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Chapter: 1737

Feng Tianlan Imperiously Kidnaps the Groom 2

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

State Preceptor looked at Feng Tianlan and brought her into the board room of the Ethereal Tower. There were countless beauties guarding outside.

"Your Seal." State Preceptor said as he extended his hand towards Feng Tianlan.

"My Seal?" Feng Tianlan was slightly stunned. Then, she took out the Feng Clan Seal from the Pill Scroll Realm and handed it to State Preceptor. "This is the Feng Clan Seal. But is there any connection?"

The State Preceptor took the Seal and looked at it. There was a mesmerizing stream of light on it. This light made the Seal look even more lifelike.

"And the Biling Pearl."

Feng Tianlan took out the Biling Pearl too.

State Preceptor took it and raised his hand to use his divine power. He drew a force field in the air and enveloped Feng Tianlan within it. He flicked at the Biling Pearl lightly and it entered the force field as well. Then, he used his divine power to draw out the stream of light from the Seal.

Feng Tianlan looked at State Preceptor. His face was pale as cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Although he seemed to be standing steadily, she could feel his body trembling. It was an odd sight to behold.

As a red light flashed past, an unusual glint flashed across State Preceptor’s gentle eyes.

"Retum to your original position." The State Preceptor commanded as he drew the light from the Seal and brought it to Feng Tianlan’s glabella.

Feng Tianlan only felt her glabella burning, as if it had been pricked. Then, she collapsed to the ground. Her mind was being filled with something, and was expanding rapidly. However, she lost sense of the outside world and immersed within her own world.

A phoenix cry sounded. Red Cutie-pie laid on the force field and looked down worriedly at Feng Tianlan who was inside the force field.

After the light was drawn out, the Seal shattered into dust that fell to the ground.

State Preceptor glanced at it and stumbled backwards. He looked at the Biling Pearl and used his divine power to guide the spiritual force of the Biling Pearl into the force field and into Feng Tianlan’s body.

After doing all this, State Preceptor couldn’t help but step back. He leaned against the pillar and panted heavily. He looked at Feng Tianlan who was sitting safely inside and smiled, "I hope you can still make it."

With that said, the State Preceptor weakly turned around and lett, flying away from the Ethereal Tower. Not long after he had left, he felt an impending sense of danger.

The dark clouds loomed above him, and a pillar-thick bolt of golden lightning struck down with a loud bang, striking straight onto his body. The State Preceptor suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and the white robe on his body was dyed red by. His figure instantly fell from the nine heavens.

There was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. He looked up at the dark clouds flying away, and smiled evilly. He had an evil aura at this instance.

So this was the punishment of the Heavenly Dao, which had weakened his foresight and divine power. It was because he had foreseen Feng Tianlan’s ending, and used his foresight to intervene.

So, the Heavenly Dao was punishing him.

"Idon’t regret it!" The State Preceptor smiled. At least, he felt that if he could see Feng Tianlan’s usual arrogance and genuine smile, he would not regret what he had done today.

At Wuya Holy Shrine, Si Mobai stood at the highest point and watched the lightning strike down. He could not help but frown. Who was the one who defied the heavens and altered their fate? Was It Lan’er who was being punished by the Heavenly Dao?

He wanted to go find Lan’er, but remembering that she had noticed him recently, he forced himself to bear with it. Things had already come to this point, he couldn’t give up so easily..

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