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Chapter: 707

The Little Girl

Ye Xuan held Ye Ling in the situ motionlessly.

Li Xinghe fixed his eyes on Ye Xuan.

He was an old strong man in the Xuanhuang World, a super top-notch strong man.

Dengfeng Realm!

Strong men in Dengfeng Realm were unrivalled in the Xuanhuang World.

However, even he was afraid of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan had great potential. If they let him develop, he would bring great disaster to the Jianwu Sect in the future.

Especially now the Jianwu Sect and Ye Xuan had become mortal enemies. If they couldn’t get rid of Ye Xuan now, even he wouldn’t be confident of killing Ye Xuan after a period of time.

Ye Xuan must die!

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan. He looked calm but was on alert.

He didn’t dare to underestimate the mysterious teenager in front of him!

He knew the end of the Xuanyuan Family.

On the site, the sword momentum released by Li Xinghe was getting stronger and stronger, which directly distorted the surrounding space.

Ye Xuan suddenly said, "Miss Yan Jia!"

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With that, Yan Jia appeared in front of him.

Ye Xuan handed Ye Ling to Yan Jia, "Leave with her!"

Yan Jia glanced at Ye Xuan and nodded. She took over Ye Ling and was about to leave. At this time, a strong man of the Jianwu Sect appeared in front of her.

Ye Xuan looked at Li Xinghe, "The one you are going to kill is me!"

Li Xinghe shook his head and said, "We need to get rid of the trouble completely!"

To get rid of the trouble completely!

After that, he suddenly disappeared.


A ray of sword light flashed across the spot!

The sword light was so fast. Yan Jia turned pale in an instant

At the moment when Li Xinghe attacked with his sword, Ye Xuan suddenly rushed forward. The Celestial Killing Sword in his hand hacked forward suddenly.

Celestial Killing Sword!

He didn’t give this sword to Li Xinghe. Probably because he wanted the Prison World Tower too much, Li Xinghe didn’t ask for the sword at the beginning!

Ye Xuan’s sword directly hacked at the sword light.


The sword light trembled violently but did not explode. On the contrary, Ye Xuan himself was jarred to retreat more than three kilometers. While retreating, his body began to crack inch by inch. When he stopped, his body had cracked into a spider web.

Li Xinghe tried his best to give this blow!

He took a look at the sword in his hand. At the moment, there were many cracks on the sword in his hand!

Li Xinghe looked at the Celestial Killing Sword in Ye Xuan’s hand and said in a soft tone, "It’s worthy of being the Holy Sword of our Founder!"

Then he frowned, "Why is this sword in your hands?"

In the distance, Ye Xuan wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and glanced at himself. At present, he was still no match for strong men in Dengfeng Realm!

He even had difficulty resisting strong men who were half a step away from Dengfeng Realm, let alone strong men in Dengfeng Realm.

This time he didn’t feel he was weak. After all, Li Xinghe had been cultivating for hundreds or even thousands of years.

It was really unbelievable when he killed the strong men who were half a step away from Dengfeng Realm with the two supreme treasures.

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan silently, and the sword in his hand suddenly trembled.


A sword cry reverberated through the sky!

On the site, everyone was looking at Li Xinghe, the experienced strong man of the Xuanhuang World!

If Ye Xuan could sec-kill Li Xinghe with one stroke. It would be… extremely incredible.

The powerful sword momentum emanating from Li Xinghe became stronger and stronger, and the surrounding space began to fluctuate.

Ye Xuan looked at Li Xinghe silently.

He was no match for Li Xinghe.

He was well aware of his current strength. Even if he used the Celestial Killing Sword and Sword Is Limitless, he couldn’t beat Li Xinghe.

It was not that the Celestial Killing Sword and Sword Is Limitless were weak, but that his realm was much lower than Li Xinghe’s.

Although Sword Is Limitless could ignore realms, it did not mean that Sword Is Limitless was invincible.

He couldn’t flinch even if he couldn’t beat Li Xinghe!

Ye Xuan gripped the sword in his hand, and the Celestial Killing Sword in his hand trembled violently.

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan and was about to make a move. At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly looked at Yan Jia nearby, "Is she okay?"

Yan Jia naturally knew who Ye Xuan was talking about. She looked at Ye Ling. A moment later, she shook her head, "She’s just in a deep sleep. She’s okay!"

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, and then looked at Li Xinghe, "Shall we talk?"

Li Xinghe froze for an instant. So did the others on the spot.

Should they talk?

About what?

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan, "What do you want to talk about?"

Ye Xuan thought for a while and then said. "You let me and my sister go, and I’ll let you guys go!"

The others were speechless.

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan, "Are you kidding me?"

Ye Xuan looked at Li Xinghe, "Do you really think I have only one hidden card, the supreme treasure from the Five Dimensions World?"

Li Xinghe narrowed his eyes slightly.

Naturally, he didn’t believe that Ye Xuan had only one hidden card. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so afraid of Ye Xuan!


He was afraid of Ye Xuan!

It was already unbelievable for Ye Xuan to hold on till now with the supreme treasure from the Five Dimensions World! Besides, everyone knew that there was a super powerful sword cultivator behind Ye Xuan.

The woman in plain dress!

Everyone in the Xuanhuang World was afraid of her.

She killed King of Northern Realm with one stroke, and killed all strong men above Emperor Realm in the Northern Realm!

Everyone was afraid of such strong men!

Even Li Xinghe extremely feared the woman in plain dress. If the supreme treasure from the Five Dimensions World and the Holy Sword hadn’t been so important to him, he wouldn’t have made an enemy of such a strong man!

Coming out of his trance, Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan, "If you have hidden cards, just show them."

Ye Xuan looked at Li Xinghe, "Are you sure?"

Li Xinghe stared at Ye Xuan, "Yes!"

With that, he turned his waist slightly, and his long sword pointed at the ground obliquely. A wisp of sword light flickered at the tip of the sword.

Ye Xuan suddenly said, "Imperial dog, it’s time for your show."

Hearing this, Li Xinghe frowned slightly and held the sword in his right hand more tightly.

However, there was no response around.

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan, who said in a deep voice, "Imperial dog, it’s time to come out!"

It was very quiet around, and there was still no response!

Ye Xuan’s face darkened, "Don’t play with me!"

At this time, Li Xinghe nearby suddenly said, "Ye Xuan, are you kidding me?"

After that, he suddenly disappeared.


A tearing sound was heard on the spot!

When Ye Xuan was about to make a move, a behemoth suddenly appeared in front of him.

The imperial dog!

Ye Xuan was stunned when he saw the imperial dog.

The imperial dog was completely different from before. At this time, it was not only nearly twice as big as it used to be and was emitting purple light. The most important thing was its breath!

Its breath was countless times stronger than ever.

After the imperial dog appeared, it jumped into the air directly and dashed to Li Xinghe.


The space where Li Xinghe and the imperial dog were collapsed directly, and Li Xinghe was immediately forced to retreat hundreds of meters, and the imperial dog was also forced to retreat 300 meters!

Ye Xuan’s expression changed slightly at the sight of this. The imperial dog had become so strong?

Was that little white girl’s purple Qi so powerful?

At the moment, Ye Xuan regretted it!

He regretted that he didn’t get more purple Qi from that little guy…

The imperial dog in front of Ye Xuan looked ferocious, showing a fierce spirit!

The strong men of the Jianwu Sect looked very dignified.

Li Xinghe looked at the imperial dog and whispered, "Fierce beast!"

With that, he shook his waist, and a sea of sword light dashed out instantly, which drowned the imperial dog in a flash.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

The space where the imperial dog was was directly torn apart by the sword light inch by inch!

When Ye Xuan was about to make a move, a strong breath suddenly exploded in the sword light. The next moment, the sword light dispersed, and another ray of sword light hacked directly at the imperial dog.


The imperial dog was suddenly forced to retreat more than 300 meters, and it was covered with sword slashes!

It could break the defense!

Ye Xuan’s face darkened.

The imperial dog nearby turned its head and looked at Ye Xuan, saying sulkily, "You son of a bi*ch. You get me such an opponent when I just ended my confinement. Can you stop bringing me trouble like this?"

Ye Xuan was speechless.

At this time, Li Xinghe suddenly disappeared, but this time, his goal was Ye Xuan.

Obviously, he still wanted to kill Ye Xuan directly.

At this time, the imperial dog suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan. It slapped Li Xinghe. With that, the space in front of Li Xinghe collapsed directly.


Li Xinghe was jarred to retreat again, but the imperial dog wasn’t any better. Cracks appeared all over its body.

Li Xinghe’s sword could break its defense!

If it were another strong person in Dengfeng Realm, he might not be able to break the imperial dog’s defense, but Li Xinghe was different. He was a top-notch sword cultivator!

The imperial dog said in a deep voice in front of Ye Xuan, "Bro, do something."

To do something?

Ye Xuan kept silent.

Just then, Li Xinghe nearby suddenly looked around and whispered, "Ye Xuan, is the woman in plain dress behind you not going to show up?"

Ye Xuan looked at Li Xinghe, "You can look for her like King of Northern Realm did!"

The woman in plain dress!

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan, "Am I a moron to you?"

When the woman in plain dress showed up, he had other moves to deal with her. If she didn’t, it would naturally be the best.

To find her on his own initiative?

That would be insane!

Li Xinghe spread his palm and a sword appeared in it. He looked at Ye Xuan, and the sword in his hand spun rapidly. Soon, sword cries kept sounding around him.

Li Xinghe looked at Ye Xuan and said, "Ye Xuan, I heard that you had many backers. Why don’t you get one of them here?"

The imperial dog in front of Ye Xuan hurriedly said, "Bro, call someone here!"

To call someone here?

Ye Xuan kept silent for a moment, and then said, "Ling, it’s time for your show!"

With that, Ling suddenly appeared in front of him.

After Ling appeared, she looked at Ye Xuan, who hesitated and said, "Are you confident of killing him?"

Ling blinked, and then she carefully took out a box!

A box!

The imperial dog’s eyelid twitched at the sight of this. Back then, Ling took out a box with a white little girl in it, and the reason why the imperial dog could break through the shackles in its Bloodline was because of that little girl!

Was that little girl showing up again?

Ling looked at Li Xinghe nearby, and Li Xinghe chuckled, "Come on, I hope your helper won’t be too weak."


As one of the top-notch sword cultivators in the world, he was naturally confident.

Under everyone’s gaze, Ling opened the box.

A ray of black light suddenly floated out of it. After the black light dispersed in the air, a little girl appeared in front of the crowd.

The little girl was not tall with a ponytail, wearing a pair of blue trousers and a snow-white shirt with naked arms. There were several holes in the knees of her trousers. Moreover, she was wearing a pair of small white cloth shoes that were as white as snow.

It was worth mentioning that the little girl had two horns and a long tail.

The little girl put her hands in her trouser pockets and held a Tanghulu in her mouth, stomping her right foot rhythmically and humming an unknown tune.

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