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Chapter: 97

Amelie quickly washed up and went to bed to get Serwin back to normal. After a good night’s sleep, he’ll come to his senses and calm down last night. But even after sleeping and waking up, Serwin was the same.

‘It’s not getting better!’

When she woke up, Serwin was looking at her as if he had a screw missing. When their eyes met, his eyes fluttered open. It looked like honey was about to fall from his golden eyes.

"You slept well."

He said, putting Amelie’s hair behind her ears. The touch was so delicate that Amelie’s face heated up.

‘It can’t be like this. I can’t stand it.’

Serwin has a scary impression, but once people get used to it, he’s handsome enough to look like a wild charm. Such a handsome man was staring at her with a smile all the time, but her heart seemed unable to hold out.

‘I have to send Serwin to the office.’

Amelie jumped up and grabbed Serwin.

On the way, there was a small incident where the attendants blew themselves away, saying that it was impossible to go in pajamas, but Amelie safely put Serwin into the carriage and headed to the Imperial Palace together.

"It doesn’t matter if I’m away for a few days."

Serwin continued to complain. He wish he could rest comfortably today, but he didn’t understand why he had to go to the palace.

‘The Empire may be fine, but my heart is not okay.’

Since she couldn’t tell Serwin her true feelings, Amelie gave a plausible excuse.

"No. People are waiting for Your Majesty. Only when Your Majesty works hard will the country be a better place."

"Working one more day doesn’t make the empire suddenly normal."

"Anyway, Your Majesty suddenly disappeared, so everyone was worried. In this case, you have to show your face properly and reassure them, saying it’s okay and they’ve worked hard."

"I’ll do it if you want me to, but…"

Serwin couldn’t agree with Amelie, but he was willing to do whatever she wanted.

While the two were arguing, the carriage arrived at the Imperial Palace. When Serwin’s carriage arrived, the people passing by the Imperial Palace backed away to either side. When the carriage door opened, they all bowed their heads.

Serwin got off first and looked at Amelie.

"You really want me to go alone?"


Amelie gently waved her hand.

"You are fine now. right?"

Serwin frowned.

Is it okay if he doesn’t see her in front of him, or if he’s not right next to her? He doesn’t think he’ll be as anxious as he used to be.

‘Amelie likes to be alone, so I’ll have to be patient.’

He was a little crazy and followed her around all the time, but he couldn’t live like that forever. Because Amelie might get tired of him. 

"I’ll do that." 

Serwin nodded, but he couldn’t leave Amelie’s side since he felt bad.

After he stood by the carriage for a long time, the people around him quietly raised their heads. Looking at her shimmering pink hair, she could tell that Amelie was riding in the carriage.

‘Of course. There’s no way Your Majesty doing that for no reason.’

‘Are they still on good terms? Will there be a big event this year?’

The people of the Imperial Palace were now somewhat accustomed to the love affair between the two.

But no matter how much time passed, Amelie couldn’t get used to their gaze. Those eyes look like they are looking at a couple who are clinging to each other without distinguishing the time and place. It was clear that they wouldn’t believe her even if she said they weren’t in that kind of relationship anymore.

"Your Majesty, how long are you going to stay like this? Please go."

Amelie pushed Serwin from behind. As she whined and pushed his shoulder with both of her hands, he didn’t budge.

‘It feels bad just to go.’

Serwin turned his shoulder slightly. Amelie, who was pushing Serwin on the shoulder with all her might, lost her balance. She was sitting at the end of the chair, so there was nothing to hold on to.

‘Ah! I’m falling!’

As Amelia’s body leaned forward and seemed to fall, Serwin skillfully embraced her around the waist. Amelie was furious when Serwin accepted her so naturally because she realized that he was playing around with her.

"You were playing around again!"

"Did you hear it?"

"Uh, really! Everyone sees it."

Amelie pushed Serwin’s chest, but instead of falling, he rested his head on her side.

"What if I get restless again?"

"Um… but you can’t just run away."


"I’ll pick you up in the evening instead. Let’s eat together. Keep up the good work until I come back. Don’t bother your aides."

Amelie said, patting Serwin on the shoulder.

Oh my, Amelie feels bad for the aides. 

As Serwin continued to waste the time, Amelie, unable to bear it, set off her carriage.

He watched the carriage until it was completely gone, then turned around.


As Amelie left, Serwin’s face turned as cold as frost. He didn’t say anything, but the Imperial people, who were watching, bowed their heads more deeply. The front yard of the imperial palace, which had been a bit noisy, fell into silence again.

As always, a breathtakingly heavy atmosphere surrounded the Imperial Palace.


After some time until dinner, Amelie drank her tea and set out to the place where the disaster was sealed.

That’s where Serwin was hiding last night. Last night, all her nerves were focused on Serwin, so she hadn’t been able to look around. So she was going to go back and take a good look at it when it was bright.

Amelie flew over on a broomstick, and she landed exactly where she was yesterday.

There was a spooky atmosphere in the mountains. When she flew in the sky, she felt good because of the sunny weather, but as soon as she came down, damp and cool air wrapped her whole body. Even if she put the cape’s button to the end of her neck, the cold feeling didn’t disappear.

"Let’s see…"

Amelie looked around. She thought the mountain was rough, but now looking at it, the slope seems to have gotten worse because of the accumulation of soil and sand above the entrance. Then, when she looked around the entrance, there was only weeds and moss, and there was no trace of anyone other than her and Serwin’s footprints.

Amelie looked forward quietly.

‘It really looks like a grave.’

It looked as if she was looking at the entrance to the royal tomb from a tourist attraction.

‘Ugh, it’s a bit uncomfortable to go in.’

Yesterday, she went inside thinking that she had to find Serwin quickly, but she didn’t have the courage to go back in.

Amelie hesitated, opened the door, and went inside. The floor was a little downhill, so she felt like she was going deep underground.

The corridor to the stone chamber was dark. 

Amelie walked slowly looking at the wall, leaning on a small light in the building. She walked for a long time, but she couldn’t find anything special.

‘When was this building built? a thousand years ago? Did we have the technology to make a building like this back then?’

A thousand years ago, most continents were deserts or wetlands. There was no such thing as a nation, so it is said that they led a nomadic life in small tribes. In such an environment, there is no technology capable of building such an elaborate structure.

‘It could have been built later. Just as the disaster was resealed to Serwin, the seal may have been moved here.’ 

The possibility that the seal was made several more times between the first Emperor and Serwin couldn’t be ignored. 

While thinking about this and that, Amelie arrived at the stone room. When she lit the furnace with magic, the room was filled with yellow and a huge circular space was in sight.

The stone chamber made of bricks was high in height, and pieces of torn fabric were stuck together, perhaps because of the tapestry. At the end of the stone chamber, there was a table, which was carved out of stone and delicately carved next to it.


It seemed to be this table where she sat with Serwin last night.

During the long night, the two spent time leaning against each other talking.

Amelie’s face flushed as she recalled Serwin’s hand that was loosely wrapped around her for an instant.

‘What’s the point of chasing Serwin? I can’t get it out of my head.’

Amelie started examining the stone chamber. Then she suddenly noticed something strange.

‘Why is that pillar like that?’

There was one pillar on each side of the table, but half of it was buried in the back wall, so only half came out.

‘Is it the original semicircle shape?’

Amelia went to the table and looked at the pillar.

‘I think the pillar is round?’

Amelie gently scraped the gap between the wall and the pillar with her fingernail. It felt like the pillar was buried in the wall.

‘But why?’

Upon closer inspection, only the wall between the pillars was exceptionally clean. It was covered with dirt and moss to make it look old, but it was clearly different from the old and resembled surrounding walls. 








‘It seems that a separate wall was built here alone recently.’

Her intuition was saying there was something on that wall.

‘Because they didn’t build bricks using glue, I can dismantle them and build them again.’ 

Amelie made her decision and backed away to the entrance of the stone chamber. She then started using her magic to pull out the bricks between the pillars. She didn’t forget to stack the bricks neatly to one side, in case she later reassembled them. It would have been a great construction without magic, but it was a simple task for Amelie. 


The sound of bricks hitting the stone chamber rang. From the ceiling, a hidden wall surface was revealed. What was hidden in the brick was black marble. Considering the condition of the other walls, it was in very good condition, but the corners were cracked and almost lost its luster, probably because it couldn’t avoid the effects of time.

‘It looks like it was carved into something?’

The interior was dark, so she couldn’t recognize what was carved. Amelie magically created several fireworks and illuminated the surrounding black walls.

‘It looks like it was carved out of a picture—’

At that moment, a wind blew from somewhere and the flames moved toward the black wall.


Amelie was startled and put out all the flames. But the fire on the wall didn’t go away. The fire spread quickly along the carved groove. In an instant, a picture of fire came to mind in the dark.

She stared blankly at the scene. Because all the fires in the stone chamber were extinguished, the flames burning over the black walls could be seen more clearly.

It was a bird. The bird was looking down proudly with its large wings spread out. It was simply a picture drawn with lines, but the bird had the power to fly into the sky. 

It was a bird painting that she had seen before.

‘It’s a symbol of a demon, isn’t it?’

The posture and appearance were a little different, but they matched exactly the symbol of the demon seen in the book.

‘Why is the symbol of the demon here—?’

Amelia stared vacantly up at the painting until the flames died down.

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