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Chapter: 2407

As the saying goes, double fists are difficult to defeat four hands, but this situation does not exist here for ye Qian, especially when he is facing the ten flower owners in front of him.

Today's Ye Qian, it can be said that he is more brave than ever.

Don't say it's four hands. Even if twenty hands went to battle together, he didn't see advice.

With the passage of time, the chaotic battle in the city of the sky was called darkness and the reversal of heaven and earth.

Finally, even Ling long and Liu Mingmei, who were watching the battle with a bitter face, could no longer resist the double throbbing of their hearts and bodies, and came to the end in person.

However, fortunately, the whole city of the sky now has a strong array defense, especially outside the small practice room, it is also shrouded in Ye Qian's setting of the next world boundary in advance.

Otherwise, the fierce battle between him and the ten flower owners in front of him will definitely lead to the resonance of heaven and earth, resulting in the leakage of powerful vitality of heaven and earth, which will shake the whole world.

Forty nine days and forty-nine days and nights later, the magnificent scuffle in the practice room of the sky city was gradually calmed down.

As for the result of this battle, it is also very unexpected.

Because as a strong man in the mixed yuan fruit position like Ye Qian, the hard steel to the end is not Ling long, who has the strongest cultivation among the top ten flower owners, nor Liu Mingmei, who uses the most flowers in the battle, but LAN caier, who is the first to rush into the battle circle and has the weakest cultivation and physical quality.

And such an unexpected battle result is also the envy of Fang miaoge, who is a fellow walker.

Of course, after such a "terrible" war, whether it is Fang miaoge, Ling long or Liu Mingmei, their physical fitness has been overdrawn to the extreme.

Although the city of the sky at this time has returned to its former calm state, the situation of these ten flower owners is no better than Fang Xuewu before.

In a ten to one war, they lost after all.

This is also a matter that people have to sigh.

But fortunately, after such a peak duel, the forging power of the ten flower owners has been greatly improved and honed.

Especially LAN caier, who forced Ye Qian to release her energy completely at the last minute.

With the powerful spiritual power of the cultivator with mixed yuan fruit position, her cultivation level is also rising.

Even after the end of the chaotic war, the little girl fell into the situation of lawless epiphany and meditation.

No wonder Fang Miao is so envious and greedy.

"The battle is over."

"Don't be idle, you little girls."

"Sit cross legged."

"If nothing unexpected happens, you can take the breath of this battle as the guide and greatly improve your cultivation level."

"Although you can't break through the bondage of the world, you can't break through the bondage of the world."

"But the effect of this accumulation is better than none."

"If one day, we don't want to stay in this world anymore, then your existing accomplishments will continue to combine with the soaring original power, directly break through Tianyuan and enter a higher level of accomplishments."

"At that time, it is not impossible to recover to the peak state when you were in the fairyland."

Getting up slowly, ye Qian glanced at the whole practice room freehand, and began to guide Ling long and others' post-war practice.

After hearing Ye Qian's words, the ten flower owners in front of them all sat cross legged and obedient, and began to realize their cultivation after the war.

However, they are still in a state of no "equipment".

In this regard, the flower owners did not care, but showed quite calm.

After all, this is not the first time for them. Of course, from the current trend, this will not be the last time.

In contrast, ye Qian, who stood among them, raised his mouth slightly and couldn't stop laughing on his face.

So greedy, he glanced at the flower owners who had no "equipment" present again. The next second, he raised his big hand lightly.

However, in an instant, the "equipment" that had been scattered all over the place returned to the flower owners.

At the same time, he is also a white robe.

For a time, ye Qian's whole body, the strength of the Fairy Spirit came back.

In particular, the wild and primitive atmosphere he had just fought disappeared at the moment.

In this regard, ye Qian himself was also very satisfied and nodded slightly.

"It seems that these little girls have now entered a sitting state."

"If you want to fully wake up from such a state of cultivation, I'm afraid you can't do it in ten days and a half months..."

"Hey, for a long time of ten days and a half months, I'm afraid I can only keep the empty room alone."

"That's the price of wildness and indulgence."

With such a bitter smile, ye Qian raised his feet and was ready to leave the practice room where he had stayed for two months.

However, he was not able to show his figure here, but he was attracted by a powerful energy resonance in his body.


After stopping for a moment, ye Qian frowned slightly.

Soon, a strong brilliance burst out in the depths of his Lingtai.

Then, his noumenon magic instrument chaos bead rose from his Lingtai without control.

"What's going on?"

"Why does chaos bead appear without being summoned?"

"Moreover, there is a familiar and friendly breath in the chaotic bead."

"This breath, this breath is..."

Beside the pillow, ye Qian, who didn't wait for a dignified look, came back to his senses, while a strong light suddenly appeared in the chaotic bead on the other side.

Then, I saw that the transparent chaotic bead was spinning in mid air.

Then, a white figure emerged timidly from the chaos bead.

At the same time, the practice room of the whole sky city was covered by a powerful mana Yu Bo.

Even the ten flower owners who are still sitting at the moment seem to clearly feel the fluctuation of the external immortal method, and their willow eyebrows frown involuntarily.

Besides Ye Qian, at this moment, he just stared at the graceful posture overflowing from the chaotic beads, and his face showed an unbelievable appearance.

"Little jasmine?"

"She, she broke the seal herself..."


While ye Qian was staring at the beautiful figure in the air, a gentle and charming voice line also broke out at this time, and fell into his mind.

"Cluck, my floating and sinking master, it's been a long time."

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