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Chapter: 754

Outside Handover 2

- From the perspective of Brigadier Gabari -

My precious daughter, Micke.

This child has been a little different from her surroundings since she was a child.

I realized that when I saw my 5-year-old daughter skilfully asking for information from an adult.

While praising my daughter like that, I became scared.

I wonder if she will eventually join my organization and become involved in the magic circle.

If it were true, by the time I turned six, I'd have finished setting my sickness and weakness.

But I stretched it at my own discretion.

I wanted to pull myself away from the magic circle a little bit.

Yet she continued to exert her full power within her limits.

I made good use of being sick and weak to protect my village and my people.

At some point, I realized the existence of the organization, and I realized that I was one of them.

And I was like, "This is my life! When I was forcefully told, I laughed bitterly.

After all, they came to my side.

Even so, I didn't have the courage to talk about the magic circle.

The magic circle was bad for this world.

How many people have lost their lives because of the magic circle?

How miserable was the end of those who were fascinated by the magic circle and broken.

I didn't want to involve the younger generation, not because I was a daughter.

Because I know a lot of my broken companions involved in the magic circle.

But I thought it was time to talk.

Mickey was not so capable.

I'm always looking into what the organization is hiding.

Moreover, it doesn't make even people in the organization understand what they know.

I don't have any subordinates who can do this.

That's why I have to tell you what this village is most vigilant about.

In order to do that, you need to understand the magic circle and know about the "monsters" that the church hides.

"Didn't you investigate the magic circle?" If it was Mickey, you could have checked it out, right? "

Mikke's investigative abilities were abnormal.

Even though I didn't have any investigative skills, I did more than I could.

Because of her, I thought she might actually know about the magic circle that the organization was hiding.

Looks like you really don't know.

No, if Micke decides to hide it, I might not be able to see it.

"I didn't look into it because my dad was trying to hide it from me."

You judged me by my attitude.

I see.

But I thought I'd check it out.

Somehow, it's a little scary with my daughter.

"Father, what do you mean there's nothing you can't do?"

"That's what it means." If I used the magic circle, I could really do anything. However, if you do something against the world's reason, you will need to pay a price. "

I was relieved to see Micke thinking seriously.

I didn't want to be intrigued by the magic circle.

According to my experience, such a person is prone to being trapped in a magic circle.

"The organization said before, 'Our goal is to keep this peace', remember?"

I can't explain the magic circle in a few hours, so let's talk about the purpose of the organization for now.

And the guy.

"Yeah, I remember."

It is impossible to hide the organization completely.

If a lot of people are involved, the information will be leaked.

So, if you need a cause at that time.

In other words, the obvious reason was "to keep the peace".

"But the purpose of the organization is not to protect a peaceful world. Well, that's what happens in the end."

Mickey nods quietly to my words.

Maybe he knows something.

"The real purpose of the organization is to kill the 'monsters' hiding in the church. And to get the magic circle out of this world."

Mickey tilts his head to my words.

What's a monster?


You don't seem to know anything about monsters.

Well, it's not easy to find out about the church.

"It's the person who runs the church behind the scenes. The person's instructions are likely to indicate that the incident is taking place. I don't think he's human."

Mickey puts a wrinkle between his eyebrows at my words.

I smiled bitterly and pressed between my brows with my fingers.

My pretty face is ruined.

Aren't you alone?

"He has been using the magic circle that moves his soul for a long time. I don't think anyone would do that."

Moving souls?

That's right. When the current body reaches its limit, the magic circle will move the soul to the young body.

"Eh...... what is that?"

Mickey twists his face at my words.

Can you really do that?

Micke nodded strangely and gave me a disgusting expression.

That's disgusting.

I see. It's disgusting to take over someone's body.

"It seems that the magic circle can do many things more than you can imagine."... wait, you said that you had to pay a price for something that doesn't make sense, right? What's the price of moving a soul? "

"It's human life. We don't know how many lives were lost to save his life."

The more the magic circle is used for something against reason, the more it will be sacrificed.

How many lives have been lost by the magic circle?

The magic circle isn't just for people who use it.

"Yeah. The organization thinks it's most important to kill this monster." If he dies, the Church will be considerably weakened. "

But that's when his cauldron isn't there.

According to research so far, he doesn't have any children, and he doesn't have a deserving successor.

That's all I'm worried about.

Also, the magic circle.

It seems that the research is not proceeding as expected.

I wish I could find a way to get rid of the magic circle as soon as possible.

"I understand the purpose of the organization. I think I understand the horror of the magic circle a little bit."

I looked at Mickey's condition.

I was wondering if you had any unusual interests in the magic circle.

Looks like it's gonna be okay.

That's good.

"You don't have time to talk slowly right now, do you?" Make time to tell me about the organization, the church, the magic circle. "

We're running out of time?

"All right."

"Well, that's right! It's about space travel!"

Oh, that's right.

It was possible that the spatial movement was in use, so I needed to investigate it as soon as possible.

"Well, for now... we need to inspect all the caves." However, it's confidential. "

In order to successfully move through space, you need to decide which ancestors will emerge.

It seems that if you don't decide to do that, you may appear in an unlikely place.

"What are you looking for in confidence?"

Mickey tilts his head.

I want to make sure that the magic circle similar to the magic circle depicted on this piece of paper is not on the wall of the cave.

Place the paper on the desk that contains the magic circle that Micke returned to me to confirm the coordinates.

Could it be that the space that has moved to where this magic circle is?

That's right. I don't know what's going on with the movement of space, but I needed this magic circle before.

The organization has not specifically contacted me about the change.

There seemed to be some minor differences, but we still needed a magic circle to finalize the coordinates.

All of the caves... all of them?

Micke gave a disgusting expression.

I also know that it will be that way.

There were too many caves.

Moreover, in the cave, I was searching for the magic circle while responding to the monsters that were attacking me.

It's very troublesome.

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