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Chapter: 282

Chapter 282Proofreader: somnium


The high-pitched violin sound made a ripping noise in the high notes.

The musician who made the mistake turned pale and paused. But no one rebuked him.

The musicians who were playing didn’t care if the violinist made a mistake. It was because they did not have the strength to care about other people’s performances.

The quintet with 5 strings, clarinet, flute and bassoon was too heavy to be called chamber music. Still, it was not enough to stop the noises that rang from afar.

But the salon’s guests were not agitated. At least it seemed so.

No one went out on the terrace to get some evening air.

They had to make a decision to ask what that sound was.

Duke Farren of the Kingdom of Sewell pressed and massaged his eyelids with his hands. The inside of his eye hurt.

"Duke Farren."

Prince Bernat of the Iantz Kingdom came with two glasses and sat across from him.

Duke Farren sat his body upright.

"Your Highness Bernat."

"How about this?"

Bernat suggested a drink with lime and mint. Duke Farren smiled, but inside he was troubled.

He was already so tired that he couldn’t stand it. He wasn’t even in a situation where he could get a good rest tomorrow, but it was clear that drinking would make it harder.

However, it is not an envoy from another country, it is given by the Crown Prince himself. He couldn’t help but drink.

As if reading his thoughts, Bernat said again,

"It’s not alcohol, it’s tea."


"I also tend to get sleepy quickly when I drink, so I carry this with me."

"Thank you."

Duke Farren smiled without any awkwardness. His tired, crushed mind stood sharply.

It is unlikely that Bernat would recommend mint tea without any intention. He even went so far as to say that tonight he must be awake with a clear spirit.

It was an important moment when the power of the Empire was about to change. He had to stay awake, to watch and respond to the changing situation.

‘A saint, a legitimacy, now a riot.’

It was common for civil war plans and purges to occur when the throne changed owners.

But he did not know that it would cause gunfire and riots to resound in the Imperial Palace.

This is because the Emperor seemed to be trying to keep the Crown Prince in check.

If he fully supported the Crown Prince and prepared for the transfer of power in advance, who would have dared to invade?

But things have already happened.

‘The Empress is on the Crown Prince’s side.’

The reason for sending irresistible invitations to diplomatic envoys and collecting them in the salon is probably to reduce the variables.

Even the Empress personally attended, making it difficult to get out in the first place.

In other words, this rebellion was induced by the Crown Prince for a purge.

In fact, this was what complicated Duke Farren’s head the most.

The Emperor paid a considerable price to the Empress to adopt Cedric. But in fact, it was one sided.

With that in mind, Cedric’s political power is far higher than he had ever thought.

For other countries, including the Kingdom of Sewell, it was unsettling and something to be wary of.

Bernat said,

"This is my first visit to the Empress’ Palace. I was surprised at how elegant the salon was. I was told that they hadn’t changed the decorations for quite some time."

"Historical buildings don’t change wallpaper or furniture very often."

Duke Farren answered cautiously.

It was clear that Bernat was in the Crown Prince’s Palace. He initially said that it was the friendship of the Crown Princesses, but Natalia was staying in the Crown Prince’s Palace even after the Crown Princess had left the Capital.

Duke Farren saw it as an excuse for the Iantz ‘frequent visits to the Crown Prince’s Palace.’

By the way, what happened to Natalia? She should have gotten an invitation too, but she didn’t come to the salon.

Had she been in the Crown Prince’s Palace, she might have been caught up in the mess by now.

But Bernat didn’t seem worried. Duke Farren did not know whether Natalia was not in the Crown Prince’s Palace, or whether he was convinced that the Crown Prince’s Palace defenses would never be breached.

Or, it could have been that Bernat was worried, but he didn’t show it at all.

Bernat said leisurely,

"Still, Countess Martha must have taken great care to ensure that the interior wouldn’t get completely out of date."

"She is."

Duke Farren agreed, but a corner of his mind was complicated.

Is Bernat really talking about the interior of the Empress’ Palace? It would be better to think otherwise.

"So is our house. It’s a house where old people live, so it’s not common to change anything."

Duke Farren said slowly.

"But my wife always cares about many things. Changing flowers every day, tying vases with trendy new fabrics, and so on. She wants to buy some wolf fur this time."

"If you hang it on the wall in winter, it will look warm."

Bernat smiled.

The playing paused for a moment. The two turned to the side of the band.

Countess Eunice’s eldest daughter Fiona was sitting at the piano.

Duke Farren, who had been watching the Imperial Family as a diplomatic envoy for decades from his youth, felt a strange sentiment.

‘Countess Eunice is no longer afraid of the Empress.’

Countess Eunice was very afraid of the Empress before the Empress closed the gates and lived here.

But she is now attending the salon in the Empress Palace. Fiona was even playing the piano.

His mind was troubled.

As a diplomatic envoy for the Kingdom of Sewell, he had to line up with a new ruler.

However, as a member of the same generation as the Emperor, he couldn’t help but feel a certain sadness.

It feels like he first came to watch the Empire’s sunrise yesterday, but now he is looking at the setting sun.

One of the attendants handed Bernat a small note.

"Excuse me."

Bernat opened the note and stood up.

"My wife has arrived. I will be away for a while."

"Oh, yes."

Duke Farren stood up and saw him off. Crown Princess Natalia is here? Now?

Come to think of it, he heard that there were a few gunshots.

* * *

"Uwaangg! Huwaangg, hic, ccup!"

Leticia wept nonstop. She had already become acquainted with Natalia, but to no avail.

She seemed to know that she was separated from her guardians. She wept until her throat was hoarse, as if she were crying it all at once.

The skilled maids took turns holding her to no avail. It was sadder because she was a baby who didn’t cry much.

"Your Highness Natalia."

One of the maids timidly called her. A washbasin with warm water and a towel were prepared.

Natalia took off the gloves and washed her hands there. Blood clotted on her gloves, the maid who tried to clean it was startled.

Natalia wet the towel with water and wiped her face. There were red stains smeared on it.

Natalia then understood why the maids were scared.

"I will prepare clothes for you to change into."

"No. I will see Her Majesty the Empress first."

Natalia said so.

The Crown Prince’s Palace was pierced, she couldn’t believe the Empress’ maid.

It was Bernat that arrived first.

He left the salon with an effortless, calm pace. But in the hallway he almost ran, forgetting to knock and slammed the door open.


Bernat exclaimed. The way he looked, Natalia noticed that there was blood in her ear as well.

"Are you hurt?"

"I’m okay. There are no injuries."

Bernat approached her and looked at her.

Natalia smirked and she patted him on the shoulder.

"You know nothing will happen. I kept my promise."

Bernat nodded his head and let out a long breath.

"It’s okay if you’re safe."


This time, the door was opened wide on both sides.

The Empress stood at the door with a pale face. Countess Martha and Old Viscount Juven were following in her footsteps.

Leticia, who was quiet as if exhausted, was startled and cried out loudly again.

The Empress reached out to the maid holding Leticia and extended her arms. The maid brought the baby to the Empress.

"You were surprised. Poor thing."

Patting Leticia on the back, the Empress turned to Natalia.

"The Empire has been indebted to the Crown Princess."

"I am honored, Your Majesty. I just did what I had to do."

"Thank you."

The Empress bowed her head. Natalia and Bernat hastily bowed their backs.

"I will make sure the Crown Princess has a room to rest."

"No. I’m sorry, but I’m going to go back. Lady Keshore and Lady Belmond are still in the Crown Prince’s Palace."

Mielle risked her life. Although she had been told in advance, Natalia didn’t think Mielle could really do that.

She deserved to be repaid for such a heart. Natalia wanted her to live.

It was faster for her to move on her own than for the Empress to take steps.

The Empress looked at Natalia for a moment. She should have refused. It means that the Crown Princess of another country will again take up her arms and walk inside the Crown Prince’s Palace.

But the Empress could not do that. The Imperial Palace was breached, and Leticia could not have survived without Natalia.

"Speak to the guards so they can give everything you need."

Bernat grabbed her hand.

"You mustn’t get hurt."

"Thank you for your permission."

Natalia kissed the back of Bernat’s hand and hurried outside. Bernat struggled to contain his impatience.

"Tell Sir Bertholt and Sir Gayan that I’m going to see them."

When the Empress gave the order, one of the attendants ran out.

And the Empress wiped Leticia’s face and hair, wet with sweat and tears, with a handkerchief. Her diaper, and swaddle was changed.

It was pure white with a golden coat of arms embroidery.

When Leticia grew up a little more, it was the fabric she had prepared in advance to make her robe.

"Huk, haeng……."

Leticia’s crying became a little less frequent. It wasn’t that her heart had calmed down, but that she realized that no matter how much she cried, neither a babysitter nor a wet nurse would come.

The Empress took Leticia and went out of the inner chamber.

"Your arm will not be comfortable, I will take care of her ."

Old Viscount Juven said cautiously.

"It’s okay."

The Empress cut it short.

She had no intention of keeping Leticia hidden in the inner room like the people of the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Is it safe to say that it is the Empress’ Palace in the same ground where the Crown Prince’s Palace is breached? In the end, the only thing she can rely on is the veil of humanity.

And if she can’t trust people, she shouldn’t trust anything.

Four guard knights and three hundred guards were gathered in the spacious auditorium of the Empress’ Palace.

The sound of them taking a knee shook the ground.

The Empress said in a stern voice while holding Leticia.

"In this Imperial Palace, the Crown Prince’s Palace was attacked. How could this be? What are the guards doing?"

"Forgive me."

Samuel the Guard Knight answered with a blush face.

"They tried to harm the imperial grandchild, so this is undoubtedly a treason. Catch them without leaving anything behind."

The Empress ordered.

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