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Chapter: 756

Episode 700 is still on day one.


Oh, it looks like it's over.

But I don't have the strength to squeak.

Didn't he treat you well?

I went to the wooden monster and checked the trunk.

It's still black and discolored.

But it's only day one.

Besides, it feels a little thinner.

By the way, the black part was wider than the branches, and it seemed to be a little darker.


Looking at Sora, she looks depressed.

"Sora, good work."


"Sora, the branches took two days, so the black discoloration of the trunk will take a little longer, right?" Because the black part is bigger than the branches. "


What's that?

Don't you realize the difference?

"The trunk is more black than the branches."

I'm not sure about the intensity, so I'll keep quiet.

Plump, plump, plump

Glad you understood.

"Sora, are you coming tomorrow? You want to finish the treatment of the wooden monster, right?

Plump, plump, plump

The branches of the tree monster swayed as Sora roared.

Are you happy with this?

Tree monster, can you come here at this hour tomorrow?

What's that?

But is it okay to decide to come to the cave on your own?

I hear the investigation is over, but there may be a young adventurer who wants to try this cave.


A sound lower than that of Tron reaches my ears.

"Father, can I decide to come to the cave on my own?"

It's okay, until the wooden monster is healed, you can use it freely.

When did you say that?

That's right, then it's okay.


When I stroked the branches of the tree monster that sounded happily, the branches shook and the leaves rattled.

Speaking of which, I saw the roots of a tree monster.

It's been a long time, isn't it?

But it's short, given the size of the tree.

Tron's roots are growing again and he's getting caught over here.

I'm depressed because I can't move, so I'd like you to let me know if there's a way I won't get caught.

I have a question for the tree monster, okay?


"Thank you. Tron doesn't seem to be able to handle the roots well, and he often entangles himself with the things around him." Recently, the roots have grown again and the frequency has increased, but how does the tree monster take care of the roots? "



Did you hear the question that made you my wooden monster, Tron, who looks out of the basket that your father is lifting from his shoulder?

"Were you awake? I was asleep, so I took him to the cave on my own."

"Giggle! Giggle!"

I don't think Tron is angry.

That's good.

That's right, Root.

When I saw the tree monster, I saw a moving root on the ground.

As you follow the movement with your eyes, your roots are lifted up to the branches.



The tip of the root drops to the ground.

The remaining roots returned to their original places as they moved.

Are you cutting off and making adjustments?


Seems like the right answer.

Speaking of which, Tron once cut his roots.

Was that correct?


What's the matter?

The tree monster's roots lifted up again.

Looking at its roots, it looks like a thinner root than before.

Looking at it, its roots pierce the walls of the cave.


It didn't look so sharp, though.

Arielus and Lilia stared at the wall in amazement.

But as they say, the root stuck to the wall wasn't sharp.

How did he get stabbed?


Ah, the root stuck to the wall has been cut.

I don't think there is any particular problem.

The rest of it slipped back to its original place.

Um, is that because I tear off the roots on the wall and make them short?

Isn't that a little rough?



When a crack enters the area around the remaining root on the wall, it falls and some of the wall falls.


My father looked impressed and approached the wall.

"It's dangerous."

It's okay, it looks like the crack has stopped.

I stand beside my father and look at the wall.

Touching the wall gently, a part of the wall falls flat.

But I don't think there's any more collapse.

"As expected, we're just moving freely through the cave." Were you building a path with roots? "

Oh, I see!

Tree monsters go in and out of the cave without going out on the ground.

What's that?

How about using that path to get into the cave without the Vigilante finding us?

Can we also go through the path that the monsters of the tree pass through?

"...... giggle"

The way it sounded has changed.


"If you can, shake the branches."

... it doesn't rock at all.

Looks like you can't use it.

"[]/(adj-na, n, adj-no) (1) (

Is it not possible to use the branches that have been shaken?

I've heard it twice, so you're right.

I knew I couldn't get into the cave so no one would find me.

That magic circle is really strange.

Is the guy who drew the magic circle bothering you?

I nodded to Lilia's question.

How much damage could be done to the magic circle that disrupted the monsters?

Ah, but the adventurers in this village are pretty strong, aren't they?

I wonder if I can deal with a monster overflowing from this cave?

But what if there was an adventurer in the cave when the magic circle activated?

Definitely a victim.

I knew it.

I think you've come up with something when it comes to the situation of the Commander of the Gabari Brigade.


Look at your father.

Mr. Gabari, Chief of Mission?

I recall, did I?

Oh, there was a time when things changed a little bit.

I think it was when we were talking about space travel.

Did you come up with a way out of that story?

"I'll leave it to you."

Well, that's right.

I know more than I do, so it's okay.


When I turned my gaze to the voice of the wooden monster, two roots were tied to the dexterity.

Eh, can you do this?

The tree monster's roots are more dexterous than I thought.

My father must have been unexpected.

I was a little excited, checking the tied roots.

"It's quite tightly tied, isn't it?" Can you solve this? "


The knot loosened and divided into two roots.

Really dexterous.


A little higher than a tree monster.

As you can see, the Tron out of the basket is also moving its roots.

But the movement wasn't a slick movement like a tree monster, and I got the impression that it was somewhere stubborn.


Ahh, it's entangled, so stop it.

Tron's roots were tangled in his body.

Are you in a hurry? Every time I move, the root goes crazy.

Father hurriedly lifted Tron and stopped moving.

"Tron, don't rush. You'll get more involved if you rush."


The calm Tron and his father removed the entangled roots one by one.

"Oh, it's tied." Tron, can I take this off? "

"Giggle?... giggle?"

The root is twitching and moving, but the tied root is not moving.

"Seems impossible." Let's cut this part off. "


A tron that makes the squeaking a little smaller.


The monster from the tree stood beside his father.

Then, as the trees swayed, Toron's entangled roots, which his father had, slashed into the spa.

"As I thought earlier, it's really sharp."

That's right.

The cut cross-section is very beautiful.

By the way, what part is cutting?

The trees sway before they are cut, so I think they are hidden around the leaves.

What kind of tools are you using?

As expected, the roots shouldn't be cut into so many pieces.


A tree monster that makes a slightly awkward sound for some reason.

Tilting his neck, the trees swayed.

And then the roots came out of the trees.


Arielus and the others rose to their surprise.

Some of the roots that came out of the trees were sharp objects.

It's like a knife.

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