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Chapter: 710

The Peak of Limit Realm


After Ye Xuan took the essence blood, his whole face was distorted beyond recognition.


At this moment, he felt that his whole body was being corroded by a mysterious force.

It hurt like hell.

Ye Xuan quickly took out a lot of origin crystals and began to devour them. Moreover, he ate various kinds of healing elixirs.

At this time, Yan Jia appeared in front of him and looked at his body with a light frown. At the moment, Ye Xuan’s body was being destroyed!

Moreover, his body was destroyed faster by the essence blood than it recovered!

Yan Jia’s face darkened.

Ye Xuan acted rashly!

He underestimated the energy contained in the blood essence. So did she.

The blood-red flame around Ye Xuan was becoming stronger and stronger, and Ye Xuan’s physical body was becoming more and more illusory at this moment.

Even his physical body in God Realm couldn’t withstand it!

As if thinking of something, Yan Jia hurriedly said, "Activate your Bloodline! Suppress it with your Bloodline!"

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Blood Power!

Hearing this, Ye Xuan hurriedly activated his Bloodline. Soon, all his blood was boiling.


A powerful force suddenly exploded inside him, and Yan Jia in front of him was jarred to retreat violently.

After Yan Jia stopped, she quickly looked at Ye Xuan. Then she was stunned.

Ye Xuan’s blood did not suppress the essence blood. On the contrary, they got along very well!

Ye Xuan was dumbfounded!

In the past, whenever his Bloodline met other Bloodlines, it would devour them madly, but at the moment, his Bloodline was on good terms with that essence blood.

What was going on?

Just then, the blood essence suddenly began to fuse with his blood!

Ye Xuan was speechless.

When the essence blood actively fused with his blood, his body gradually began to change…

Seeing this, Ye Xuan immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Yan Jia also looked relieved. It was really too dangerous just now.

She wondered why the essence blood would fuse with Ye Xuan’s blood…

As time went by, Ye Xuan’s breath became stronger and stronger in the tower, while his body was slowly wriggling, which was very terrifying!

Except Ye Xuan, the imperial dog on the second floor was also changing!

It had also swallowed the blood essence!

After it devoured the essence blood, dark black scales appeared all over it…

On the fifth floor, Ling was watering the spiritual trees. Now the first floor to the seventh floor in the Prison World Tower was full of all kinds of spiritual trees.

A moment later, Ling patted her palms, turned around, and left.

After wandering around the tower, she came to the entrance of the eighth floor.

The tower door on the eighth floor was different from those of other floors. It was blood red, and there was a deep sword slash on it.

Ling looked at the tower door, pondering on something.

After a while, Ling suddenly approached the tower door. She looked inside through the sword slash. A moment later, she seemed to see something horrible and then retreated in fear.

Ling held the sword of the woman in plain dress in both hands, pointed to the tower door, and said in a trembling tone, "Don’t… Don’t scare me…"

At this time, the tower door trembled slightly.

Ling shivered, turned around and ran away.

But soon she came back with three more swords in her hands!

They were the woman in plain dress’s sword, Qi’s sword, Ye Xuan’s sword, and the Zhenhun Sword!

Four swords!

Ling came to the tower door with the four swords in her arms. She looked at the door and asked, "Do you want to fight with me?"

She got no response!

Ling glanced at the door. She hesitated and said, "Can you live somewhere else?"


A day later, Ye Xuan on the first floor suddenly opened his eyes.


A strong breath suddenly exploded inside him!

He stood up and grabbed violently with his right hand.


The space on the whole first floor trembled violently!


Ye Xuan closed his eyes. At this moment, he felt that he had endless power inside him!

His physical body had reached Limit Realm!

After his blood fused with the essence blood, his physical body directly reached the peak of Limit Realm.

Moreover, he directly reached Creation Realm!

Creation Realm!

The energy in that drop of essence blood was too powerful!

It was more powerful than he thought!


Up to now, the known realms were Physical Exercising Realm, Strength Enhancing Realm, Internal Force Reinforcing Realm, Internal-External Refining Realm, Self-Striving Realm, Qi Varying Realm, Golden-Body Realm, Qi Harnessing Realm, Ascending Realm, Secluding Realm, God-allied Realm, All-methods Realm, True All-methods Realm, Method-controlling Realm, True Method-controlling Realm, Space Splitting Realm, Source Realm, Hidden Realm, Supreme Realm, Saint Realm, Creation Realm, Tao Realm, Starting Tao Realm, Knowing Tao Realm, Proving Tao Realm, Grasping Tao Realm, Heavenly Tao Realm, Emperor Realm, God Realm, Limit Realm, the peak of Limit Realm, Dengfeng Realm, Unknown Realm.

And now he was in Creation Realm!

His realm was much lower than those of the strong men in this world!

However, although his realm was low, ordinary strong men couldn’t compare with him.

He cultivated in the adversity of realms, and his body was at the peak of Limit Realm!

Now he might be no match for the strong men in Dengfeng Realm, but he could defeat strong men who were half a step away from Dengfeng Realm.

His top priority was to reach Tao Realm!

Tao Realm was a barrier. He must cross it as soon as possible!

Realms and physical bodies were fundamental!

If one’s realm was not high and his physical body was not strong enough, even if he had powerful magic treasures, he couldn’t give full play to their real power!

Just like before, if he was in Emperor Realm, he was fully confident to kill Li Xinghe with one stroke!

As if thinking of something, Ye Xuan looked at Yan Jia nearby, "Miss Yan, there are realms in the Five Dimensions World, right?"

Yan Jia nodded.

Ye Xuan asked, "Are they the same as the ones in our world?"

Yan Jia shook her head, "They’re different."

Ye Xuan continued, "How?"

Yan Jia said, "The way of cultivating there is different from the way here. Moreover, that world… Anyway, it will subvert your cognition of space, matter, and time. What you know now is completely different from what we know."

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, "Totally different?"

Yan Jia nodded.

Ye Xuan asked in a deep voice, "Miss Yan, there are nine Tao Rules in this tower, right?"

Yan Jia looked at Ye Xuan, "Yes."

Ye Xuan asked, "What would happen if the nine Tao Rules are all in the tower?"

Yan Jia kept silent for a moment, and then said, "If we all cooperate with you… Then only one kind of person in the world can kill you!"

Ye Xuan hurriedly asked, "What kind of person?"

Yan Jia asked in a deep voice, "People like the woman in plain dress…"

Then she looked at Ye Xuan, "If you have nine Tao Rules, you are basically invincible, because the person who can kill you is on your side…"

Ye Xuan was speechless.

Yan Jia said in a soft tone, "Nine Tao Rules, nine extremes. If they are in one… You will find that this tower is really powerful. If the tower hadn’t met the three of them, it would really be invincible and you can’t even imagine how powerful it is."

Ye Xuan kept silent for a moment and then said, "Miss Yan, what will you do if the little tower recovers its Gnosis?"

Yan Jia said in a deep voice, "It will find us again and we will be imprisoned again."

Ye Xuan asked, "Can you resist?"

Yan Jia shook her head, "There is something that can restrict us in the tower."

Ye Xuan thought for a moment and then said, "Miss Yan, I know that you can find other Tao Rules. What about this? You go and find the other Tao Rules for me and then I will set you free in the name of the tower owner! I’ll give all Tao Rules freedom!"

Yan Jia kept silent.

Ye Xuan continued, "Miss Yan, I know those Tao Rules don’t want to come back, but can they escape once the small tower completely recovers?"

Then he looked at Yan Jia, "If you help me, I will help you in the future!"

Yan Jia sighed in a low voice, "In fact, I’ve discussed this with Yue. We hope you can really control the tower and set us free, but at that time, you might not want to help us!"

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, "Why?"

Yan Jia looked at Ye Xuan, "Because you will have the power you can’t refuse. Once you master that power, you won’t give it up."

Ye Xuan said, "Miss Yan, you’ve known me for a long time. You should know what kind of person I am. Now, I need your help."

Yan Jia said in a soft tone, "You value bonds… I’ll find them, but I can’t promise you that they will come back."

Ye Xuan nodded, "Thank you."

Yan Jia said, "Tell Ling to go with me!"

Ye Xuan was confused, "Why?"

Yan Jia said with a smile, "I have merged with her!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan understood.

Yan Jia had chosen Ye Ling!

Yan Jia said, "I think your sister is more suitable for me, and I am also suitable for her!"

Ye Xuan said with a smile, "Thank you for choosing Ling, but if you two go out…"

Yan Jia said with a smile, "Don’t worry. I’m at least a Tao Rule. I’m not as weak as you think. Besides, she and I will act secretly. No one can find us unless we want to be discovered."

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, and then nodded, "It’s a good idea if Ling can experience things with you."

Yan Jia nodded and looked at Ye Xuan, "Be careful. If you die, your world will be in danger. So will you and your small tower. You might be the reason why it was not destroyed back then… And if the small tower is completely destroyed, we will all disappear from the world… Moreover, that woman…"

Thinking of the woman in plain dress, Yan Jia looked extremely grave.

She couldn’t imagine what that woman would do if Ye Xuan died…

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