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Chapter: 627

* Thump! * * Thump! *

The same intuition surged in Ling Tian's heart again at the sight of these women. Although there were only the two adult women with apparent appearances like from his generation while the younger one was not with them, there was still the same strange beat of instinct added with the heart, even more intensely, prompting him to remove those veils and uncover their faces...

Ling Tian narrowed his eyes as he watched these two women before looking at Hang Liang again. Although he didn't know why Shin Wei and Feng Ye were fighting against these two women, right now Hang Liang was the bigger threat.

The two women also noticed Ling Tian and Li Fengyuan in the air, with the latter using her energy to carry Ling Tian, as if she was protecting him. They also noticed Hang Liang and both women frowned, they could sense the crisis instinct that he was an extremely powerful opponent just by sensing his aura.

How could a woman with a cultivation base at the Body Condensation level stand up to such a powerful enemy?

Both women came to the conclusion upon seeing Ling Tian and Li Fengyuan's current state, assuming that the latter was the one fighting.

"Master, are you alright?!"

Shin Wei arrived at Ling Tian's side without relaxing his guard and expanded his spirit sense, watching Hang Liang's every slight movement. Shin Wei no longer pursued the matter with the two women, as he was more aware of the danger Ling Tian faced; the wound on Ling Tian's shoulder was not superficial and the somewhat destroyed clothes gave Shin Wei an idea of the level of danger Ling Tian was dealing with.

Shin Wei also noticed Li Fengyuan's condition and thought that something might also have happened to her or be involved in Ling Tian's fight.

'Even though he has a high body refinement, Master still seems to have some trouble... I even feel that I couldn't be that guy's opponent...' Shin Wei relaxed a little as he saw that Ling Tian didn't look so injured and only had that wound that was starting to heal quickly, and then he looked at Hang Liang and felt his terrible aura.

"Brother Ling!" Feng Ye also arrived with Shin Wei and was shocked to see Ling Tian injured for the first time. He even felt even more pressure as he looked at Hang Liang, realizing that he was no ordinary opponent; Feng Ye could also feel that he would lose to Hang Liang as he sensed his powerful aura.

The two women noticed Shin Wei and Feng Ye's movement, and although they frowned at the sight of Ling Tian and Li Fengyuan, they still did not leave and stood watching.

Three sides were in a stalemate, with one side where Hang Liang was, the other side where the two women were while the last where Ling Tian and the others were.

* Rumble... *

"What's going on?"

Feng Ye was surprised to see the place start to shake, an earthquake destroying the earth while the mountains in the distance were destroyed and the sky seemed to fall.

"Looks like this realm will connect with that place..." Hang Liang pursed his mouth in annoyance. He no longer continued to attack Ling Tian and even further suppressed his cultivation base.

Ling Tian felt the alteration of space all over the place and recalled the feeling when he traveled between worlds, feeling that space was connecting to another kind of world or different realm!

Immediately thousands of shadows came into view from the distance, flying at high speeds as some of them escaped and others continued to fight each other.

* Crack! *

A spatial crack suddenly opened in the sky, but this crack did not expel any force from the void. An icy cold feeling came out from the crack as it expanded more and more. Even an intense and abundant Chi could be felt coming out of that crack.

Suddenly, the sun in the sky became much bigger! As if it was approaching from the universe to that world, starting to get hotter as the solar energy collided with the cold energy coming out of the crack, making it become much bigger as suddenly the shadows of a small sun and a small moon appeared and revolved around the crack in the sky!

"It's the portal to the spiritual realm!"

Feng Ye exclaimed as he recognized the crack that was forming. But there was some fear and horror in his expression.

"Spiritual realm? What is that?" Shin Wei asked; even he thought it was only a crack of the void due to the alteration of space.

Even Ling Tian raised his eyebrow when he heard Feng Ye's comment. He could feel a kind of attraction towards that crack that began to absorb all the aura of the place.

"According to my father, there is a strange but horrible place inside this mysterious realm we are in! A crack will open out of nowhere in the sky and the image of a sun and moon will appear above it and begin to absorb everything within it. Many were absorbed in the past and only those who were able to escape the pull were able to survive. Those who were sucked in never returned and were presumed dead! There is a record that only two people have been able to return from that realm and they became great powerhouses of the world thanks to the amazing resources they obtained! That's why this place is both a blessed and cursed land!"

Feng Ye explained everything in a nutshell, showing how terrifying that crack in the sky was and that it meant total danger!

Some people who were nearby were dragged into the crack, being swallowed up and eventually disappearing. The other people who saw this recognized what the crack was and tried to escape from the place.

* Boom! *

Suddenly, an explosion shook the earth as two figures flew into the air. Cultivation essences spilled all over the place as glowing swords of energy shot towards one of the figures before they were annihilated by dozens of small but glowing stars, stopping the swords and counterattacking.


Shin Wei recognized one of the figures and saw that it was Xuanyuan Ling!

At this moment, Xuanyuan Ling was breathing heavily as she faced her opponent; her clothes are slightly torn at the corners but her aura was still strong and powerful.

"Huh? That girl is..."

Ling Tian was slightly surprised when he saw the enemy Xuanyuan Ling was facing: she was the youngest woman in the group of the three heavenly fairies they encountered at the beginning.

Ling Tian smiled bitterly, thinking of the irony that the pair of the two women were also fighting Shin Wei and Feng Ye, and now the missing third woman was fighting Xuanyuan Ling as well.

The next moment, Xuanyuan Ling and the other woman were frozen in mid-air before they were pulled towards the crack in the sky.


A very familiar voice from somewhere else was heard as another charming figure was forcibly drawn towards the crack in the sky.


Feng Junze furiously killed the man he had as an enemy before dashing towards Feng Zhiyun in midair without hesitation.

All of them had once again gathered nearby!

"Little Wei, go with Ling'er! I'll catch up with you in a moment!"

Ling Tian had already teleported towards Feng Zhiyun and Feng Junze, leaving Li Fengyuan with Feng Ye while Shin Wei nodded and was already halfway there as well, catching up to Xuanyuan Ling before they were swallowed by the rift in the sky. Ling Tian could not let Feng Ye and Feng Zhiyun be swallowed as well.

The two women near them had also gone to help their female companion without hesitation, to finally being drawn into the crevice without being able to resist despite expelling all their energies.

"Ling Tian!"


Feng Zhiyun and Feng Junzes were surprised to see Ling Tian appear near them. Feng Zhiyun had hugged her father due to the crisis instinct she felt when she saw the crack in the sky, but when she saw Ling Tian she jumped towards him without hesitation. Her strength had not yet recovered, so she was sure that it would be fatal for her if she was caught.

Feng Junze noticed this but took no notice of it. They were currently in a very dangerous situation!

"I'll get you out of here!"

Ling Tian felt Feng Zhiyun's strong grip on his entire body and grabbed Feng Junze over his shoulder. The space law force forcibly mobilized, trying to teleport through space.

'The space law is very disturbed!' Ling Tian gritted his teeth slightly as he saw that it was difficult to teleport into the distance because the space laws were chaotic. But he didn't give up and forced all the space law he could find into his perception.

Creating ripples in the sky like when a stone is thrown into the center of a calm lake, Ling Tian was finally able to teleport, successfully escaping from the crack in the sky.

"Yun'er! Junze!"

Feng Ye sighed in relief when he saw that his son and granddaughter were fine. Li Fengyuan also sighed in relief but she was still worried about Shin Wei and Xuanyuan Ling.

"Ling Tian! Are you alright?!"

When Feng Zhiyun reluctantly separated from Ling Tian and noticed the wound over his shoulder and the large amount of blood on his robe, she became worried and super anxiously searched Ling Tian's body looking for more wounds. Her heart clenched and anxiety overcame her.

Feng Junze also noticed Ling Tian's wound and became a little worried. With Ling Tian's current strength, would there be someone who actually managed to injure him? Even the experts at the peak of the Great Ascension realm would not be able to do anything to him!

"You know how to get out of here?"

Ling Tian nodded calmly to Feng Zhiyun and turned to ask Feng Ye.

"Once that crack closes, those who weren't caught will be returned to where we entered." Feng Ye told what he knew.

"It will soon close."

Ling Tian looked at the crack in the sky and could see that it was beginning to release small subtle ripples in the air, a result that it would soon close. Even the small figures of the sun and moon was beginning to flash faster.

"Fengyuan, you stay with them. I'll go get little Wei and Ling'er." Ling Tian patted Li Fengyuan's head and nodded to Feng Ye, making him understand that he wanted him to take care of her.

"Take care of yourself, Master!" Li Fengyuan nodded and understood what was going on.

"Ling Tian, you have to survive and come back!" Feng Zhiyun reluctantly looked at Ling Tian before she released his hand.

Ling Tian nodded and teleported into the crack, flickering between the chaotic folds of space.

The other figure in the sky finally moved and chased after Ling Tian.

"Looks like he still has a little respect..." Ling Tian looked at Hang Liang and thought about how he hadn't moved even though he had to save his companions, as if he was waiting for him.

Ling Tian was swallowed by the crack in the sky and Hang Liang as well.

Feng Ye, Feng Junze, Feng Zhiyun and Li Fengyuan watched Ling Tian disappear and prayed in their hearts that he was all right, especially the latter two.

The crack began to become small and close. No one could escape and they were dragged into the crack in the sky. Only a few lucky ones who were far away from the place were saved and did not go near it.

Feng Zhiyun and the others suddenly disappeared from the place when the crack closed and the whole place returned to normal.

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