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Chapter: 712

She s on My Side

On the site, Xuanyuan Qi had a dull look in her eyes.

She didn’t expect that she would die like this!

This time, Ye Xuan destroyed both her physical body and soul with one stroke!

At the moment, her soul was dying at a very fast speed!

She knew that she couldn’t survive.

Recalling the past, Xuanyuan Qi showed a bitter smile…

In the end, her eyes looked completely dull.

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She died!

"Ye Xuan!"

Xuanyuan Wu nearby suddenly roared, "That’s too far!"

After that, he rushed out.


A strong breath swept across the spot like a storm.

Ye Xuan was expressionless. He pulled out his sword and hacked at it.


A ray of sword light instantly tore the space in front of him.


They were forced to retreat as soon as they clashed. Ye Xuan retreated more than 300 meters, and Xuanyuan Wu retreated less than 100 meters.

However, Xuanyuan Wu looked extremely grave. He stared at Ye Xuan, "You’ve become stronger!"

Ye Xuan had become stronger!

At the moment, Ye Xuan was much more powerful than before, and how long did it take him to get stronger this time?

Xuanyuan Wu was shocked, but his heart was filled with killing desire!

He knew very well that Ye Xuan couldn’t be reconciled with their Xuanyuan Family unless the Xuanyuan Family pocketed their pride and apologized. Then Ye Xuan might let the matter go!

But would their Xuanyuan Family do that?

A gentleman preferred death to humiliation. Their Xuanyuan Family was an ancient family, and it was absolutely impossible for them to apologize to Ye Xuan!

Would Ye Xuan let the Xuanyuan Family go?

He wouldn’t!

When the Xuanyuan Family was targeting Ye Ling, they had made themselves a mortal enemy of Ye Xuan.

Xuanyuan Wu looked at Ye Xuan and clenched his right hand slowly. A powerful force gathered in his hand, and the surrounding space began to vibrate violently.

Ye Xuan was expressionless. He gripped the sword in his right hand tightly. A stream of powerful sword momentum suddenly exploded inside him.

Xuanyuan Wu’s expression changed greatly at the sight of this and he immediately retreated more than three kilometers!

The sword skill!

He knew that Ye Xuan was going to perform his powerful sword skill again!

For him, Ye Xuan had two things that were the most dreadful, the supreme treasure from the Five Dimensions World and the powerful sword skill.

That powerful sword skill could completely kill strong men in Dengfeng Realm like him!

Seeing Xuanyuan Wu retreat, Ye Xuan didn’t make another move, but turned around and left.

If strong men in Dengfeng Realm didn’t want to fight with him, his Sword Is Limitless was useless.

Seeing Ye Xuan leaving, Xuanyuan Wu looked extremely gloomy. He didn’t dare to chase. If Ye Xuan wanted to leave, even the strong men in Dengfeng Realm couldn’t detain him!

He wasn’t sure if he could withstand that stroke!

Just then, Xuanyuan Wu suddenly turned around, and the space in front of him trembled. A moment later, he narrowed his eyes slightly, "Ye Xuan, I’ll see how long you can live!"

With that, he suddenly disappeared.

After Ye Xuan left the Xuanyuan Family, he came directly to the Jianwu Realm.

He needed to settle some accounts with some people!

However, when he came to the Jianwu Realm, he found that the Jianwu Realm was covered by a large Formation.

Looking at the large Formation in front of him, Ye Xuan drew his sword and hacked down.


The sword landed and the whole Formation trembled violently. However, it was still intact!

Ye Xuan frowned, took out his Celestial Killing Sword and hacked at it again.


The Formation trembled violently. A sword slash appeared in the place where his sword landed, but the Formation returned to normal in an instant.

Ye Xuan hacked the Formation again and again. However, he still couldn’t break it.

In the end, he used Space Tao Rule, but he still couldn’t enter it.

Even the space in the Formation was sealed!

Moreover, there were many strange runes in that space.

Ye Xuan kept silent for a long time in front of the Formation. In the end, he turned around and left.

It was difficult to crack such a large Formation of ancient forces.

In the Jianwu Realm, seeing Ye Xuan leave, Cang Qi and Gu Jing look relaxed.

They knew that Ye Xuan might come to get back at them, so they started the big Formation long ago. Fortunately, they did that, otherwise, after Ye Xuan came in…

At this time, Cang Qi suddenly said, "Is there any news about our Founder?"

Gu Jing said in a soft tone, "He left two hours ago."

Cang Qi looked at Gu Jing, "Where was he going?"

Gu Jing said, "The Xuanyuan Family!"

They wanted to unite!

Cang Qi said in a deep voice, "We’re not the only ones who want to unite, right?"

Gu Jing shook his head, "No…"

Then he looked up at the distant sky and whispered, "This time, the forces of our Xuanhuang World will fight against Ye Xuan and the people behind him."

After Ye Xuan left the Jianwu Sect, he returned to the Xuanhuang Realm again.

In the Xuanhuang Palace, Ye Xuan looked at Master Xuanhuang, "Do you know the Tao Sect?"

Tao Sect!

Master Xuanhuang nodded, "I know something about them."

Ye Xuan looked at her silently.

Master Xuanhuang said in a soft tone, "It’s a mysterious force, very mysterious."

Then she looked at Ye Xuan and said with a smile, "King of Ye, are you here to ask me questions or threaten me?"

Ye Xuan walked up to Master Xuanhuang and said, "You were involved in kidnapping my sister, weren’t you?"

Master Xuanhuang nodded, "Yes!"

Ye Xuan looked at her and said, "If you have any conspiracy, just come at me. Don’t target my sister, okay?"

Master Xuanhuang looked at Ye Xuan, "The more you care about her, the more likely she is in danger."

Ye Xuan nodded, "I know."

Master Xuanhuang smiled, "She is your weakness. Many people will target her if they can’t beat you. Could you protect her all her life?"

Speaking of this, she went to the front of the palace and said in a soft tone, "King of Ye, you are powerful and your backer is also very strong. But you shouldn’t underestimate the forces in the Xuanhuang World, just like the Xuanyuan Family. You think they only have strong men in Dengfeng Realm? They have a solid foundation. You can’t even imagine it."

Ye Xuan looked at Master Xuanhuang and said, "What about your Xuanhuang Realm? How solid is your foundation?"

Master Xuanhuang turned around and looked at Ye Xuan, "King of Ye, there is no conflict of interest between us. Many people want you to die, but I don’t want that. It will be more useful to me if you are alive. In short, we can use each other!"

Ye Xuan nodded, "You can use me, but what is your value to me?"

Master Xuanhuang said with a smile, "Intelligence! Our Xuanhuang Realm is the best at collecting intelligence information!"

Ye Xuan looked at Master Xuanhuang for a long time and said, "Deal!"

Master Xuanhuang glanced at Ye Xuan and said, "The Tao Sect is a particularly mysterious force, because they rarely get involved in worldly disputes or expand outside. They seem to be invisible."

Speaking of this, she looked at Ye Xuan, "As far as I know, there is a super genius Qi in your God Kingdom. She is now in the hands of the Tao Sect, right?"

Ye Xuan nodded.

Master Xuanhuang said, "I don’t have any other information about the Tao Sect, but just a friendly reminder, don’t provoke this force easily. It isn’t a simple force."

Ye Xuan asked, "How can I find them?"

Master Xuanhuang spread her palm, and a ray of white light landed in front of Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan spread his palm, and the white light directly plunged into his head. A moment later, he turned around and left.

Master Xuanhuang watched Ye Xuan leaving and whispered, "Is this guy… going to get even with the Tao Sect?"

Elder Yang was speechless.

After leaving the Xuanhuang Realm, Ye Xuan headed to the west on his sword. About two hours later, he came to a wasteland.

He stopped and saw a wasteland ahead, which was deserted and scorching.

What was this place?

Ye Xuan frowned slightly. A moment later, he turned into a ray of sword light and disappeared in situ.

After a while, he stopped. There was a stone city 300 meters away in front of him. The city was a little ancient, just like that of primitive society.

When Ye Xuan was about to walk up to it, an old man suddenly appeared in front of him.

Ye Xuan was immediately dumbfounded at the sight of him. He knew this person. He was the old man who helped him make the breakthrough when he was in the Chaotic Universe.

It was an acquaintance!

The old man glanced at Ye Xuan, with a trace of shock in his eyes, "Your physical body is at the peak of Limit Realm?"

Ye Xuan nodded, "I just made the breakthrough!"

The old man asked in a deep voice, "Is it because the little girl’s essence blood?"

Ye Xuan nodded. He looked at the old man, "You were keeping an eye on me?"

The old man nodded, "You made huge waves."

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "Senior, my sister…"

The old man said with a smile, "I know what you want to ask. Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything to your sister."

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, "That’s a relief!"

In fact, he didn’t want to be the enemy of the Tao Sect, because Qi was in their hands. Moreover, the Tao Sect was extremely mysterious. It must be very powerful.

At this time, the old man suddenly said, "But we know who kidnapped your sister."

Ye Xuan looked at the old man who said, "Come with me!"

With that, he turned around and walked to the distance.

Ye Xuan followed him. On the way, the old man said, "How did you find this place?"

Ye Xuan said, "Master Xuanhuang told me this!"

The old man whispered, "That woman…"

Ye Xuan asked, "What?"

The old man said, "That woman isn’t simple. No, she is scheming. Be careful when you contact her!"

Master Xuanhuang!

Ye Xuan nodded. He guarded against that woman carefully. His intuition told him that she was dangerous!

The old man continued, "Moreover, the Xuanyuan Family and the Jianwu Sect are not simple, either. Don’t underestimate them… Besides, they seem to be plotting something."

Ye Xuan asked, "What are they up to?"

The old man nodded, "Their real strong men haven’t shown up, not because they are afraid of you but because they are planning something.

Ye Xuan frowned, "What are they up to?"

The old man looked at Ye Xuan, "Who on earth is the woman in plain dress behind you?"

Ye Xuan kept silent.

Who was the woman in plain dress?

He didn’t know, either…

The old man continued, "It’s a secret?"

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "I don’t know who she is. Anyway, she’s on my side!"

The old man was speechless.

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