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Chapter: 2408

I have to say that this floating sound sounded in the practice room. The master was really numb and trembling at the bottom of his heart.

In the face of this situation, even ye Qian, who achieved the mixed yuan fruit position, felt a shock.

However, just at this time, ye Qian's eyes were in a trance and inadvertently showed an unbelievable appearance. At the same time, the clear girl who stepped out of the chaotic bead was smiling, and a milk swallow threw herself into his arms and rushed at him.

"Hee hee, master, do you miss me?"

"People miss you so much."

Before the words fell, the girl in Purple Palace gauze had jumped into Ye Qian's arms.

The enchanting eyes first stared at Ye Qian, followed by her tiptoe, and couldn't wait to print her own exclusive kiss on Ye Qian's cheek.

So enthusiastic, Rao was already "calm" after a big war, and ye Qian inevitably had some emotions.

Of course, that kind of ripple is only a moment of youth and fleeting in the end.

Because ye Qian here saw not only a beautiful girl with spring sprouting, but also ten fluffy tails swinging gently behind the girl.

That is the tail exclusive to the fox demon family, and it is also a symbol of the strength of the fox demon family.

"Little Molly, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you very much."

After a few seconds of hesitation, the smile on Ye Qian's face rose again, just like when they first met in the South China Sea.

Of course, at this time, in addition to the long lost smile on his face, ye Qian slowly stretched out his hand, leisurely grabbed a tail behind little jasmine, and played with great interest.

You know, the tail of the fox demon family is a symbol of their strength and cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, the fox demon clan will never let people easily touch their tails.

However, for ye Qian's move, the little jasmine in front of her didn't show half a mind.

Even at this time, she showed a look of enjoyment.

With Ye Qian's caressing and playing, little jasmine's tail kept turning up and down.

At the same time, the little girl's cheeks turned red.

Before long, little jasmine snuggled up in Ye Qian's arms, and a pair of big water Lingling eyes looked at each other affectionately.

"Hee hee, bad master, I haven't seen you for many years. I didn't expect you to be so anxious."

"When we first met, we had bad thoughts about others."

"You know, I can't touch the tail of the fox demon family."

"I'm responsible for touching it."

While talking, little jasmine's expression became more and more wrong, especially the hot light in her eyes.

Ye Qian naturally knows her state.

After all, as ye Qian, who had a story with the demon statue, he certainly knew that the tails of the fox demon family were not just as simple as symbolizing the realm of cultivation, but also the expression point and concentration area of their feelings Yu.

However, even if he knew the secret clearly, ye Qian didn't intend to stop his work at the moment.

Here, he gently pinched little jasmine's soft boneless tail, smiled and asked, "little jasmine, I'm just curious."

"When you were in the fairyland, you were the master of jasmine."

"And now it's a fox demon."

"Although both of them are members of the demon clan, the difference between them is the difference between heaven and earth."

"Do you think you are a flower demon or a fox demon now?"

Hearing Ye Qian's question, little jasmine immediately lifted her jade hand gently, covered the corners of her mouth and said with a smile: "giggle, my floating and sinking master, I still think you have any problem. It's just a problem."

"Before I unseal, my body's fox demon."

"After I unseal, my body inherits the origin of the fairy world and is the master of jasmine, but now my body is the body of the fox demon family."

After jasmine's explanation, the light in Ye Qian's eyes is even greater.

"The soul and mana of the flower family and the body of the fox demon family can be perfectly integrated?"

"You're the only one to count."

After listening to Ye Qian's jokes, the little jasmine in his arms suddenly mumbled at the corners of her mouth, and said with an unhappy face: "it's not?"

Then the little girl turned her mouth and looked straight at the other flower owners sitting in the practice room.

"Isn't the experience of other sisters the same as me?"

"It's just that their bodies belong to the human race, but after the rebirth of the soldiers, they belong to the fox demon family."

"Floating and sinking master, you treat it differently. I want to protest. If it's serious, protest."

As she said this, little jasmine's expression of coquettish anger became even worse for a time, and ye Qian obviously felt the violent fluctuation of the little girl's mood at this time.

What's more, the corners of the girl's eyes really burst into tears.

At the same time, the practice room of the whole sky city began to shake under her fierce emotion.

In this regard, ye Qian was also greatly shocked.

After being so stunned for a moment, ye Qian's big hand quickly released her furry tail and asked in a hurry, "girl, how much mana did you absorb from the previous seal after you broke the seal? What level of cultivation have you reached now?"

Seeing ye Qian's solemn expression, little jasmine's mood calmed down and stopped crying.

"After I broke the seal, I probably absorbed 80% of the original mana."

"As for the present state, I don't know myself."

"However, according to the truth, we should also break through the realm of Xuanxian. We can step into the realm of Jinxian by the first line."

As she said this, little jasmine raised her eyes with a puzzled look on her face and looked at Ye Qian seriously: "floating and sinking, what's wrong with this?"

After hearing little jasmine's answer, ye Qian's expression became too sad to laugh.

"There's something wrong."

"Your predecessor in the human world was the little princess of Jinyao Island, so you should know that the whole human world is guarded by the Jiulong barrier, so the level of cultivation of practitioners in the human world is no higher than Tianyuan."

"Even after the butterfly dance broke their seal, they only reluctantly retained 23 / 10 of the mana cultivation of that year."

"But you can absorb more than 80% of your mana cultivation after breaking the seal."

"That doesn't make sense?"

After saying that, ye Qian's eyes looked at little jasmine again carefully, up and down.

Then, in his heart, a very uncertain premonition also rose.

"No, the Kowloon border? There is something wrong with the Kowloon border set up by the miscellaneous maolao road..."

"Demon Zu Luo."

"His recovery speed is far beyond my imagination."

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