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Chapter: 2409

You know, the Kowloon border, which lies between the human world and the ten thousand boundaries of the heavens, was appointed by the Taoist ancestor with supreme magic power.

Moreover, the Kowloon border not only stipulates the laws of the human world, but also the ultimate barrier to prevent the powerful in the world from stepping on the human world.

Because this boundary was personally arranged by the Taoist ancestor who is the spokesman of the heavenly way, it also has the will of the heavenly way and is the natural law under the management of the heavenly way.

Especially for those overhaul walkers who attempt to destroy and cross the border, once their delusions dare to act, they will be contaminated with the cause and effect of heaven.

And not everyone dares to touch such a terrible causal force.

After all, once judged by the power of heaven, even the most powerful people in the mixed yuan fruit position can't resist.

At that time, even if they don't die, they will have to peel off.

Therefore, all along, the earth has become a real forbidden area within the nine realms.

Even the sage Dharma body dare not set foot here easily.

However, with the opening of the gate of the dark sky and the recovery of the demon ancestor Luo, the Kowloon barrier that blocks the connection between the human world and the world seems to have been damaged.

This also led to the invasion of the outside world. At the same time, there were many loopholes in the original Guardian law of the earth.

This break and unconventional recovery of little jasmine are also largely caused by this.

Of course, it's not only that Jiulong's realm is broken, but also that ye Qianli's realm of autonomy is broken.

Among them, there are two other factors that indirectly lead to the breaking process of jasmine, which is different from other flower owners.

As for these two factors, one is chaotic beads.

The other is the ancient demon clan contract signed by little jasmine's human body and ye Qian.

Don't underestimate the master servant contract of this ancient demon clan.

It actually binds the jasmine owner and ye Qian unilaterally.

Nowadays, the two of them are actually one, with both prosperity and loss.

Therefore, when ye Qian's strength was steadily promoted to the mixed yuan fruit position, it also indirectly led to the mutation of the main body of jasmine in the human world, so that her body can more easily carry and inherit her original mana and energy.

"The border of Kowloon? Mozu Luo?"

"Ups and downs, what happened in the world?"

Listening to Ye Qian's whisper, little jasmine's face snuggled up to his side also changed suddenly.

Although her previous identity was also the little princess of Jinyao Island, she had been sleeping since she was rescued by Ye Qian in the South China Sea, so she really knew nothing about what happened outside at this time.

For the lovely little girl in front of him who had just been unsealed from deep sleep, ye Qian couldn't explain more at this time. He just brushed her little head and said softly, "it's no big deal!"

"Little girl, just stay here at ease. I have to go out and come back soon."

With this, ye Qian plans to leave the little jasmine in front of him and set off for a survey at the Kowloon junction outside the human world.

However, before he could leave, little jasmine's lovely hands hugged his arms so firmly and showed a nervous expression.


"I'm going with you."

Facing the grinding requirements of little jasmine, ye Qian's face is also helpless.

But after thinking for a few seconds, he nodded with a dignified look.

With Ye Qian's statement, the naughty little jasmine smiled.

Then, their bodies flashed and disappeared in the city near the sea and sky.

The next second, under the leadership of Ye Qian's golden light, they came to a peak snow field side by side.

Facing the strange natural environment, little jasmine began to look around like a curious baby.

"Snow mountain?"

"Floating and sinking, where is this place?"

"Why do I feel a disgusting smell around here?"

Asked by little jasmine, ye Qian quickly pursed his mouth and smiled.

In this way, the two people continued to walk forward for a few steps in the wind and snow, until their figure came to the top of the snow mountain under their feet, ye Qian said.

"Kunlun Mountain is here."

"It is also the eye of the Kowloon border."

Without waiting for ye Qian here to continue to say something, little Molly's lovely little face immediately swelled up, just like a little puffer fish.

"It turns out that this is the West Kunlun, known as the leader of the right way. No wonder there is a nasty smell."


After such a burst of muttering, little Molly immediately turned her head.

It seems that after she learned that this is the West Kunlun, the origin of Taoism in the world, even the beautiful snow scenery here has become less fragrant.

Looking at Ye Qian again, he didn't immediately speak to comfort the little girl around him.

After all, whether in today's human world or in the ancient fairy world, the opposition between human orthodoxy and demon race always exists.

Moreover, this opposing emotion will not be transferred by the will of others.

Therefore, ye Qian standing next to little jasmine can only smile and say nothing at this time.

"It should be here!"

In this way, he wandered and stopped at the top of Kunlun Mountain for a moment, and ye Qian's footsteps suddenly stopped in front of a stone tablet.

However, there seems to be nothing special about this stone tablet, either from the appearance or from the location where it is placed.

However, with the slow lifting of Ye Qian's right hand, the stone tablet in front of him seemed to be summoned by some kind of energy.

Then, the sound of boiling dragon singing surged out of the stone tablet one after another.

The next second, even the jasmine owner next to Ye Qian was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Here she clearly saw that nine golden dragons bound by the power of heaven rushed out of the stone tablet in front of her and jumped into the air.

Then, the whole world became bright under the nine golden dragons.

However, the jasmine owner in front of her was just shocked and filled with emotion. She didn't care too much about the legendary Kowloon border and the terrible energy contained in the border.

However, she didn't notice the point. At this time, ye Qian had a glance.

"Is it evil spirit?"

"It seems that the legendary demon ancestor has indeed moved his hands and feet on the Kowloon border on earth."

"Hehe, in that case, I will meet you in the space between the West Kunlun Mountains."

"It's just for me to see whether your evil spirit is powerful or my big free song is better!"

While talking, ye Qian's eyes were dignified, and then a wisp of Taoist Dharma behind him also rose.

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