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Chapter: 569

Chapter 569: What An Annoying Woman

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Yan and Sun Tianhao’s men speedily dealt with all those people.

However, the red light that Chu Luo had emitted just now had spread across half the sky, and it quickly alarmed many people.

‘When an expert sensed such a powerful energy fluctuation, he walked out of the door and stood in the courtyard, looking in that direction. After calculating with his fingers, his expression changed drastically. "Who is this? To think she can emit such a huge energy. If it’s someone with ulterior motives, the capital will face a huge calamity!"

Considering Chu Luo and Li Yan were about to get married, the people from the Metaphysics Society immediately gathered and quickly thought of a solution. Jin Hui said, "Chu Luo is from our Metaphysics Society. We can’t let anyone ruin her wedding."

Other than the people from the Metaphysics Society, the drivers on the road also saw the red light.

At that time, many people subconsciously stopped the car and got off to look in that direction. They pointed and discussed.

"What was that just now?"

"Did a huge explosion happen over there?"

"That’s impossible. That red light disappeared quickly. The explosion wouldn’t have happened so quickly. I think it’s Buddha Light."

"Definitely. Buddha light is falling from the sky. Those who see it will be lucky."

"Then I have to pray."

Instantly, news of the Buddha light illuminating the southern suburbs of the Imperial Capital spread on the Internet.

Other than these, the people who had been sent to capture Li Yan’s third aunt and threaten him were ashen and furious.

"Indeed, Li Yan has an expert on his side. We can’t contact those people we hired anymore."

"These people are most likely dead. Get those people who stayed in the Imperial Capital to think of a way to retreat." "It’s too late. The guards and Metaphysics Society of the capital are all mobilized."

"The capital has been sealed!"

The Sun family in the city reacted quickly and quickly mobilized all the city guards to seal the city. The Sun family and Li Yan’s men also spread news that that red light was actually Buddha’s light falling from the sky.

No matter how magical the rumors about last night were, early the next morning, the proud Sun Tianhao followed Eldest Master Sun to the Li residence to pick Chu Luo up.

The Sun family had always kept a low profile, but they came to pick Chu Luo up today in a high-profile manner.

This made many people sense something, Those who received the invitation secretly rejoiced. Those who didn’t receive the invitation, or those who wanted to soar to the skies in a single bound, only thought about sneaking into the Li residence to attend the wedding. The news of Chu Luo and Li Yan’s wedding tomorrow and the Sun family’s high-profile picking up of Chu Luo today occupied the top ten online posts. In the end, they went straight to the top five on the world network.

Instantly, their wedding attracted the attention of the entire world.

No matter how much buzz the outside world had spread about their wedding, after Chu Luo arrived at the Sun residence, she was pulled to the shooting room by Old Master Sun.

What Old Master Sun meant was that he was worried that Chu Luo had premarital phobias and that shooting would reduce her pressure.

Even if the juniors of the Sun family had something to say, they could only hold it in.

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Then, a conversation came from the shooting room.

"Grandpa Sun, you can’t take that gun!"

"Little Luoluo, I’m almost recovered. Let me try this kind of powerful gun. Otherwise, grass will grow in my heart."

"No. If you’re disobedient, I won’t compete with you."

"Hey… don’t put down the gun. I’ll listen, okay?"

The juniors of the Sun family, who were standing by the door and peeking, muttered in a jealous tone. Third Brother, Sun Tianhao: "I can’t stand it anymore. When has Grandfather been so amiable to us?"

Fourth Brother, Sun Tianze, said, "He hasn’t officially acknowledged Sister Chu as his granddaughter yet. He doesn’t even know if Sister Chu is used to being called his granddaughter."

Second Brother, Sun Tiancheng: "Since when was Grandfather so easy to talk to? Sister Chu asked him not to touch that kind of gun and he immediately obliged. If it were us instead… we’ll be beaten to death."

Fifth Brother, Sun Tianle, said, "Indeed, he only regards this granddaughter as his biological grandchild. The rest of us are complimentary gifts."


Just as the four of them finished speaking, footsteps came from behind.

They quickly stood up and turned around guiltily.

The eldest, Sun Tianyu, looked at the four of them and frowned in dissatisfaction. "You guys are indeed here. The front yard is almost crazy busy and you guys actually dare to slack here? Be careful not to be brought to the training grounds by Third Uncle to be dealt with." The four of them pushed each other for a while before pushing Sun Tianle out.

Sun Tianle gave Sun Tianyu a fawning smile. "Big Brother, we’re just here to see if Grandpa and Sister need anything."

"That’s right. I heard that all the newlyweds have premarital phobias. We’re here to accompany our sister."

"That’s right. Sister’s mood is the most important."

"Big Brother, with you, Uncle, Second Uncle, and my father in the front yard, there’d definitely be no problems."

Sun Tianyu glanced at the four of them. How could he believe their nonsense?

He pulled a long face. "Stop finding excuses. Everyone, come to work with me."

After saying that, he tuned and walked towards the exit of the basement.

The four of them shrunk their necks at the same time. It was obvious that they were a little respectful of their big brother, so they quickly followed.

Half a day passed quickly.

The Sun family was large and everyone was at home today. With everyone sitting at a large table for lunch, the atmosphere was extremely lively.

Everyone chatted merrily about how Chu Luo would get married tomorrow. The youngsters said that they would definitely get Li Yan to give them a huge red packet before letting him pick up the bride.

The madams talked about how luxurious and exquisite Chu Luo’s phoenix crown and bridal gown was. When she wore it tomorrow, it would definitely blind everyone.

The men discussed the security issues during those two days. They were responsible for Chu Luo’s safety from the Sun residence to the Li residence.

When they were about to eat breakfast, First Madam even reminded them, "Little Chu said that she has a friend and a few classmates who are coming to be bridesmaids. There’s a gala at Imperial University tonight. Who’s going to bring them over after the gala ends?" Sun Tianze and Sun Tianyu quickly raised their hands.


"And me!"

The two of them thought that since they were Chu Luo’s classmates, they must be great beauties too. They would be fools to pass up on such an errand.

After the two of them raised their hands, they even raised their eyebrows at the other three smugly.

Sun Tianhao snorted in his heart.

He thought to himself, ‘My younger sister’s mouth is so evil. How can there possibly be gentle and adorable beauties among her friends? Go ahead. Serves you right if you end up being criticized.’

After the meal, Chu Luo was dragged aside by the three madams to have a private chat.

The three madams had also put in a lot of effort. Thinking that Chu Luo didn’t have a mother, and that no one was teaching her the wedding etiquette and what to do after she got married, they specially told her about it. Time seemed to pass very quickly today.

At night, the Sun family gathered a group of military officials who were close to their family to help. Old Master Sun specially instructed everyone, "Nothing must go wrong at Little Luoluo’s wedding tomorrow. Also, since Little Chu Luo is married out of our Sun family, our Sun family has to marry her off in glory."

Everyone immediately echoed, "Old Master Sun is right."

"As long as the Sun family needs us to do something, we will definitely do our best."

After the meal, seeing that everyone was busy, Chu Luo went to the backyard to take a stroll to digest her food.

However, not long after she left, she heard approaching footsteps behind her.

Then, a female voice called her. "Chu Luo." It was Yang Lu.

Chu Luo stopped and turned around.

Yang Lu strode up to her and looked at her with a complicated gaze. She said awkwardly, "I shouldn’t have said those things to you last time. I’m sorry."

"Last time?" Chu Luo usually automatically ignored unimportant people or things.

Yang Lu was displeased to see such a reaction to her sincere apology.

If she hadn’t confirmed that Sun Tianhao and Chu Luo were purely siblings and that Sun Tianhao had kept reminding her about what happened last time, she wouldn’t have come to apologize.

Chu Luo could tell what Yang Lu was thinking at a glance. Her expression was calm. "If you don’t want to apologize, you can choose not to. Besides, whether you apologize or not doesn’t affect me."

Yang Lu took a deep breath. She felt that Chu Luo was simply too petty to be saying such things after she had already apologized so humbly. She couldn’t fathom why Grandpa Sun would want to acknowledge such a person as his granddaughter. However, thinking about how Sun Tianhao had ignored her for a long time, she suppressed the displeasure in her heart and looked at Chu Luo. "It’s not that I don’t want to apologize. I’m here to apologize sincerely." "Sincerely? I didn’t see it."

After saying that, Chu Luo walked out of the door.

"You’re not to go."

In her anxiousness, Yang Lu wanted to pull Chu Luo.

‘When Yang Lu’s hand was on her shoulder, Chu Luo raised her hand and grabbed her wrist, twisting and throwing it.



After a beautiful shoulder throw, Yang Lu’s mind was buzzing. She lay on the ground with stars in her eyes and felt like her internal organs were about to come out. Chu Luo’s move shattered her worldview.

Chu Luo looked down at her and pursed her lips tightly.

At this moment, a few more footsteps could be heard.

Soon, a few people came. It was Sun Tianhao and another young man who was close to the Sun family.

Everyone saw Yang Lu lying on the ground, and Chu Luo standing beside her. Two of the women quickly walked over to help Yang Lu up.

Awoman asked Yang Lu, "Yang Lu, what’s wrong?"

Yang Lu glared at Chu Luo with her fiery eyes. Seeing everyone looking at her, she suddenly cried pitifully, "She threw me to the ground."

After saying this, she suddenly looked forward to Sun Tianhao’s reaction. She didn’t believe that Sun Tianhao was still helping Chu Luo.

The truth was that even if Sun Tianhao didn’t know what was going on, he would still choose to stand on Chu Luo’s side.

"Yang Lu, are you here to cause trouble for my sister again? I’ve said it a few times. If you come to cause trouble for her again, even if you’re a woman, I’ll definitely beat you up."

After saying that, he raised his fist with a fierce expression.

Yang Lu widened her eyes in disbelief.

The boys standing beside Sun Tianhao were shocked and quickly pulled him back.

"Haozi, Haozi, don’t be impulsive. The one who fell to the ground was Yang Lu. Why don’t we ask what exactly happened first?"

The girl supporting Yang Lu glared at Chu Luo in dissatisfaction and said, "That’s right. What if Chu Luo really hit Yang Lu for no reason? If you also hit her, even if you go to Grandpa Sun, Yang Lu will be innocent and in the right." At the thought of that stern old master, the youngsters looked at Chu Luo sympathetically.

‘When Yang Lu heard this, a thought flashed across her mind. She struggled free from the girl supporting her and walked up to Sun Tianhao. With a straight face, she said, "Brother Tianhao, I know you’ve never liked me, but take a look yourself." ‘As she spoke, she turned the back of her head to him and pushed her hair away.

A large swell appeared in front of Sun Tianhao.

The others craned their necks to take a look and couldn’t help but gasp.

"Chu Luo, you’re too ruthless. What feud does Yang Lu have with you that you actually threw her like this?"

"That’s right. Don’t be lawless just because the Sun family is backing you up."

Seeing that everyone was criticizing Chu Luo, Sun Tianhao shielded Chu Luo behind him and said with a dark face, "Let me tell you, my sister can rely on our Sun family to be lawless. If you can’t stand it, leave our house immediately." "Haozi, how can you be so unreasonable!"

"So what if I’m so unreasonable? Previously at the hospital, I didn’t even know my sister that well at the time, yet Yang Lu attacked her because she thought she was my girlfriend. Are you trying to do the same thing again… Yang Lu, let me tell you, I didn’t like you before, I don’t like you now, and I won’t like you in the future."


Yang Lu took a step back as if she had been seriously wounded. She pointed at Sun Tianhao’s nose and shouted, "Sun Tianhao, I hate you."

With that, she ran away.

"Stop right there."

Chu Luo, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke. Her body shook at the same time, and she tapped Yang Lu’s acupoints, making her freeze. Other than Sun Tianhao, who had seen her power, the others were stunned by Chu Luo’s move.

Chu Luo walked up to Yang Lu and narrowed her eyes. "I haven’t even spoken. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Yang Lu was stunned that she suddenly couldn’t move. She screamed, "Chu Luo, what did you do to me?"

"Don’t worry about what I did. I just want to clarify what happened just now, in case someone says that I used the Sun family to bully others."

At this point, she pointed at a surveillance camera in the courtyard. "See that? There’s a surveillance camera over there."

When Sun Tianhao heard this, he quickly added, "Tl get the surveillance room to play that scene immediately. I’l let everyone see why my sister threw Yang Lu to the ground." As Sun Tianhao spoke, he took out his phone and called the surveillance room.

The others looked at the phone in Sun Tianhao’s hand and thought that it was good to check the surveillance cameras, lest Chu Luo refused to admit it. When Yang Lu heard this, her expression turned ugly.

She was anxious and afraid.


Yang Lu actually started wailing.

"Yang Lu, what’s wrong?"

The other two girls quickly went over to ask her.

Yang Lu said with a sobbing tone, "I’m dizzy. I feel like I’m going to faint."

Chu Luo replied lightly, "Don’t worry, I can even cure Grandpa Sun’s illness. You’re only fainting, I can save you with one needle."

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