppress the excitement in her heart. She saw a glimmer of hope, a hope to be together with Mo Bai.

If she was Yun Yi, then there would not be any estrangement between her and Mo Bai.. They were destined to be together, right?

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