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Chapter: 757

Episode 701 Tron and the Tree Monster

"Wow, I had a weapon like this in my possession."

Arielus and the others nodded at Leah's words.

"It's not a knife, it's a knife."

I nodded to your father's pleasant voice.

Why is it in the shape of a knife?

Are all the wooden monster weapons in this shape?

Nevertheless, it looks like a real knife.

It's amazing because it's so colourful.

I know it's part of the root because it's connected to the root, but if it's not, I might not know.


When the wooden monster crowed, the part that was visible in the knife began to change shape little by little.

"Yeah, the shape has changed." Huh? This shape is a knife, isn't it? "

Shocked by the altered roots in front of her, she heard Lilia's excited voice.

This is amazing.

I can't believe you can freely change your shape.

"Is this part of the root free to change shape?"

Your father seems a little excited too.


Ah, I'm a little proud of the wooden monster.

It's cute.

Speaking of which, the page that introduces the monster of the tree read in the book didn't mention a weapon.

Is this good information that we should know about?

"Is it okay to tell us something so important?"

Just now, before I showed you this root.

The wooden monster was not a bit clumsy.

Maybe I was wondering if I could show it to you.


I wonder if you thought it was okay.


Toron was shaking his roots as he turned his gaze toward the sounds of different heights.

If you look closely, the color of the front is clearly different from the root.

Is that Tron's weapon?


For a closer look, I put the roots of Tron on my knees and put them on my hands.

The roots in my hand were still thin, and the weapon part was quite small compared to the wooden monster.

Is this the shape of a needle?

It's not in the form of a knife or a knife, is it?

The wooden monster showed me a weapon that was sharp and pointed both with a knife and with a knife, but this is a bit different.

The needle tip is definitely pointed, but it doesn't look sharp.

Can Tron change his shape?

To my words, silent Tron.

In other words, it's impossible.

"When you grow up, will you be able to change your shape?"

The tree monster returned silently to his father's words.

Does this mean that it cannot be done naturally because it has grown?

Are you going to train me so I can change my shape?


In my words, there are two happy sounds.

In other words, the Tree Monster would train its roots to become a powerful weapon.

Maybe there's something going on.

Tree monsters and Tron roots clearly have different levels of smoothness.

"That's right." I hope that Tron will one day be able to make an amazing blade like a wooden monster. "


I'm looking forward to growing Tron.





Looks like we're having a conversation with the Tree Monster.

Nevertheless, it's cute.

What's that?

I feel like Tron is motivated for some reason.

What did you talk to the tree monster?




Why is the wooden monster knife stuck to the wall?


Oh, what's next, Tron?

But there's no momentum at all.

Maybe the tree monster is teaching me how to fly?

Is that so?

Looking at the Tree Monster and Tron, Lilia seemed to be right.

Tron acts like a tree monster.

But it's too powerful... don't laugh.

"I wonder, it's such a dazzling sight."

Yeah, I think so.

It's nice to be dusty, but I'm learning how to attack with weapons.

I smiled bitterly at what Mr. Tanras said.

That's right.

She was so cute that she wasn't scared when she swung her weapon, but she was learning how to attack.

Nevertheless, Tron's hard work is so cute.



Ah, the roots are tangling and rolling.

It's bumpy.

Bumpy, bumpy.

The wooden monsters would be nice to take care of.

Tron is being lifted to remove entangled roots.

What's that?

I don't think I need to lift it... no, it would be easier to lift it off.

I'm glad.

It seems to have come off.

Nevertheless, I didn't think the Tree Monster Root was so dexterous.

"Did your father know that tree monsters move their roots dexterously?"

"No, I knew that the root would be used for the attack, but I didn't know that there was a root to attack, and I didn't know that it would move so dexterously." Besides, there are also roots that break down the cave walls. "

Didn't your father know about it?

The tree monster was attacked in the forest once, but was it so dexterous?

I've been attacked, too. How'd it go?

... I can only remember the pain and the desperate desire to escape.




Tron's scream?

»» »» »» »» »»

Tron's needle is stuck in the wooden monster.

I was practicing flying forward, but I wondered why I was being stabbed by the tree monster next to me.

No, I don't think so.

Tron's needle is sticking, are you okay?


Arias-san's worried voice caused the tree monster to move its roots.

It sounds like it's okay, but Tron's needle is still stuck. "

Can I pull this out?

Arielus reached for Tron's needle, which was stuck in the tree monster, and the tree monster's roots prevented her from doing so.



Tron seems depressed and his voice is not energetic.


When the tree monster crowed again toward Tron, the root connected to the needle shuddered.

What are you doing?


Oh, Tron's roots are moving again.

Could it be that you're trying to get Tron to pull it out?

Oh, I see. The stinging roots are moving.


I wonder if I can't get it off by stabbing it deeply?

Tron was desperate.



It's out!

Korokoro, Korokoro.

The Tron rolled in a recoil.

Tron, are you okay?


The leaves swaying powerlessly in the words of Arielus-san.

It sounds like I'm not feeling well when I get up.

"Haha, I'm running out of strength." The wound... looks like it wasn't stabbing that deep. "

In response to Ms. Arias' words, Ms. Tannus nodded as she saw the wound from next to her.

"That's right, it's not deeper than I thought."

For that matter, Tron seemed to be in a lot of trouble.

Plump, plump, plump

Sora, are you okay now?

Plump, plump, plump

After the treatment of the black discoloured trunk, she seemed a little tired, but she seems to be fine now.

That's right, Sora.

Treating the needle is quick.


Plump, plump, plump

You want to thank me?



Tron's roots swayed sideways weakly as he roared at the tree monster.

I mean, it's still rolling, but is it okay?

What's that?

The tree monster and Tron were silent.


Are you looking at me?

Have you finished practicing Tron?


Seems like it's over.

Did you hear what your father said? One of the roots of the lotus shakes.

"Tron, you're so tired."

Ah, it looked like I was just sticking my roots out in front of me, but it looked like it wasn't.

As long as I was watching Tron practice, I didn't seem to be using much energy.

Looks like it's not.

Sora's errand and Tron's practice is over, so let's get back to the village.

According to your father's words, the voices of Sora and the others spirited into the cave.

Sora and the others are fine.

It seems that Tron can't get up yet, and only one root is shaking.

However, since the root movement is more intense than before, it will be okay.

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