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Chapter: 628

The soft and characteristic sound of a waterfall could be heard. Common birds and animals could be heard quietly as the wind blew gently.

"There seems to be another kind of place inside the mysterious realm."

Ling Tian casually looked at the place as he walked. Since he was sucked into the crack, he again appeared alone in this kind of quiet place.

"I feel that the cultivation base is suppressed in this place..."

Ling Tian felt that the aura of the place suppressed the cultivation bases. Although it wasn't enough to be able to suppress the power of the Sacred Heavenly Scriptures, Ling Tian could still feel the suppression on his body.

Without a doubt, this place was like a place of death for cultivators.

Ling Tian frowned for a long time as if deciding something before smirking.

"Haha! However, this place is perfect for me!" Ling Tian laughed for the first time with enthusiasm. The spiritual Chi he felt in this place was very abundant and dense, much more than a Cultivation World!

The Sacred Heavenly Scriptures were insanely absorbing the aura of the place, advanced from the Nascent Soul realm to the Body Condensation realm and on and on!

Even though it was not convenient to release the power of the Sacred Heavenly Scriptures, they were still endlessly absorbing spiritual energy at all times. It seemed like it was a great unique and imperceptible unique advantage despite being in any kind of place!

Ling Tian glanced around and took a direction.

"This is no different from ordinary spirit forests..." Ling Tian looked around, observing all kinds of fauna and flora in the place; the atmosphere was calm and gave the feeling of a peaceful forest without any spiritual beasts or anything threatening.

After a long time, Ling Tian finally felt some peace and exhilaration. He put aside his worries and enjoyed the harmony and tranquility that the place offered.

He took a refreshing bath in the waterfall, took a long nap on the shore, feeling the perfect warmth of the sun and the gentle breezes in the air, entering a state of harmony and peace within himself. Ling Tian even meditated for a long time without the need to cultivate and draw energy to himself, only listening to the beautiful sound of nature around him.

Ling Tian even remembered his first time with Yun Mengxin by observing the waterfall where he was, something slightly similar to the small world of the Divine Star Continent, where he had his first love bond with his first woman...

Ling Tian traveled for several hours and some days, even reaching several months of time, taking a leisurely stroll, observing nature and interacting with them, watching the trees and beautiful flowers along the way while meditating and reflecting without cultivating. But he found no trace of other people or Shin Wei and Xuanyuan Ling.

"Ahh... I think it's time to leave this place..."

Ling Tian smiled faintly as he stretched and mobilized the spiritual energy in his Consciousness Sea.

* Crack! *

Cracks all over the space around Ling Tian began to form!

The sky changed and cracks flooded the whole place!

Everything suddenly turned black and the next moment a faint light entered Ling Tian's eyes, flickering as if he just woke up from sleep.

"Soul illusion..."

Ling Tian stood up and stretched lazily, observing his surroundings.

Currently, Ling Tian was in the center of a dark and gloomy room. There were passages and several doors leading to unknown passages out of the room.

It seemed that the calm and peaceful place that was the forest before was an illusion!

"It's not at all uncommon for inheritances to test their candidates with all sorts of tests, from physical tests to mental tests." Ling Tian observed the place where he was and randomly chose an exit after changing his robes.

From the moment he woke up in that so-called forest, Ling Tian knew he was inside an illusion!

The time inside a soul illusion was not the same as the time of reality, so one could be trapped a lifetime inside without knowing it...

Moreover, Ling Tian was certain that this kind of realm was the legacy of a maximum powerhouse that was looking for an heir!

"Although I don't know what kind of powerful expert it was who left that kind of legacy in this realm, there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of the peace and quiet of an illusion, is there?" Ling Tian smiled faintly; even though he was in an illusion, he took advantage of the time to rest and relax from the troubles, "Good thing the absorption of energies was still in operation, so there was no need to leave earlier!"

The Sacred Heavenly Scriptures continued to function, even in the realm of illusion, these were still functioning and amazingly kept absorbing the spiritual energy, reaching the top of the Body Condensation level and entering the Separation And Reunion level!

"It really is this place that still keeps suppressing the cultivation base... it seems to concentrate more on the body strength. I wonder what kind of power this expert attained to be able to accomplish something like this?"

Ling Tian thought inwardly as he felt more and more abundant Chi and felt the restraining force upon him, becoming more and more interested in the origin of this place. Although in his heyday in the past he could create such a place with ease, it was still surprising that there were other experts who could leave their inheritance for thousands of years in a mysterious realm in one of the Cultivation Worlds.

Ling Tian continued to walk down the hallway, sensing that there was a restriction on him that seemed to seal his Dantian and meridians despite being destroyed. Which meant that this place would completely seal one's cultivation power.

"This feeling..."

Ling Tian blinked slightly as he released his spirit sense slowly, fully sensing the aura.

"Fire and water attribute?"

Ling Tian could sense a trace of fire and water auras in the environment!

"If these traces come from that inheritance, then I could get it for Mengxin and Xinya!" Ling Tian smiled happily and thought of the women.

Yun Mengxin has a mutated spirit root of ice, and although water might not be of much use to her, it would still be of benefit to her!

Meanwhile, Zhang Xinya has fire spirit root, so it would certainly be of great benefit to her cultivation as well!

Ling Tian now had one more interest in this place.

"There seems to be someone..."

Ling Tian entered a strange room and found the figure of a person standing in front of a strange door.

"It's you!" Ling Tian raised his eyebrow when he saw who it was.

The other party was slightly startled and turned around, quickly taking a battle stance as she drew her sword and looked at Ling Tian.


A young woman with a seemingly curvaceous body underneath that green robe and turquoise eyes looked at Ling Tian with distrust and ferocity. Her body was slightly trembling as she tightly clenched her sword.

Ling Tian smiled bitterly inside as he remembered that this young woman who was with the two women who made his heart pound and raised his intuition had seen him being in a slimy state, making him believe that he was a lustful young man as well. No wonder, since this young woman despite being developing already had such a body and was a devastating beauty that would blind the minds of men despite still hiding her face with a veil.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you. I'm just a cripple who got sucked into the crack." Ling Tian shrugged his shoulders and walked to the side of this young woman, turning his attention away from her as he watched the giant gate in the place. This place is restricting the cultivation base, so it was no wonder this woman was on guard at all times against it.

Ling Tian frowned as he discovered some kind of mysterious formation above the gate. He was completely focused on it.

But the green-robed, turquoise-eyed woman still did not relax and watched Ling Tian's every move, as if she expected that at any moment he would do something, therefore she would be ready to defend herself.

After all, this place was suppressing her cultivation base and she couldn't use all her strength other than the strength of her own body.

"This door needs two people to open apparently..."

Ling Tian spoke after finding the formation mechanism.


Ling Tian raised his eyebrow when he noticed the green-robed woman still staring at him seriously and defensively. She had even taken a few steps back.

"Ahhh... if you want to get out of here and rejoin your companions, you'd better help me through this door."

Removing his Dragon mask, Ling Tian looked casually and calmly at this woman who was still foolishly staring at him. She had seen him before, so there was no need to have that mask, which would even make it a little harder for her to trust.

And although it was thanks to this woman that she was fighting Xuanyuan Ling earlier and they were absorbed, Ling Tian would ask her later. The first thing to do was to move forward in this place.

'Eh?' The truly robed woman blinked in surprise when she saw the complete indifference in Ling Tian's jet black eyes, she could even feel his indifference and calmness in them, as if he was looking at her without any other intention and only needed her cooperation to get out of here.

'That kind of look is almost the same kind of look my Masters have when talking to others except for me, but much deeper and more mysterious...' She thought inwardly as she subconsciously relaxed her guard. That look of indifference and even contempt for the world made her feel somewhat strange.


After thinking about it for a while, the young woman nodded and moved to Ling Tian's side before giving him one last warning glance, indicating to him that she was prepared in case he wanted to do something to her. Although she was young, she was still not intimidated.

Ling Tian nodded and placed his hand on one of the doors. The young green-robed woman did the same, placing her small, soft hand on the other door.

A strange Chi suddenly appeared, piercing their hands over the doors and running over every part of their bodies, giving a strange sensation as if they were being watched through everything before disappearing.

Then, the door opened and a blinding light made them both close their eyes, only to feel like they were floating and appear on a platform in the middle of nowhere, with darkness all around.

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