The Unified States of Mana

Author(s): FormlessChimera


My name is Kyra Baker, I’m 20 years old and a university student, and recently I’ve been offered a scholarship to a definitely-not-shady magical academy. A ‘support device’ I was given shows me a list of classes I can take, all involving mana, magic, and Skills with a capital S.

To get there I was lumped into a ship full of strange and alien creatures, jumping between worlds as we pick up more and more hapless ‘students’. Things were starting to make a little sense, until the ship crashed into an alien world.

Now, I might be getting trained as a rebel soldier, or something?

Looking on the bright side, I haven’t gotten this much exercise in a long time and there are plenty of cute girls around. When I develop some Skills and work on my classes, maybe I’ll become strong enough to actually have the time to flirt with them.

~ One of the few surviving records thought to be written by the Empress before her rise to power.

Chapter : 173


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