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Chapter: 755

Episode 699 Unfamiliar Signs

Watch your father walk next to you.

The road is about two streets off the main street.

It's a walkable road with few people, but it looks pretty tough.

I was glad that my father had noticed the signs.

However, when I look at my father's condition now, I feel a subtle feeling.

I have been exposed to signs since I was born.

So, it seems that they are unconsciously judging the necessary and unnecessary signs of nature.

If you can't do that, you're going to have a hard time living.

Dad suddenly began to feel a sign.

In other words, you can't tell the difference between necessary and unnecessary signs.

And it's not in good shape.

It seems that my father's body is not coping with too much information.

We're almost out of the village, so do your best.

I was on my way to a cave full of wooden monsters, but my father looked pale.

There are no people in the cave, so I think my father is fine now.

However, I walked through the village until I went to the cave, so I was exposed to various signs.

After all, it might have been better if you had rested at the inn.

I made a proposal, but it was rejected.

If I say it more forcefully... will I be defeated?

It's okay, don't worry too much.

I don't see it at all, so I'm worried!

I can't rely on your father.

I didn't even notice that I wasn't feeling well because of the signs.

I need to keep an eye on my dad more carefully.

Someday, I'm going to be injured badly.

I told Arielus and the others about my father's condition.

It's not something I can hide.

Alirus looks at his father worriedly and looks anxiously at his surroundings.

Besides, I am not as pale as my father.

I'm sure you're trying to protect everyone on my father's behalf when something happens.

But I don't think you need to be prepared.

Because there are still people who come after us in secret.

I was alert at first, but when I looked for signs, I noticed that they were the same people as yesterday.

Yesterday, while returning to the inn with Mikke-san, I noticed the signs of the four people who were suppressed.

I was vigilant that it was Leah's pursuer, but I noticed that it was similar to what Micke felt.

Moreover, when Mikke-san's hand made a strange movement, one person's movement changed.

So, I noticed.

There's someone here who can keep us safe.

However, I haven't been able to confirm it because it seems to be a secret.

Today, two of the four are here to escort us.

Can I thank Mr. Mickey for this?

Nevertheless, the way the guards kept their signs under control was amazing.

If you're not careful, you'll soon lose sight of it.

I want to be able to suppress that kind of sign.

And then I almost turned my gaze to him.

You can't stand to get in the way of your work, so you have to be patient.

When I walked out of the back gate into the woods, my father let out a big breath.

"I'm tired. What's the sign of someone?" It's a mess... or it's a mess. "

It makes the sorting of the signs natural, so I don't know what it feels like to be a mess, but it looks like it's going to be hard.

"I'm sorry about Arielus and the others." Because of me, I might go mad with my plans. "

When your father looks at Mr. Arias, the three of them shake their heads to the side.

"It's okay, but do you feel so amazing?" We don't have any particular problems. "

Mr. Tanras strangely looked around him.

Even in the woods, there are signs of animals and monsters, and I can feel them from the trees.

"That's because we naturally sort out the signs we need."

How can we do that?

Does your dad know?

"Is it easier in the forest than in the village?" I'm getting a little pale again. "

Lilia was right, her father's complexion became more red.

Until you got out into the woods, you passed the blue and it was pure white.

"There's a lot of signs in the woods, but it's not a mess." I wonder if I can say it's a beautiful sign? "

Is the sign beautiful?

I wonder what it's like.

Good morning.

There was a vigilante in the cave after yesterday.

I feel safe because I am the same person as yesterday.

I greeted her and went into the cave to look for signs.

I took Sora and the others out of their bags because there seemed to be no problem.

Sora and the others jumped around cheerfully today.

But as usual, I don't go to my dad's.

Even in the inn room, I was worried when I saw my dad who looked irritated.

It looks like you're still jumping and watching your dad.

"Thank you for your concern. But it's okay."

When I look at your father, his complexion is back.

After all, it looks like the best place in the cave is for my father now.

"Great, my complexion is back!"

I see? I'm light-hearted indeed.

I'm relieved to hear what your father said.

But I can't get used to the signs in the cave, so I don't think so.


Is that a bad idea?

"I think it's best to be exposed to a lot of signs to get used to them."

"Really? But it's tough."

Father laughs tinyly at my words.

"I'm not used to being defenseless like a baby."

I leaned my neck and stroked my head.

"I'm just like my newborn baby." For the first time, I'm exposed to signs. "

That may be true.

But I've never heard of a baby suffering from signs.

"The newborn baby must be really defenseless." That's why you can take the sign as it is. I don't think I've been taken for granted because of the experience I've had. That's why your body rejects it. Nhh, what can I say... I wonder if I should say vigilance against something I've never experienced before? It's my first experience, so it's hard to explain. "

As expected, your father won't be defenseless.

While exposed to the signs, he is attentive and vigilant to his surroundings.

I think he's aware of the guards.


"Oh, good morning."

A tree monster by a small river.

Shell liked this place, too, so she set it up for the meeting.

When I saw Shell, I was already playing with the water.

Shell really likes water, doesn't she?

Nodding to his father's words, Flem started playing with him.

Shell, I'm sorry. Look at Flem.

Like Sora, I've never been rinsed in water, so I guess I'll be fine.

Because I have something to say.


"Plump, plump, plump!"

Sora approaches the tree monster with an energetic sound.

Looking excited, she jumped and stretched her body vertically and horizontally.

Ready for exercise?


With a squeak of excitement, Sora enveloped the trunk of the wooden monster with the same momentum.

That's impressive.

Father smiles bitterly at Sora's appearance.


Could it be that you were so energetic?

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