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Chapter: 625

A vast valley filled with mountains and a river running through it below was destroyed as two straight, horrifying lines crossed through.

Two figures flickered fleetingly, moving at unimaginable speed as powerful slashes piercing the void appeared where they had just passed.

Ling Tian and Hang Liang had been pushed away from the place with crystals and mirrors. The encounter with the two giant swords completely destroyed the place, causing Ling Tian to lose connection with the women and get completely cut off.

Ling Tian suddenly threw a punch as the sword rose rapidly. Hang Liang's figure disappeared along with his own sword, before appearing to the side of him and slashing with his sword, tearing the space apart.

* Boom! *

Ling Tian's sword teleported and appeared in front of Hang Liang's sword, colliding and creating a horrible vortex, sucking all the energy from the surroundings before closing.

"World Sword!"

Hang Liang moved at incredible speed, slashing through the vortex and slashing towards Ling Tian without giving him time to rest.

A powerful force formed and bound Ling Tian in a split second. The energy sensation that could be clearly perceived was sharp and horrible.


Anyone who was locked into this force could feel that it was an extremely powerful domain! Not even the great experts of the Great Ascension realm could break through it and escape.

Sword illusions like a sea of swords suddenly created around Ling Tian, attacking him as soon as they formed.

Hang Liang's sword became gigantic in front of Ling Tian, creating an illusion that a sword could become a whole world and cut the heavens. The tip of the sword landed directly on Ling Tian without giving him time to escape.

* Crack! *

But before Hang Liang's domain could fully form, a crack was heard and it was destroyed as another more powerful force exploded.

Ling Tian's figure flashed much faster, with one sword in hand and the other free, Ling Tian punched straight back. A sword intent gathered on his sword and slashed at the same time, letting it go as he attacked Hang Liang from both sides.

A seemingly weak and almost imperceptible domain formed around Hang Liang. But instantly the domain shot up fiercely and the space was stagnant for a second, with thinking becoming sluggish as movements slowed down.

"You really are a genius among geniuses! Who the hell are you really?!" 

Hang Liang spat with some annoyance as he saw Ling Tian being able to counter his attacks. This combat experience and quick learning clearly couldn't belong to a younger generation!

Even that domain Ling Tian generated far surpassed his own special sword domain!

Hang Liang burned blood essence for the first time, gaining a surge of power to force his body and destroy the domain he was in.

Ling Tian's domain cracked, beginning to create cracks throughout the space. Ling Tian raised his eyebrow as he saw that Hang Liang could break his domain.

'I think the domain made with only space comprehension and will is not enough...' Ling Tian frowned but smiled slightly. Although he didn't use his full force to create an extremely powerful domain, this kind of domain was enough to lock down almost all enemies.

Ling Tian's Domain was different from the others which were made up of cultivation essence and spirit sense. His domain evolved and became stronger after understanding something essential.

A sword flashed across the middle of the path and Ling Tian moved to the side, passing close to him and then destroying the entire area they were in.

"Let's go! Use all your power and don't hold back!" Hang Liang snorted and shouted angrily. At this point, he knew that Ling Tian had several trump cards and had not used them.

"I have used everything at my disposal..." Ling Tian replied indifferently, dodging the attack Hang Liang threw at him. Ling Tian was still upset about losing the connection with his wives, which led to attacking Hang Liang with more skill but hiding his special moves, wanting to retaliate with Hang Liang in different ways.

Suddenly, Ling Tian frowned as he turned to look in a certain direction.

Several figures were fighting each other, rather, more than 6 of them besieging a single one of them.


* Bang! *

"Damn bitch! Now even if you hand over all your stuff I won't let you go easily!"

A furious and raging voice rang out, a bloodied figure steadied in the air while panting heavily and glaring with fury and hatred at his opponent. He clenched his sword in his bloodied hand, spitting out another mouthful of blood.

4 more people approached and looked at the single figure in front of them; each of them also had various wounds on their bodies, from superficial to severe. Their breaths indicated that they were so tired that at any moment they could fall down.

"Why should I have to give it up?!"

Li Fengyuan glared angrily at the group of brazen people in front of her. Her clothes were torn, the result of a mighty battle. Her gasps continued with the same intensity and frequency as she circulated her cultivation essence rapidly in her meridians.

From the moment they stepped through the portal, Li Fengyuan found herself in an unfamiliar forest, separated from everyone else. She searched for Ling Tian and the others, without getting any trace. On one of the paths where she passed, Li Fengyuan found an eye-catching herb; this flower was of a purple color, very beautiful in the glare of the sunlight, but the other detail was that it gave off a very mild but intense smell, which attracted the attention of other individuals.

Li Fengyuan was the first to arrive, so she carefully took the flower and kept it in her storage ring. But unfortunately, she was spotted by a group of young people and adults when she put the flower away. Finding nothing and seeing that Li Fengyuan was the only one in the place, they forced her to hand over everything she had along with the flower they were looking for.

Li Fengyuan refused and ended up confronting the group, especially the young people of the same generation. The adults only watched but also cast their oppressive auras on Li Fengyuan, being surprised that Li Fengyuan did not lose despite having several auras on her, as if she was very strong and was hiding her cultivation level.

"Beauty, you don't stand a chance!"

One of the young men in the group who looked handsome and appeared proudly said, "You can barely hold your own against my junior martial brothers, but you won't stand a chance if one of our elders personally shoots... why don't you better hand over your storage ring and surrender to me? If you become my woman, I promise to give you all the cultivation resources you want so you can continue to become stronger!"

"But young master, you already have more than 30 women at your peak and the sect master will be angry if you bring another woman..."

"Shut up and don't meddle in my affairs!"

The young man who spoke looked with a dark and angry expression at one of the elders who tried to advise him.

It seemed that this guy was the young master of their sect! 

The young man looked with a kind and smiling gaze at Li Fengyuan, but anyone could see that in his eyes there was discreet lust and obsession. Li Fengyuan was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life! Not even the harem of women in his household could compare to this woman in front of him!

But Li Fengyuan glared with hatred and disgust at this guy, reaffirming again that all young men always think with their lower part and are not worth it; but for some reason, Ling Tian's face appeared in her mind and calmed Li Fengyuan's anxious heart... even a shy and innocent feeling as a girl in love filled her heart without realizing it at the moment.

"You guys, if you want to continue to be my little brothers then prove that you are worth training you and give you the best! Capture her but don't hurt her anymore! Whoever hurts her one more hair, I will tear off his limbs and slit his throat and give them to my pets!"

The young master spoke with annoyance and arrogance, ordering the other young men with him to continue coercing Li Fengyuan, "She has a lower cultivation level than all of you and you still can't win? Are you weak idiots or what?"

The other people nodded dumbly, not even complaining or saying anything. Even though the young master was the weakest of them with a cultivation level in the Golden Core realm, they didn't dare to contradict him; after all, his identity as the young master of their sect was there and if they made him bother they would no longer have the cultivation resources to continue cultivating in the future.

The elders simply sighed inwardly and shook their heads, not wanting any more trouble.

Li Fengyuan's gaze still shone with an unwavering fighting spirit, holding the sword in her hands that Ling Tian handed to her. She glared angrily and fury at these people as she refused to fall to the ground, resisting the aura pressures from all of them.

If it wasn't for the elders' deliberate suppressions with them, Li Fengyuan might have won long ago...

* Boom! *

Suddenly, a light explosion was heard from the horizon that caught everyone's attention.

* Rumble! *

At once, the ground shook fiercely as they finally received a strange sensation in the air, as if a strange Chi flowed in the air and made the space wobble.

"What is that?!"

One of the young men looked in horror and shock in the distance: the great mountains were fiercely slashed, even cutting off the sky as black dots flooded the entire scene, then destroying the entire place in the distance!

Li Fengyuan blinked in surprise as her alarm instinct kicked in and she looked in the direction of the destruction in the distance, while she immediately felt as if the air stung and a sword was about to split her body in half.

A shadow flashed in less than a split second and stopped in front of Li Fengyuan. His hand held a plain, simple sword while his clothes were slightly torn and a large bloodstain covered his entire left shoulder and much of his chest and back.

A mask with a dragon face covered this person's face as he raised his hand and stopped an unknown energy that cut the forest trees in half and instantly split the sky...


Li Fengyuan called out in shock and stupefaction as she recognized that it was Ling Tian!

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