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Chapter: 281

Chapter 281Proofreader: somnium

Natalia’s flexible sword pierced Alden’s side.

"Kugh…… !"

Natalia rushed straight into Alden’s arms and drew the sword from his waist.

Her flexible sword was good to hide, but lacked lethality.

Now that she drew her weapon, she had to kill everyone in the Crown Prince’s Palace.

["It is already known that Iantz was in the Crown Prince’s Palace. However, there must be a big difference whether we participated in the battle or not."]

Bernat said with a serious attitude.

["If the Anti-Crown Prince faction wins, and it is known that you fought at that time, Crown Princess Iantz will be punished for taking part in a civil war for the succession to the imperial throne."]


["I will leave the choice of whether to draw the weapon or not to you. However, if you use your hands, please be sure."]

Natalia said yes.

There were other reasons. She was Bernat’s secret escort. If her skills are revealed, she will lose that function.

As soon as Natalia secured the sword, she turned around.

The three guards had a look of astonishment. Before they could respond, Natalia stabbed one in the neck.

"Crown Princess!"

Alden let out a screaming shout. Of the two guards, one drew a sword and the other drew a gun.

Both were wrong choices. The gun was not loaded, and he was not far from Natalia who was holding the sword.

Natalia first cut off the wrist of the gun bearer.


The gun fell and scratched the marble floor.

A person loses combat power even if only their wrist is cut. Needless to say, even more if that was the hand they used the most.

Natalia turned to Alden, who was wrapping his wrists in pain, and kicking the squatting guard back. She then trampled on Alden’s hand as he was about to grab the pistol.

"Kuuh, ahl…… !"

Alden screamed at the pain of his bones breaking.

The bewildered guard’s sword tip shook. Even in a ready state, he would not be able to deal with Natalia on a one-on-one basis so he would not be able to deal with her with that state of mind.


The fight was over soon.

Natalia threw away Alden’s sword and wiped the blood from her gloves on the tablecloth.

She took the weapons of the dead.


She sighed.

She didn’t want to kill them if possible. She just wanted them to let her go.

Then, she would have moved to rescue Leticia and Mielle from the empty mansion.

‘Because there was nothing else I could do…….’

She had to be sure to use her hand. It was also Bernat’s order.

If she keeps them alive and they call in reinforcements, it would be like throwing the baby into a battlefield without the Knights of Evron.

That’s why it wasn’t as easy as not using her hands in the first place.

If Cedric wins anyway, the dead will be executed as traitors. Natalia calmed her heart.

There was no one on the 3rd floor. Natalia went down slowly, thinking that if the search corps remained, they might hear the sound of a fight and run away.

And she stood in front of the baby’s room.

Tragedy spread out in the hallway. Because tonight was the place where the fight was most fierce.

More than thirty-nine corpses were scattered.

There was blood on the carpet and it was soggy with every step on it. But Natalia didn’t have time to worry about it.

She crossed it and entered the baby room. There was the sound of footsteps.

‘She said that if there was a problem, Miss Mielle said she would hide. Did she escape?’

Then she had nothing to worry about.

It was then.


Natalia looked back in surprise. Hazel covered her mouth.

"Lazy Hazel."

"Oh, I’m sorry. I thought there would be no one."

Hazel lowered her head.

Natalia shook her head saying it was fine. And that was when she was about to ask Hazel about Mielle.

"Captain! There’s some people!"


Natalia fired at him without hesitation with Alden’s handgun, which she had preloaded.

Hazel was astonished.

"No one was on the first floor?!"

"It seems that someone has been after Lady."

Natalia said as she reloaded the bullets.

"Lady, you better hide yourself for now."

"But Mielle…… !"

"She seems to be well hidden, so……."

At that moment, a cry was heard as if it was out of breath.

"Lady Hazel, hurry up!"

Natalia strapped the handgun to her waist and this time loaded the musket. Leticia’s cry didn’t sound very good.

And if they hear a baby crying, they’re bound to get caught.

Hazel ran towards the piece panel and ripped it off with all her might.


Mielle was half-dazed. Her body was drenched in cold sweat.

Leticia, held tight in her arms, began to cry violently.

"Huaang! Uwaangg!"

Hazel hurriedly grabbed the baby. She cried so much that her face was flushed red.

Natalia’s ears heard the footsteps of the troops running upstairs from downstairs.

‘Six? Eight?’

It’s enough to stop.

"Lady Hazel, go and hide behind that cupboard."

said Natalia.

Hazel put the swaddling bag on one of her shoulders and slapped Mielle a few times in the cheek. Leticia must be having a hard time, but that wasn’t the problem. Mielle opened her eyes faintly, confused.


"Come here!"

Hazel grabbed and dragged her with determination.

The door was kicked open before Hazel escaped.


A bullet shot by Natalia flew through the door and lodged in the head of the man who entered.

The startled searchers all raised their guns in unison. But they didn’t shoot right away.

Because Natalia was Crown Princess Iantz. Thanks to this, Natalia further saw her benefit.

The second shot, just in time, pierced another man’s head.

The enemy knights were seven. And now it has been reduced to five.

Five blades rushed to Natalia. Natalia lifted the musket, blocked it, and slammed it to the side.

She then drew a sword and faced the opponent.

‘Can you?’

Natalia’s gaze was dizzy.

If she only had time, it was enough. The question wasn’t whether she could fight and win, but whether she could keep Leticia and Mielle safe.

Hazel hugged Leticia and slyly moved towards the door. Natalia noticed it and drove the attackers towards the window.

The search commander noticed this and shouted.

"Capture the imperial grandchild first!"

Natalia drew the handgun from her waist and shot him, even when she was facing two people at the same time.

At that moment, Hazel threw the lamp. The carpet caught fire. The kerosene oil burned brightly when it was sprinkled.

Mielle almost crawled out of the door and escaped. Then she got caught in a corpse and fell to the ground.

"Kyaa, aahk!"

Mielle’s scream echoed in the hallway.

"Your Highness Natalia!"

Hazel exclaimed.

Natalia kicked the brawler and ran towards Hazel. Hazel turned the carpet over. The room became a sea of ​​fire in an instant.

"Go quickly!"

Natalia caught Mielle and carried her.

The two frantically ran down, each carrying someone they needed to protect. There was a gunshot, so there was a possibility that reinforcements would come.

"Go to the West Gate. If you go there, my father will be waiting for you."

And maybe Keshore is here, too. If he finds out that the Crown Prince’s Palace has been attacked, he’ll be worried about Mielle and run to her.

Belmond editor-in-chief was preparing and waiting with the safe house.

Hazel did not go to the Empress’ salon tonight, but secretly went to see her father.

She wasn’t suspicious of Evron.

The Knights of Evron would be willing to throw themselves till the last man, as they did for Cedric.

Even the wet nurse gave away her baby.

But what they loved was Evron’s successor. Neither Leticia nor as Artizea’s daughter.

To the extreme, if they had to choose between Cedric and Leticia, they would abandon Leticia in tears.

It wasn’t so for Mielle and Hazel. Marcus was different.

They liked the people of Evron. However, even if they became a hostage to threaten Evron, Leticia’s safety was more important.

So she moved separately. In case of an emergency, she needed someone to save the hidden Mielle.

It’s fine if nothing happens. Even if it happens, it is good if the Crown Prince’s Palace is kept safe.

Then it’s just that she put a little effort into something useless. She hoped it would be like that.

Unfortunately, things have come to this.

"Not the West Gate."

Mielle, who hung on Natalia’s back, answered with a small voice.

"Leave me in the garden and go to the Empress Palace."


"That’s what Her Highness said. If something happens, go to the Empress Palace. And the Empress Palace is much closer."

Saying that, Mielle pushed Natalia away.

"Your Highness Natalia. Please take Miss Leticia to the Empress Palace. Please."

Natalia put down Mielle once and looked at Hazel with a troubled face. And she looked down at Mielle again and said,

"If I’m with you, you can’t make it. It’s just dangerous."

Mielle said with a smile.

It was true.

Hazel bit her lip. Although they were cousins of the same age, the weak Mielle was always someone Hazel had to look after.

But if Mielle even said this, she couldn’t stop her.

"I will go with Mielle to the West Gate, Your Highness Natalia."

It meant being a bait.

Natalia said with a troubled face,

"I am an Iantz person."

It didn’t make sense to leave it to a foreigner to take the precious imperial grandchild alone.

"Her Highness trusted Your Highness Natalia. That is enough."

Hazel said. Mielle nodded her head, too.

Natalia was very surprised by the one-sided trust the two showed.

Artizea was good at judging people. She couldn’t turn away from that trust.

So she sighed and took the swaddling bag from Hazel’s hand and tied it to her arms. It was close to the Empress’ Palace, and if Natalia ran alone, it’d be short.

That was the safest way.

"I hope both of you are safe."

"Please take good care of her."

Hazel bowed her head with Mielle.

Natalia disappeared into the shade of the garden, out of the moonlight.

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